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Final Creative Project for InSoMe

Final Creative Project for InSoMe

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. The Fastest Growing Company on the WebAnd How The Use Of Social Media Helped Them Get ThereA Social Media Audit
    Created By: Jordan Davis
  • 2. History of Groupon
    Groupon offers online deals of the day in your surrounding city
    They offer the public one of these deals per day
    By April 2010 Forbes listed Groupon worth $1.35 Billion
    Rather than the use of advertising, Groupon uses social media to get their brand out to the public
  • 3. Size of Facebook and Twitter Communities
    218,669 likes on Facebook
    1,233, 463 monthly active users on facebook
    41,648 followers on twitter
  • 4. The Set-Up on Each Social Profile
    The logo is a very basic bold print and is white with a black background or in some cases green
    They use the color green throughout their Facebook page and Twitter
    The logo is placed in the upper left corner on both social media sites
    On Twitter, the graphic image is a man wearing a Groupon logo sweatband
    On Facebook, they have a white G with a black border on a green background
  • 5. Engagement with Customers
    The engagement used with customers on both Facebook and Twitter is very interactive
    Twitter has more meaningful interactions with their customers, giving specific replies to tweets listed on their page as well as tweeting on their page on a regular basis
    Facebook interacts with their fans as well, listing the deals of the day. They do not interact as often or as much as they do on Twitter
  • 6. Strategy of The Social Profiles
    The strategy of Groupon’s social media sites seems to be targeted towards awareness of the brand and to show what they have to offer
    All of their efforts on both Twitter and Facebook are to show who they are and what they are offering
  • 7. Frequency Of The Conversations
    The frequency of Groupon on Facebook is daily
    On Twitter, it is hourly
    They seem to interact more with their public through Twitter than Facebook
  • 8. Types Of Content Shared
    Groupon shares their content through both Facebook and Twitter
    They do this through posts on Facebook or tweets on Twitter
    They have Twitter accounts for each closest city so you can follow local deals
    Groupon’sFacebook page has the Groupon app linked so individuals can add it as well as download it on a cell phone
  • 9.  Tracking And Measurement
    Groupon uses Vertica Analytics to analyze their customer base
    This company uses real-time analytics platforms to analyze Groupon’s data
    This company (Vertica Analytics) is known for its skill to scale immense amounts of data more rapidly and more reliably than many other analytics platforms
    This company fits well with Groupon’s needs and what type of system they require for measurement and tracking data
  • 10. In Conclusion
    It can be seen that the use of social media has helped Groupon’s business as well as its lack of advertising
    With how much people interact on social media today, this is one of the best ways to brand your company and make it known
    They have done one thing right, use social media from the start
  • 11. Sources