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  • Our campaign aims to utilize already existing social media to launch our campaign. Our main focus is to direct consumers to the Coca-Cola Twitter page. First we must examine how established our social media pages are:
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  • Coca cola final presentation

    1. 1. Christina RivetteJonni Glassman Rodney James Alex Kopacka ADV456
    2. 2. CAMPAIGN OVERVIEW Our campaign aims to utilize already existing social media to launch our campaign. Facebook  Coca-Cola has 40.2 million likes and over 540,000 are talking about them Twitter  Coca-Cola has over 500,000 followers, is following over 67,000 people, and has tweeted over 50,000 times. Youtube  Coca-Cola has almost 61 million video views and almost 60,000 subscribers
    3. 3. CAMPAIGN GOALS “Coke Goes Green” Campaign To remind consumers that Coca Cola is environmentally conscious Engage consumers with the brand encouraging the growth of a brand community. consumers with the brand encouraging the growth of a brand community. Devised a contest to challenge people to build unique and personalized creations out of recycled coke cans. Submissions will be monitored and reviewed by the company,  choose the top 10 entries.  We will then let the people decide which entry deserves to win through an online poll.  People will be prompted to vote online through social media outlets such as facebook, twitter, and YouTube. Ideas and some instructional videos will be posted on twitter and facebook to spur participation.
    5. 5. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES Engage consumers through social media outlets, with an emphasis on twitter Create hype for the event through online advertising Promote interaction with the Coca Cola brand Create an avenue for consumers to interact with one another Remind people that Coca Cola is concerned with the environment Encourage responsible recycling habits Promote the growth of an online brand community
    6. 6. TARGET AUDIENCE Persons aged 18-34  More inclined to share content online through social media outlets  More likely to share content with friends and colleagues both online and offline Our campaign will span a period of two months and broken down into two parts respectively.  The first month will be devoted to heavy advertising and communication through social media.  The second month will undergo a shift in tone and focus.  The second month of the campaign will be focused on the consumer.
    7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIAOwned Media Earned Media  Twitter  Facebook Shares  Facebook  Retweets  YouTube  Earned Exposure  Mobile AppPaid Media  Celebrity Endorement
    8. 8. OWNED MEDIAFacebookPromote the contest on Facebook because it is a well-established site & will directFacebook friends to the twitter account. By posting daily picture ideas on Facebook, wehope to generate possible ideas to the contestants.TwitterBy committing to 30 tweets per day: 10 original tweets, 10 Retweets, and 10 replies; Twitterfollowers will have the opportunity to communicate and interact with the company, inreturn, building brand loyal consumers. To be entered into the Coca-Cola contest, usershave to submit videos and pictures via Twitter with a hashtag #CokeGoesGreenYoutubeContestants will be able to submit “How To” videos of how they chose to creatively recycleCoca- Cola cans/bottles. Celebrity Endorser, Taylor Swift, will also be featured on YouTubepromoting the campaign and gaining followers with her connections.Mobile AppWill create a new tab where users can easily sync Twitter and Facebook to upload videosand photos via the mobile application
    9. 9. PAID MEDIA•Celebrity Endorser •Taylor Swift •Over 21.5 million followers on twitter, 36 million likes on Facebook, and over 3.5 million followers on Instagram •Taylor will be the face of the campaign and will be included in the initial launch commercial. •She will also be using her vast social media reach to spread the word about our campaign
    10. 10. EARNED MEDIAFacebookFacebook users will be able to upload their pictures and have their friendsleave comments and like their ideas.TwitterTwitter users will be able to interact with other users including our celebrityendorser Taylor Swift by using the #CokeGoesGreenhashtag.YoutubeConsumers will be able to upload their how to videos onto YouTube andshare them on their Twitter, Facebook, and the mobile app.Mobile AppThere will be a portion of the Coca-Cola mobile that will be built out for thisspecific campaign. Consumers will be able to upload video and pictures tothe Coca-Cola mobile app.
    11. 11. PRIZE • Top Ten Finalists will be chosen • The finalists will be posted on twitter and facebook and consumers will then vote on the selected finalists • The contestant with the most votes will win a 30 second commercial that will be launched nationwide promoting Coca-Cola’s efforts to Go Green with Taylor Swift.