OpenCourseWare/Open Educational Resources & potential for higher education in developing countries

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  • 1. OpenCourseWare/Open EducationalResources & potential for higher education in developing countries Fred Mulder OU/ UNESCO Chair in OER Joost Groot Kormelink TU Delft Presentation Nuffic 27 /3 / 2012
  • 2. Part II: Examples of (linkages) OER/OCW in higher education in developing countries• India• Vietnam• TESSA• OER Health Africa• Bandung – Delft – Watermanagement• Voluntary Services around OCW 2
  • 3. India national policy • Development of Citation: OER by selected institutes • Accompanying measures: staff training etc.Presentatie VU
  • 4. Vietnam OCW in HE,cooperation with U.S.A( 4
  • 5. Source: 5
  • 6. Vietnam Cantho UniversitySource: 6
  • 7. Teacher Education Sub-Sahara Africa; cooperation with Open University UK 7
  • 8. 8
  • 9., cooperation with Michigan University 9
  • 10. 10
  • 11. 11
  • 12. 12
  • 13. 13
  • 14. TU Delft Drinking Water Engineering Education/Open CourseWare, step 1 (2007)Objectives to participate in OCW pilot:• Attract more (international) students• Addition to existing lecturing program• Lectures are available independent of time and place 14
  • 15. Step 2: EVD-grant: cooperation with ITB - Bandung on the basis of OCW & study visits (2010) 15
  • 16. Step 3: Ambition for the future..Presentatie VU Pagina 16
  • 17. On the basis of OCW- courses: SP Presentatie VU Pagina 17
  • 18. Idea: voluntary learning services around OCW (1)• More and more initiatives from ‘OER to OEP’ (open educational practices), for example• Informal communities for learners around OER already exist, for example 18
  • 19. Next step: voluntary learning services around OCW = UNESCO action lineModel we propose (start: additional to ongoinglinkages?):• Curricula of the Southern partner is leading.• The southern partner is responsible for grading and quality assurance.• Selected courses which are part of the regular curricula are being provided on the basis of OCW/OER by academic teaching community (North-South).• The Northern expert does not receive a remuneration for his/her contribution to the provision of the course. 19
  • 20. Some challenges to be taken into consideration….. Pagina 20
  • 21. Part III:Discussions
  • 22. Discussion:potential OCW/OER for capacity building programs Nuffic - What are the opportunities? - What is required for OCW/OER in terms of capacity building? - What should be the scale of the project? - What are the main challenges/problems to be solved? - Are Dutch institutes ready for this approach? - Can we add voluntary learning services to linkages? The opposite of open is closed The opposite of connected is isolated We can share and educate as never before
  • 23. Thank you for your attention