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Pre-production cover sketches

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  1. 1. CONSTRUCTION Mood Boards and pre-production sketches
  3. 3. Inspiration mood board : I like the colours in this photo and I want to capture these sort of colours in my pictures for my magazine. Also I like the pose and I will use something similar to this. These pictures all represent something to do with the style of indie or rock. There are posed and this sort of thing I want in my pictures. Black and white are also good colours to use and give it a good effect and a seriousness to it. In magazine I will use a range of colour and black and white pictures, this will be a good visual aspect to my magazine as it will make it more interesting to look at. My pictures will be taken outside in a woods or in a rural area.
  4. 4. Inspirational artists and bands : Here is a selection of some artists and bands I think would be relevant to my magazine - Florence and the Machine, LadyHawke, The Killers, The Kooks & Jack Johnson I like the settings to these photos and have been well thought out, this is the sort of thing I want to develop in my photos. Florence is an inspiration with the styles she chooses and also LadyHawke, this is the sort style I want to my magazine.
  5. 5. Fonts : These are some fonts that I may use for my masthead or headers. Most of these fonts are big and bulky so would capture the readers attention if were seen on a magazine.
  6. 6. Early Names for Magazine
  7. 7. Masthead ideas : The black background make the white stand out. I like the layout of this masthead as the ‘C’ has been made larger than the other characters and ‘magazine’ has bee positions under the ‘RO’ to give it a rebellious look and ‘rock’ is normally a rebellious style. The worn away look works well and the red looks more vibrant against a white background which I like as it stands out. I like the stamped effect and the way the ‘&’ is a different colours from the ‘I’ and ‘R’ which separates them, also I like the décor pattern which gives it a elegant look but the stamped characters makes it rebellious too. I think this would be too girly for my readers though. I like the way the text has been set out making a boarder around the masthead. I don’t like the background as it distracts you from the text. I have used red, black and white as the main colours as they are most likely to stand out more. The fonts used were : Farcry and Ariel Rock hard and Ariel Body hunter Florencesans and Ariel
  8. 8. Cover Pre-production Sketches
  9. 9. I want to place the picture over the masthead as it makes it stand out and more important, also it is more of a visual for the reader to look at. I have placed this text here because I don’t want to cover the face. It also makes the layout more thought out. I want this cover photo to be shot in a woods because this seems to match the style of the artist that will be featured on the cover. This is the only pull quote, telling the reader that there is a free CD inside of the magazine. I have done this because I didn’t want it to distract from the main image, also this is the only pull quote on the front. I have made sure it is on the third left too so that it can be seen if it was put on the shelves. My main pull contains the name of the artist and a phrase stating that she’s back. I want my magazine to have natural colours but still have the vibrant reds and black and whites just so that it can stand out. I want this to be the masthead, as it would stand out on this cover.
  10. 10. For this cover I want to use this masthead because it dosn’t take so much of the covers page and it also is slimmed down version of just saying ‘Indie and Rock’ Again my main image will be shot at a woodland, with browns and greens as the neutral colours. The main pull quote for this image is in red and black because they stand out. The only pull quote on this cover is because I don’t want lots of text to distract away from the image, as I want it to be more visual that text read, and to capture the readers attention. The skyline will include things that will be in the magazine.