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  1. 1. 1 CCRRUUSSHH Thanks: Jelco Huijser, Martijn Groen, Arthur Rikkelman, Mariah Verhoeks, Egon Berghout (fanclub), Kim Gouwens, Anne v.d. Werk, Gideon Bijlsma, René, Le Vagebond, Chris, Bert, Red Tape, De Vincents, Faas, De Baroeg, Sound Seminar, Dolf Geldof, Tom, Playaz Club, Loads of thanks and Enormous kudo’s go to Laura Zwaneveld voor de vele fantastische fotoos! Mariska Bijlsma, Warner, Wieke en iedereen die verder naar ons gezeik wilde luisteren!
  2. 2. 2 CCRRUUSSHH 11999977 -- 22000077 EEeenn ggeesscchhiieeddeenniiss iinn BBeeeelldd
  3. 3. 3 Close to the bone G A B C F I can’t put my finger on it baby Why you hit so close to home It hurts in every chromosome And if I try to see you as a friend Too close under my skin To see where your affection ends I cant hardly sleep at night The more and more I realise CHORUS And now you pile the final nails I count the knives stuck in my back See every line and every crack Why you say you know what’s best for me Try to justify yourself Put my life upon a shelf Now that I've seen what you can do I must be glad that I've escaped By the skin of my teeth How close I came to insanity All the moves that you faked Psychologically raped Bridge; Chorus; ©2005 Crush Music/Bikrophone Music Lyrics: Boom/v.d. Lee./Music: Rikkelman
  4. 4. 4 Ever wonder why? Did you really sleep under the open sky? Waiting for the cops to come and take you away? And did you really walk out on your man last night When you found out he had nothing to say? And did you ever curl up in your bed Waiting for the tears Knowing that sleep won’t come? Did you ever wonder why Your life Has amounted to nothing at all? I Bet you have I Bet you have Bet you never have 2x Did you get a rash all over your body Just from thinking about the bugs in your bed? You'll never get rid of the smell of hand-washed socks Crusted, caked to the floor of your bath And have you walked past your mirror lately Afraid of things you might see That weren't there before? I bet you never get rid of that backseat fascination Of things You know you will never be I bet you have I bet you have Bet you never have 2X Break/Chorus; ©2004 Bikrophone Music/Crush Music
  5. 5. 5 Everything has changed Haven't spoken to you lately Now the circumstances' changed Did I tell you I am sorry I never heard from you again Oh, trying to satisfy the curiosity inside To untangle these loose ends Clean up the mess inside my head Get rid of everything you said Did I tell you I am lucky? That I landed on my feet Never waste my time on crying Ain't got a heart that tends to bleed Oh, trying to satisfy the hunger that I feel inside To untangle these loose ends Clean up the mess inside my head Get rid of everything you said Chorus: When you came into my life The 26th week of the year Back then I had an open mind Now everything has changed Everything has changed Solo Haven't spoken to you lately Seems like you vanished from this place Never waste my time on crying Hope you found yourself some space ©2004 CrushMusic/v.d.Lee
  6. 6. 6 I dont know I walk the streets and think of nowhere My belief is stretched too far See the weirdo’s at my window Bums and junkies at the wall And I close my eyes so I can’t see Can anyone tell us who we are The aggression all around me No one can stop us when we fall I’m taught to always listen To have faith in what we are Still these images keep coming My belief is stretched too far Ref: And somehow they all seem to look at me What to do and where to go Waiting for answers All I can tell them is I dont know When all that you believe in Is put to test at BNN When buildings start to crumble My believe is stretched too far...... Solo over ref
  7. 7. 7 Key to all my dreams Baby I see when things get heavy You got that far away look Like the sky has disappeared And you won’t let me catch you No, you just make me hold my breath Maybe I should have told you Sometimes it’s just like the sky closes down on me My fingertips can touch the clouds Do I make you hold your breath Chorus: Maybe we are not such a good match after all Maybe I’m not as tough you see Do you think it’s fair believing everything is possible And make you the key to all my dreams Couplet Refrein 2005 CrushMusic/v.d.Lee
  8. 8. 8 Lacking All The Tools Hey Rockstar don't you wanna be a Cowgirl And leave this urban solitude behind ? So grab your things and get away Before you're losing all your faith And this neon jungle grabs you down the drain Chorus: So sad your plans they slip like water through your hands And all your dreams go up in smoke When you're lacking all the tools To play along or change the rules This could be you Don't listen when they're calling you a Loser The ones who run around in circles all the time It's not a game you like to win To be saved you got to sin So please don't end up in the freakshow they are in Chorus; This could be you…. ©2002/2003 CrushMusic/Rikkelman/v.d.Lee
  9. 9. 9 Out of the blue I was asleep or was I insane Able to see when I was blind Is there any proof that I did move? Rollerskate on ice when I was paralysed Able to speak when I lost my tongue Able to walk when I could only run Chorus: Out of the blue, just in time Breaking my heart, messing up my mind You make me feel like I'm losing my brain Be welcome to this lonely game Appear in my dreams but did not speak My guardian angel when I was weak Try to soothe my soul, try to ease my pain Try to have it all and disappear again Giving me comfort in my darkest night Saying that things are gonna be alright Chorus (2x) ©1998 CrushMusic/v.d. Lee
  10. 10. 10 Stardust Sometimes I wanna be the road Sometimes I wanna be the sky And sometimes I don’t give a damn If I got hit by a truck and die I wanna be like flames So you could cover me with sand I wanna be the air in the street people breathing not knowing it is me I wanna be like bricks Cause they don’t feel any pain I wanna be the dust on the pavement Being washed away by summer rain I wanna be like waves And never meet the shore I wanna be like kids in the playground Pretend like we never met before Chorus: Baby, baby, could you ever understand? Scars beneath your skin Will vanish in your sleep it’s written in the sand Baby, Baby, could I ever tell you lies? Ever stand in your sun Spoiling all the fun Be the stardust in your eyes Solo over couplet Chorus; Eind ©2004 CrushMusic/v.d.Lee
  11. 11. 11 Until the End of Days You scared the hell out of me When you said something Unusual to me And oh it’s not just that look in your eyes That makes me wanna tell you only lies Now there’s something you should know That I stayed awake for ten days in a row Until the day you showed up I couldn’t get enough This is getting way out of control Chorus: Baby, stay away Cause I need a little space to hide away Get off my back before I say I’m gonna stay with you until the end of days Don’t wanna know about the childhood You have had And keep away from the trash inside my head Just keep your sweet dreams And your nice life This time I’ll be true I don’t need a nervous Breakdown over you Chorus; solo Chorus; © 1999 CrushMusic/v.d.Lee
  12. 12. 12 With You Dreaming of seven ways to get you killed Believing that you’re still here and I’m so thrilled Sometimes I wanna disappear And time and time and time again Hoping it will be like way back when Chous: Today I just want to shut out the truth Though it’s been so long How come with every move you make It’s like I'm with you Believing, I’ve been living in a tomb Pretending, An unborn child still in the womb It’s like your restless soul still around, sometimes And when they play our song (again) The sound will bring you here again Chorus; Bridge: With you I can close my eyes With you I don't fear goodbeye's With you I can sleep at night With you I know it's alright Solo Chorus; AR/IvdL/JB©2005 Bikrophone Music/Crush Music
  13. 13. 13 A Thin Line It's a thin line between heaven and hell Since I met you baby, I know it so well It think I'd rather go blind So take your pictures from the fridge and blow your mind Chorus: And don't you tell me baby You are a self-destructive fool And that it's stronger than yourself Cause I no longer buy these fairytales And you no longer tell the truth It takes a Sick Mind and an Ignorant Soul This was all you needed My eyes open wide I think I'm gonna go wild Because I should have kicked you out Instead of take a look inside Solo Break: And baby you're so so strange Everytime you build things up you just got to tear it down And all the promisses you made You just let them wash away, wash away,….. End © 2005 CrushMusic/v.d.Lee
  14. 14. 14 Read between the lines You wrote a line that made me smile We got a thing a thousand miles can’t change And I’m so glad you’re doing fine It’s been so long I can hardly wait I can’t believe that you don’t see This is definetely meant to be I know that you’ve been trying hard To find another matching lonely heart Chorus: And it came on slow Now it’s the only truth I know This won’t change This won’t die As long as we’re online Don’t think we’re running out of time Cause I’ve got you on my mind And honey, I know.. I can read between the lines I know it’s only jealousy I wish that they could see things I see You made me change my point of view Now I’m addicted to your truth Break: You’ve got your obligations too Your dog, your house, your wife and children too Honey don’t leave this all behind Baby I know your dreams, your fantasies, your fears hopes and longings too I know how to sattisfy your mind It came on slow…. ©2000 CrushMusic/v.d.Lee
  15. 15. 15 Anyway All my life I've been told What not to do or not to say So many opinions on how to be Be quiet do not disturb the peace All my life people been telling me Stay down, stay low stay out of sight Stay in the shadows stay out of the light No one cares about you anyway Chorus: I'm gonna do it anyway, Gonna say it anyway I'm gonna do it anyway, Gonna say it anyway Now that I'm older things haven't changed No matter where I look people still trying to control my ways They forget I now have the tools to fight They forget I've earned myself the right Chorus; So sick and tired of your opinion divine I'm gonna blow it out of the water with some logic of mine And you better not stand in my way, my friend Cause I'm not impressed by your falsehood or pretence Bridge: There's more to me than what you see Take time to get to know that part of me I have a heart; I have a brain Take a chance there is so much to gain… Chorus; ©1999 Bikrophone Music/CrushMusic
  16. 16. 16 Waste my time instead Was it something that I said Or disconnections in your head Or did I scare you off by playing hard to get Or is it just because the last Episode of “This life”’s past There’s nothing left for you to stay for No one here to change your plans (bridge) Well I’m sorry I guess I didn’t get you right I’m sure that I misunderstood Chorus: So I’ll pretend that you’ll stay Don’t wanna throw it all away So I just fool myself believing this will last And everything that you just said is just a voice inside my head And you will stay around, And waste my time instead Now there’s no more time to waste We’re running out of rainy days So make up your mind and take this chance Before it’s passed us by You say we’re living in the past Wondering how long it’s gonna last Untill the re-run starts and The fun comes back again…
  17. 17. 17 Planet Earth Does it scare you too to see yourself every time you look at me And when you try to go to sleep at night What do you do instead of counting sheep? To get me off your mind What do you do you do you do you do you do you do you do Chorus: Let’s go away let’s split today By underground, rollerskates or Aeroplane Did you notice Planet Earth Of all the planets in the world Has (closed the gates and) left the place for Cyberspace And how can it be that we don’t talk no more And I can’t seem to reach the freaky windmills on your mind Your darkest dreams, your tears, your hopes, your fears While you’re my guardian angel Do you do you do you do you do you do you do you ©1998 Crush Music
  18. 18. 18 Mindfucker You’re playing with my head Every day it makes me sad To watch you insist on Blaming everyone but you One day you’re up the next you’re down One minute sad the next a clown I just can’t handle All the shit you spread around Chorus: Ooh, you’re a mindfucker babe, Always messin’with my head You’re a mindfucker One of thes days you’re gonna drive me mad You say you don’t want a relationship But you don’t wanna be just friends You say you can’t see too much of eachother I just don’t know where we stand One day you’re all over me The next I’m the last thing that you see You say you want to give me freedom But when I take it, you drown me in jealousy Chorus Solo Chorus You’re a mindfucker A mind-mind-fucker Mindfucker mindfucker Mind-mind fucker And I ain’t got the time ©1999 Bikrophone Music/CrushMusic