Profit from your profile with profile 2 0 - April 2013


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Profit from your profile with profile 2 0 - April 2013

  1. 1. Sales SolutionsProfit From Your Profile:How to Generate New Business Using LinkedInAnita Windisman – Sales Product Consultant
  2. 2. ORGANIZATION NAME 2Agenda§  Top 10 Tips for optimizing your profile for generatinginbound leads§  “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”: a way to monitor yourefforts in attracting inbound leads§  Social Selling Resources
  3. 3. ORGANIZATION NAMEHowHow do I geta warm intro?LSS 3©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.+200Mmembers+2Bmember updatesper weekBillionsconnectionsLinkedIn sales navigator defines social sellingWhatWhat totalk about?WhoWho are theRight People?
  4. 4. ORGANIZATION NAMEBut before need to BRAND yourself4
  5. 5. ORGANIZATION NAME 5It takes just 1/10 of a secondfor someone to make a decision about you!Source: Assoc for Psychological Science – “How Many Seconds to a First Impression?”First Impressions Count
  6. 6. ORGANIZATION NAME 61. Upload a PROFESSIONAL PhotoProfiles with photos are 7 timesMORE LIKELY to be viewed than those without
  7. 7. ORGANIZATION NAME 72. Write a compelling headlineMake it descriptive who you are, what you do, and the value you provide.
  8. 8. ORGANIZATION NAME 8Why? Your Headline gets MORE attention than a photoSource: EyeTrackShop – Nov 2011
  9. 9. ORGANIZATION NAME 93. Set Your Public Profile URLPut it on your business card, and in your email signature file.
  10. 10. ORGANIZATION NAME 104. Customize Links to WebsitesProvide a “call to action” that direct customers to “do”something at the destination page such as:§  Subscribe to an eNewsletter§  Download a case study§  Take a survey
  11. 11. ORGANIZATION NAME5. Tell your “story” in your SummaryShowcase you expertise. Convey your passion. Use “key words”.Provide a “Call to Action”Your backgroundYour companyYour passionA “call to action”
  12. 12. ORGANIZATION NAME 126. Update Your Current and Past PositionsShow your career trajectory. Demonstrate your successes. Use key words.
  13. 13. ORGANIZATION NAME 137. Add your educationShowcase your education. Which will also allow you to…
  14. 14. ORGANIZATION NAME 14Tap into your alumni connections
  15. 15. ORGANIZATION NAME 158. Ask for recommendationsEspecially from satisfied clients….which adds to yourcredibility.
  16. 16. ORGANIZATION NAME 169. Add Skills§ Showcases your expertise.§ Positions you as a thought leader among your peers.§ Also serves as a way to find prospects.
  17. 17. ORGANIZATION NAME 17….To Get endorsed AND endorse others
  18. 18. ORGANIZATION NAME 1810. Strive to be a LinkedIn “All-Star”Make sure you complete the following:§  Name, current title§  Industry and Location§  Photo§  Headline§  Summary§  2 previous positions§  Skills§  Education§  50+ people in your network
  19. 19. ORGANIZATION NAME 19Being “found” on LinkedInIn order to be “found” on LinkedIn use “keywords” and phrases that pertain to yourcore expertise.3 areas to concentrate on:1.  Your Headline2.  Current & Past Positions3.  Summary
  20. 20. ORGANIZATION NAME 20BONUS TIP: Always PERSONALIZEyour request to connectReach out in a friendly and professional manner – even if youknow someone well. You will differentiate yourself from yourfellow professionals with this ONE best practice tip!
  21. 21. ORGANIZATION NAME 21Identify new prospects:View “Who’s Viewed Your Profile?”Can see how visitors got to your profile through key word searches.With a PREMIUM account (i.e Sales Navigator) you get an expandedview.
  22. 22. ORGANIZATION NAME 22Resources on Social SellingFor information about Sales Navigator:
  23. 23. ORGANIZATION NAME 23Resources on Social SellingFollow us on Twitter:
  24. 24. ORGANIZATION NAME 24Resources on Social SellingCurated articles on Social Selling on andsearch for “social selling”
  25. 25. ORGANIZATION NAME 25Resources on Social SellingSales Navigator Training Site -