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Proyecto de ingles, english proyect ASDI
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Proyecto de ingles, english proyect ASDI


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  • 1. Student’s name: Jordan Velásquez Deza Cycle: VIII Schedule: 5:30-7:05 Teacher’s name: Carola Cari Gálvez AREQUIPA, JUNE 2010 DREAMS From Greece, dreams have been symbolized by Hypnosthe god of dreams and his brothers Thanatos (Death) and
  • 2. Moiras (Destiny) they were Nix’s children (Night), so that anantiquity legend said that when we sleep, Death wants to takeour soul but Destiny prevents it fighting, therefore in ourdreams we can see one part of our destiny and one part of ourdeath. However in our days when we hit the sack because weare all in, the dream is just a state of uniform rest of anorganism, on the contrary of the vigil state and is featured bylow levels of physiological activity. Dream is an involuntary mental process in order toreformulate the information stored in our memory besides itsubmerges us in a virtual reality which consists of images,sounds, thoughts and sensations In accordance with Sigmund Freud, in our dreams werepresent the fulfillment of our wishes, even in nightmares. There are negative dreams of wishes, where our wishesare not fulfilled, this is maybe for a masochistic tendency. But according Freud every dream and dreamer aredifferent. After we hit the sack or take a forty winks once in awhile we dream, but it does not happen once, we dream inaverage 4 to 5 times and when we wake up, we just rememberthe last dream. In the moment that we dream, our eyes aremoved a lot, that is called REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and ourbrain has the same activity than when we are awake. Once in a blue moon we can have a lucid dream wherethe person is conscious that is dreaming, this happen in REM,and the person can control her dreams and make her wishes,trips to the space and in time, to fly, to change her form,whatever the person wants, they are called Oneironaut. On the other hand sometimes we have nightmares too inthe dream REM, until XVIII century, people thought that thishappened for monster’s deed, they got on their victims’ chestand took their breathe away; but today in vain we wouldbelieve in those stories, we could say “it’s a child’s play”…..Couldn’t we?
  • 3. There is something called “Sleep paralysis” where theperson feels that is already awaked but can not move her body,even her fingers, can not breathe and then the person feels thatsomething shiny and high starts to come slowly, and gets onher chest, the person realizes that this is a witch, who pressesher windpipe, the person fight for her life but the witch’sweight is incredible, the person follows fighting and when feelsthat can not more, the person is awake, it was just a dream. This happen because normally the brain and the bodyawake with a little difference of time, but once in a blue moonit happens Some people associated this with an alien kidnapping,before the people associated this with witches, like the laststory, other with ghosts and demons, depending of the cultureof the person who dreamt. In our days, our scientists almost have the definitiveanswer. Although it would be interesting that these stories bereal, but now we can sleep in calm because these stories arejust dreams.
  • 4. CONCLUSIONS: • A Dream is an opened door of our minds, it teaches us who really we are. • A Dream unifies body, mind and soul. • We need dreams for a normal and healthy lifeSUGGESTIONS: • We must let our dreams neither lead nor scare us. • We must accept our dreams like part of the life • We must try to have more lucid dreams.