Personal learning and reflection

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  • 1. Personal Learning and reflection
    Jordan Turner
  • 2. What I have learnt
    During the magazine research process I have experienced and gained an understanding for the key codes and conventions that are featured in music magazines.
    I will aim to use this knowledge to improve my own version of a music magazine.
    Over the next few slides I will explain the key features of front covers, contents pages and double page spreads and explain how I will incorporate these into my own design
  • 3. Front Covers
    Possibly the most important feature of the front cover is a clear, easily recognisable, even iconic masthead. This is used to catch the attention of the audience and will give the first impression of the magazine.
    Also importantly the majority of front covers include one main image that dominates the page. The large image is almost always to do with the main feature of the magazine.
    The majority of front covers include a lure, this will attract and audience and if what is on offer is tempting enough it may even convince them to buy the magazine. As this is an important feature it is often shown in a flash so that the offer stands out on the page and is not missed.
  • 4. My Front Cover
    With this information in mind, my front cover will require a distinctive masthead which I will bare in mind in the planning.
    Also the main image needs to be relevant to the main and most important article, I will use a caption explaining the image to make this clear to the audience.
    The lure that I include will be shown in a flash to grab the audiences attention. I will use a bright colour to make the lure stand out even further.
  • 5. Contents pages
    During my research I analysed various contents pages
    Most have a basic and clear house style to allow the magazine to be presented clearly
    Each section is split by sub titles and various different categories
    The contents pages often have multiple images highlighting each individual articles
  • 6. My contents page
    With this in mind, I will find a house style that is basic and clear. However it will be vibrant to suit the modern music my magazine will cover
    In my contents I will include multiple pictures and display a page number for their relating articles to make the magazine simple to read
    On one side of the contents I will split the magazine into different headings using sub-titles
  • 7. Double page
    Similarly to the front covers, generally there is just a single image featured on the double page spreads
    Often the double page spread is in an question and answer format to show an interview. In some cases it is just a block of text about the band
    Quotes are an important feature used in nearly all the double page spreads that i analysed
  • 8. My double page
    Again, I will feature one image. However I will adjust the image to take up 1 and a half of the 2 pages. Then I will fit in the text accordingly
    My magazine will feature an interview of an artist so I will follow the Q and A convention
    I will use a quote in large font and a bold colour, so it stands out from the rest on the interview
  • 9. Overall conclusion from audience analysis
    From my questionnaire results have gained an understand of what a young audience desires in a music magazine.
    I will feature drum and bass, dubstepand grime all modern forms of music to suit my audience and my own tastes.
    My mode of address will be informal and i will use images to make the magazine clear and easy to use.