Grandparents rights
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Grandparents rights



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    Grandparents rights Grandparents rights Presentation Transcript

    • WHO IS A GRANDPARENT • A grandparent is a “person of a child’s father or mother, who is related to the child by blood”1 • A grandparent can ask for visitation, • In such cases as , divorce, legal custody has been given to another party (foster parents), where the child’s parent is blood related, or in death. • Visitation rights are not restricted or denied, to the grandparents.
    • DO I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SEE MY GRANDCHILD? • No, there is no right saying that you can have access to your grandchild. • According to Alberta Family Law, “the law does not assume that the children have an relationship with the grandparents.” 2 • But, you can be granted visitation and/or custody of your grandchild.
    • HOW CAN I OBTAIN VISITATION RIGHTS AS A GRANDPARENT? • In order to see your grandchild, you must be granted a contact order. • To get this contact order you must; • Have contact between, the child and the grandparent • The contact between grandparent and child, would be jeopardized if the grandparent would be denied access • The guardian denies contact, between child and grandparent, and is unreasonable.
    • CONTINUED… • In order to obtain a visitation order, a grandparent needs to file a motion. • “an affidavit in the district court where the grandchild lives” • The opposing party may file an opposing affidavit. • The visitation rights must be in the best interests of the grandchild. 3
    • WHAT ARE MY RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES AS A GRANDPARENT? • There are two major rights • To care for the child, or contact • To get information and be comforted to carry out your responsibilities. • Makes day-day decisions that will affect the child • Which school the child will attend • Which culture and religion the child will be brought up in.
    • CONTINUED…. • Regarding decisions about the child's health. • Supporting the child using there own income • Making sure the child is well benefited( clothing, food, etc.) • Helping the child mature. • Guiding the child, through lifestyle choices.
    • WHAT HAPPENS IF IT BECOMES OVERWHELMING? • As the legal guardian, you have the legal responsibility, to care the child. • Therefore, you are responsible for the child. • As well you, must care for the child until they are the age of the majority. • Likewise, if you can not provide for the child, you have to find alternate arrangements.
    • WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS FOR THE CHILD? • The grandparents provide, a stabilizing force in times of the crisis. • Seeing their grandparents, will benefit the child’s development. • It will affect the child’s relationships, for generations and generations. • They will receive unconditional love, which will help them develop. • Relationship will benefit the child, and their emotional needs.
    • BENEFITS OF THE GRANDPARENT SEEING THEIR GRANDCHILD. • The grandparent, have developed a sense of “wellbeing, and morale” • They act as historians to the children, • Act as a resource of maximum, information • Help the child mature and grow. 4
    • LAWS PERTAINING GRANDPARENTS RIGHT’S • Laws concerning grandparents, have already been introduced in Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Yukon territory. • These bills require courts to consider, the relationship between children and grandparents. • The Rights of Grandparents Bill 2013,was passed and is the obligation for grandparents, to apply for access to their grandchild.
    • CANADIAN GRANDPARENTS RIGHTS AND ASSOCIATION • Its main function, is to serve as a point of contact for “ people who require assistance on gaining access to grandchildren in the case of family separation.” 5 • Alberta office: • Canadian Grandparent’s rights association. • (403)-284-3887 •
    • CITATIONS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.