In the teeth of jaws documentary evaluation

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  • 1. In the teeth of jaws documentary evaluation By Jordan Potsig-Simpson
  • 2. Themes • Behind the scenes • Movie Making
  • 3. Your/Audience response • Interesting as it gives the audience an insight to how a classic movie was made
  • 4. Structure/Narrative • There is no narrator, but the documentary is structured; The concept of the movie, inspired by the book; The production of the film, including all the problems that the crew experienced. For e.g. The Shark prop not always working; And then finally the response of the movie. For e.g. How people stated that they never felt the same about the sea after watching jaws "Twenty years later".
  • 5. Mise en Scene • Blue screen, which has a projected cartoon shark on it • Jaws movie posters • The beach and the sea that the movie was filmed on
  • 6. Camera Angles • MS/CU/MCU shots are used throughout the interviews • Rule of thirds is used (With interviewees being placed on the left and right of screen) • Location/Establishing shots of 'Marthas Vineyard' (The location 'Jaws' was filmed) • Very little B Roll (Actually the archive footage) - Most of the documentary is the interviews
  • 7. Editing • The interviews are edited together using cross cuts • Tilting and zooming in and out the 'Stills' to make them appear to be more exciting
  • 8. Sound • The theme tune of 'Jaws' is occasionally used in the documentary
  • 9. Archive Material • The filming and production of 'Jaws'
  • 10. Still Shots • Of the actors, crew and equipment
  • 11. Graphics • The name tags at the bottom of the interviews have waves on • CGI Shark in a small box next to the name of the interviewee