Audience research


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Audience research

  1. 1. Audience Research<br />A2 Media Studies<br />Fran Matthews & Jordan Cruickshank<br />
  2. 2. Big Blockbusters & Their Marketing Campaigns...<br />By there being a previous TV programme of the A team, I think that automatically creates an audience for the film because of its popularity back in the day. <br />Therefore the people who watched it years ago were interested in watching the recent film, because it triggered childhood memories and they wanted to see if the film was as good as the TV programme had been.<br />The A Team is quite a family film, it is pretty much suitable for ages where as my film ideas are more targeted at the teenage and young adult audience. <br />This means I can use similar techniques to market my film, but by wanting to engage the 16-24 age bracket I will have to market my film alongside something which they are interested in for example a clothing label which will be featured throughout the film.<br />I could do this by having the main film characters feature in an advert for that particular clothing line, with some information about the film on the advert.<br />The A Team<br />Seen as The A Team was more appealing to the older audience they had to find ways in which they could market the film in order for it to appeal to the younger audience, ways in which the film tried to market itself for a younger audience was by having merchandise such as a action figures which are obviously for a younger audience. They also teamed up with McDonalds, the Happy Meal range brought out mini figures of the different characters which got the younger audience more involved in the film, therefore making them want to watch it.<br />Therefore I think that by tagging onto a product which your target audience are interested in is a good way in which you can get your film noticed by that audience. <br />
  3. 3. Big Blockbusters & Their Marketing Campaigns...<br />All of us have grown up watching Disney Films, so when one of our favourite childhood films brought out a sequel we had to see it.<br />The target audience for Toy Story is usually quite a young age group, but the age group who were targeted when the first and second films were brought out are now teenagers/ adults. So the film had a slight less appeal to that audience, but it being brought out in 3D meant we were more intrigued to see it.<br />Toy Story 3<br />Once again McDonalds Happy Meals got involved with the big blockbuster, engaging the younger generation by reminding them of the film which their parents may have shown them and making Toy Story of interest again.<br />Ever since I can remember there has always been Toy Story toys available to buy, even if the younger generation haven’t seen the films they know about the iconic Buzz Light-year and Woody the cowboy. So the interest has always been there even when the films weren’t being brought out.<br />
  4. 4. Socio-Economic Groups...<br />The reason why I also chose the other slightly higher class within the Socio-Economic grouping system is because of clothing which I want to be featured frequently within the film, designers which cost a little more therefore affordable to working class and are less available to those described as the lowest level of subsistence.<br />It will hopefully as well make us aim to produce our film at a higher grade and therefore making it look more professional.<br />Generally the target audience for this film is teenagers and people in their 20’s, which are classed as the lowest level of subsistence because a majority of teenagers and people in their twenties will be students who work part time in a pretty low paid job.<br />Both these characteristics make my target audience fit into this Socio-Economic Group, they are seen as having the lowest status in society purely because they don’t have a well paid job, many qualifications yet and lack of life experience.<br />
  5. 5. Target Audience & How They Consume Media...<br />The Fred Perry logo is iconic, it has been a known about make for years. First beginning to get recognition through men’s tennis clothing, throughout the years it has become a well known and very popular brand. <br />Seen as the short film which we are going to produce is going to have a strong 80’s vibe, in which Fred Perry was at its peak, becoming the must wear for the mod’s and skinheads of that generation whom our short film will be majorly set around.<br />So a way in which we could reach out to our target audience will be by using characters from the film in a Fred Perry campaign, as you can see from the advert on the left the name Fred Perry isn’t even needed because the logo is so well known. Therefore the characters name could be featured on the advert, with a short comment saying something along the lines of “Fred Perry presents Fingers from the up and coming short film (then the short films name). I think that a more subtle approach to marketing the film will work for advertising it, by using characters from the film it will intrigue the audience which will make them research into the film therefore hopefully wanting to watch the whole film.<br /> But then again for some of the audience I think that just the fact that the short film has a relationship with Fred Perry will make them want to see the film.<br />
  6. 6. Ideas Generation/ Mind Map...<br />This visual mind map is intended to show all the influences of our target audience and there interests. First of all we have the fashion brands our audience would buy which is typical retro 80’s brands such as ‘Fila Vintage’. We have also highlighted the three cultural groups from the 80’s who have an influence on our audience ‘mods, skinheads and the casuals’. The hats our related to fashion nowadays as celebrities such as OllyMurs are regularly seen wearing them as the latest fashion trend which our audience follow. Our influence is based around the 80’s and the recent resurgence in this era we have reflected this on our mind map by including ‘Mexico ’86’, adidas gazelles and music including the Jam. All of these elements were made iconic in the 80’s and has a big affect on our audience. The football shows we have a male targeted audience which is intended to imply their interest of supporting their clubs and also playing. The three characters we have drawn represent who and what our audience look like. All three have modern fashionable haircuts. Famous 80’s brands are worn such as Sergio Tacchini and Fred Perry which relate to what casuals, mods and skinheads wore. The braces, gingham shirt and doc martens are typical of the fashion of the skinheads and in the past year has come right back in fashion due to programmes such as ‘This is England ‘86’ which coincidently would be what our audience would watch. To conclude our mind map is intended to portray a male audience between 17 and 24 who is fashionable and has a large following of the 80’s culture, stereotypically these are football fans<br />
  7. 7. Mood Board of our audience...<br />