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Research of existing college/university magazines
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Research of existing college/university magazines

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reserch of existing magazines

reserch of existing magazines

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  • 1. Analysis Of Collage/University Magazines
  • 2.
    • There is use of a medium close up and there is a small depth of field as the girl is only focused in this shot.
    • I can gather that the main contents of this magazine is to with health, real life stories, interviews and advice.
    • There is a masthead. It is big; takes up the whole of the top of the cover. Also the use of red, is bold and it stands out.
    • Also the use of blue in the text points out the important bits and these are what would be probably noticed first and would capture the audiences attention when first picked up.
    • From looking at this the target audience could be mixed gender maybe mostly girls but from the age range of 16 – 20’s.
    • The cover is laid out quite formally, like it has been planned. The image of the girl is layered on top of the masthead as the image is most important as it is the first thing that you notice about a magazine. The text on the left is more important than the right because of the way they are displayed on shelves or even the top half of the magazine could be displayed .
  • 3.
    • This contents contains pictures, representing pages, also they have page numbers in the corner.
    • It is clear what that this is a contents as there is not much writing.
    • There headers to what subject each page is about.
    • There is a description to what each page contains also.
    • The pictures are big and are clear to what they are.
    • There are two different typeface colours used; blue and black. These are clear formal use of colours. The blue makes the headers stand out, so that it is easier to look at.
    • This follows the house style of the front cover, although there is not a full image used for the background, there is a second shot of the girl from the front which is consistent use of the images.
  • 4.
    • The masthead is big bold text which stands out on the page although it is black but against the white background it stands out.
    • The slogo is under the masthead which shows what the magazine is all about.
    • The main cover line stands out really well because the yellow is bright and shows the main story/object of that issue of magazine.
    • There are other cover lines shown at the bottom of the page, these are clear from the image. Although they do like they are hugging the bottom, which un-balances the page.
    • The image is clear and is a medium close up. This is good because it’s the first thing that you see on a magazine and it’s obvious what the main story will be about, in this case it is possibly a music festival or such to do with music. Looks like an action shot as well.
    • The grey scribbles in the background, makes the image stand out and balances it out.
    • Also they have used a logo of the collage, which makes it clear that it is a magazine for that collage only
  • 5.
    • There is a cover letter on the contents; a letter from the principal, this makes it more of a collage type magazine but this idea seems too formal and wouldn't appeal to me if I was to look at this. But is a good introduction to the magazine as it is for college.
    • There are two images used on this page, one of the principal and one that is included in the magazine.
    • What is in the magazine is on the left hand side of the principals letter. This is clear as the information is in a bright blue box and the typeface is white which stands out and is clearly headed contents.
    • There is also information included at the bottom, which is situated in a yellow box which stands out.
    • I can see that there is a consistent use of house style, the yellow from the front page and a neat layout.
  • 6.
    • The masthead looks designed and unique. The ‘U’ is different from the rest of the typeface used. It is bold and the red influences. This could be interpreted as that this magazine is for you. ’Magazine’ is a plain white text which makes it clear, and the slogo consists the house style of this front cover.
    • The main image used is of a film not anything to do with the collage, as it clearly says it is a national college magazine so it wouldn’t be distributed to one college but many.
    • There has clearly been use of lighting or even editing to the picture and the main cover line goes' with this, as it looks town and is clearly next to the image to know what they are talking about and that it is the main story in the magazine.
    • The pull quotes are situated at the bottom of the cover. This works for this as if they were at the side they would take over the image, and the image is the main subject they want on the magazine.
    • Important parts to the pull quotes have been colourised to stand out and capture the eye.
    • Also another image has been situated at the bottom, it is small but still easy to see.
  • 7.
    • The magazine has clearly a consistent house style to it. As they have used the masthead on the contents.
    • For each page there is a heading, picture and description of what's on that page as well.
    • It is distinctive to were the contents are as they have been highlighted in a beige coloured box. This makes the text stand out and also the images.
    • Also along the right hand side of the contents is who put the magazine together in a yellow highlighted box, and also in a blue box is more information.
    • It’s clear on the page what is what and is neatly laid. This wouldn’t really appeal to me as its more formal to what I’m into. But if I was to pick up and just look at the front page then I would.
  • 8.
    • There use of a medium close-up shot, it also fills the whole of the page, although I can see there is gradient of a spotlight effect to the image. It is themed with the main cover line.
    • The mast head is big and take up most of the top. It is also slanted which makes it more informal and would appeal to the target audience. The title is in two different sizes as well, ‘reform’ being in bigger text to let the audience know what they are reading and ‘magazine’ is smaller and situated under the other typeface as it isn’t as important. The colour white contrasts with the black and makes it east to read and stand out.
    • The main cover line Takes up most of the bottom of the page, as it is important, it looks like it is bigger than the mast head which shows how important it is. The type face is split into different colours ‘election’ is highlighted in white to pin point out that it is important text. There is also a slogan to go with this which makes even more important on the page, and that the ‘election’ is the most important story in the magazine.
    • There is a simple short cut to say what is else in the magazine as other pull quotes may interrupt with the importance of the main cover line. Although this is highlighted with yellow and red to make them stand out as the audience may think that this issue is ALL about the ‘election’ .
  • 9.
    • There is a continuous use of house style used. The same photo which is on the front is used in the contents as well. Also similar font and colours have been used.
    • The layout is clear and the photos are clear with each page number that they represent.
    • The page contents have are bold and there is information to what each page has on it.
    • It stats clearly that it is the contents and what month it is in black and yellow these are two very distinctive colours used as they make the text bold and stand out.
    • Also there is use of an introduction to the magazine. This gives the reader more information on what’s in the magazine and what's’ special about this months edition.
  • 10.
    • The mast head is slated and goes off the page, this is informal and is more to its target audience which is college students.
    • Also the use of bright colours used in the typeface, makes the magazine more eye catching and busy.
    • The main image is a medium close up shot. Its clear and stands out well from the text as its more darker.
    • Although I don’t like how the mast head is layered on top of the main image, it should be under it as the main image is the more important as the audience looks more visually at the picture first then read.
    • There is no main pull quote as there pull quotes are the same size, although the main image look like KT Tunstall so the first pull quote could be the main and the rest be in order of importance to the magazine.