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Kindness In The Work Place

Kindness In The Work Place



This is a presentation that I asked my HR Director if I could develop and present to our supervisor as I thought there was a need a Quorum Review. I was given the green light and the presentation was ...

This is a presentation that I asked my HR Director if I could develop and present to our supervisor as I thought there was a need a Quorum Review. I was given the green light and the presentation was well received and given to a large audience. This presentation is the property of Quorum Review. Joni Caggiano



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  • Hi Tony glad that you enjoyed the presentation. I like what you had to say about spice. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. There are so many people to remember this Thanksgiving and so many people who need to be lifted up in our thoughts and prayers and with a little extra kindness......warmest regards, joni
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  • We need more of this!
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  • Thank you Rashmi. I am glad that you enjoyed my presentation. I don't think there is nearly as much kindness in the work place as there should be.

    Warmest Regards,
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  • Today we are going to be talking about Kindness in the work place. We will be talking about how placing an emphasis on kindness in the work place will actually help to make the work place not only a more healthy workplace but also a much more happy one.

Kindness In The Work Place Kindness In The Work Place Presentation Transcript

  • Kindness In The Work Place
  • Definition for Kindness
    • The state of being kind or acting in a kind manner; a courtesy or act of charity. (Webster’s)
  • Kindness to Colleagues Program
    • Developed by Olivia McIvor a Certified Human Resources Professional with 18 years experience
    • The program focuses on the following things:
        • Improved Morale Reduced Turnover – Its relationship focused model builds friendships and loyalty – proven factors for helping corporations to retain the best employees
        • Increased Recruitment – This type of work environment is very appealing
        • Reduced Absenteeism – Physical illness is not the only reason for absenteeism. Promoting kind acts daily in the work place can have a dramatic affect on absenteeism due to the reduction in stress
  • How Olivia Got Her Start
    • Olivia started out managing a 7-11 store
    • Then Olivia was on her way and became British Columbia Area Training Manager for 143 stores and then HR Advisor for 65 stores
    • She eventually went to work for Canada Trust where she launched her Kindness to Colleagues program in 72 branch banks and for over two thousand employees.
    • Olivia began a human resources consulting firm and her and her partner developed the Kindness in Business Handbook.
  • The Kindness to Colleagues Program
    • Kindness to Oneself
        • This includes self-care, well-being and nurturing the human spirit
        • Caring for oneself creates the momentum for kindness to others
    • Kindness to Your Colleagues
        • Focus on treating each other with mutual care and respect
        • Taking responsibility for your team and one another
    • Kindness in the Community
        • Look at expanding your kindness efforts beyond your every day life and work
        • The community always needs good leaders demonstrating corporate social responsibility
    • Lets Talk About Things That You Have Done or Currently Do In Your Community
    • To Make A Difference
    • How Do Each Of You Make A Difference
  • The Work Place Can Be a Happy Place
    • Be Kind To Everyone You Meet For Everyone Is Fighting A Great Battle.
    • --Philo of Alexandria
    • My religion is simple, my religion is kindness. --Dalai Llama
    • Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. --Mother Teresa
    • Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. --Scott Adams
    • I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve. --Albert Schweitzer
    • Being a Leader in Creating a Kinder, Safer, Healthier and more Vital Workplace is Simple
    • Before you speak or act ask yourself three questions:
    • Is It True?
    • Is It Necessary?
    • And Is It Kind ?
  • What Can You Do To Make A Difference
    • Try very hard to get along with people who appear not to like you or whom you may not particularly like.
    • Learn to know a co-worker individually and
    • not to base a relationship on what was said
    • by another person.
    • Never join hands to persecute a co-worker or a newcomer. Instead reach out a hand to a new person, invite them to lunch or just to go out with the rest of the team.
    • Be a negotiator between feuding workers, be the fire extinguisher when problems are brewing.
    • Don’t be afraid to say your sorry when you know in your heart you should say your sorry.
  • Additional Things to Do
    • Try to react to stressful situations without stress. This is not something that is learned over night.
    • Always treat your customers with respect and kindness and never complain to a customer about what kind of day you are having.
    • Remember that your internal customers are every bit as important as your external customers
    • Try and remember that everyone can have a bad day occasionally and if some one seems out of sorts – a kind, are you ok from you might be enough to turn their day around.
  • INTERESTING STATISTICS Escalating Cost of Stress & Violence in the Workplace
    • Cost businesses $300 Billion annually in days lost, diminished productivity, employee turnover and direct medical and legal cost
    • 60-80% of industrial accidents are due to stress giving rise to disability premiums
    • Stress is responsible for over 50% of the 550 million workdays lost annually due to absenteeism
    • Let’s Remember: Promoting kind acts daily in the work place can have a dramatic affect on absenteeism due to the reduction in stress
  • How To Reduce Stress in The Work Place
    • Set Realistic Goals and Priorities
    • Encourage Good Time-Management Techniques
    • Take Short Breaks After a Particularly Stressful Event
    • Rehearse and Prepare
    • Don’t Procrastinate
    • Know Your Limits
    • Change Your Attitudes
    • Learn to Say No
    • Schedule Your Stress
    • Try and Balance Your Life
  • Let’s Share Some Ideas of Kind Acts You Feel Would Be Nice To Share In The Work Place
  • Passing Along Kindness
    • When a co-worker needs to talk, meet him/her at lunch and listen with compassion.
    • Tell your boss or a co-worker that you appreciate her/him.
    • Leave a treat on the desk of a coworker with whom you normally don’t get along.
    • Write, draw, make or buy something encouraging for a colleague who is experiencing difficulties.
    • Help an overworked colleague with some tasks.
    • Place a flower on the desk of each of your team mates.
    • Refrain from negative talk; concentrate on the positive.
    • Give a compliment
    • Teach a skill that you know to another coworker and learn a skill from him or her.
  • Small Things Companies Can & Are Currently Doing
    • Secret Pals
    • Who ever wants to participate within a team fills out a form about themselves (hobbies, interests, favorite candy and colors).
    • A designated individual collects these forms, mixes them up and then gives a form to a different person.
    • Once a month you do something nice for your secret pal. You know who you are doing nice things for but the person does not know who is doing it.
    • At the end of the year you have a little team party and your secret pal is revealed. Then you start all over again.
  • Another Cool Idea
    • Scheduling Kindness Surprises
    • Random Acts of Kindness are scheduled throughout the year, one for every month by the heads of the different departments
    • Each month an act of kindness is given to a specific group. The managers enlist the help of the other members of different teams but the group who is getting the act of kindness does not know it is coming
    • You can do things - like one group taking a cart with tea, coffee or cookies around to team employees for a snack, or a cart full of different ice cream with Sundae Toppings
    • You could have a small bag of candy and a single flower on every one’s desk in a particular group
    • Everyone who receives an act of kindness always finds an, “You been paid an act of kindness card” so hope you will pass it on.
  • Kindness Corners
    • Some Companies Put Up Kindness Corners
    • Some where in your work group, place a bulletin board
    • it should be in a place where everyone can see it and let it be a source for employees to post kindness notes about people in their work group. For example:
        • A simple thank you note
        • A comment about an individual you really appreciate and why
        • (What Kind of Ideas Can You Come Up With)
  • Stress Stopper - Laughter
    • Humor Wards Off
    • Depression
    • Stimulates creativity
    • Improves memory
    • Helps you feel more in control
    • Humor can actually help to remove pain
    • Chaplin once said, “Life is a tragedy in close-up and a comedy in long-shot.” He clearly understood the importance of gaining perspective (or seeing the big picture) during a stressful event.
  • Now We Are Going To Take A Laughter Quiz
    • Laughter is great for relieving stress and that makes it good medicine for all of us.
  • To Summarize
    • Everyone is affected by an Act of Kindness – Kindness is contagious and you never know when you are going to make a hugh difference in some one’s day or even their life by a few kind words or a kind deed.
    • Kindness improves our quality of life in the work place as well as in the community.
    • People feel good about being able to do something good for someone they get a good feeling being on the giving side as much as being on the receiving end of a kind act.
    • Stop and think before you talk or act, remember (Is it True, Is it Necessary and Is it Kind)
    • Remember to find time to laugh during the day which will decrease
    • stress and make you more open to spreading kindness
  • Random Act Of Kindness Card
    • When you do something kind for someone you leave them a “Random Act of Kindness” card and the card ask that if you enjoyed your act of kindness to please “pass it on.” Then together we can change the world one person at a time.
  • Before Everyone Leaves
    • Please Pick up A “Kindness – Pass It Along
    • Card” and Then Have Some Fun Passing
    • Some Kindness to Someone You Really Appreciate or Someone You Might Be Able to Learn to Appreciate.