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Jung's Ulsan, South Korea
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Jung's Ulsan, South Korea


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Published in: Travel

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  • Today, I am going to introduce my hometown, Ulsan in Korea. As you know,
  • Thank you for choosing this trip. My name is Jung. I am your tour guide. I will introduce our trip to Ulsan. Before talking about this trip, I will talk about Ulsan a little bit. Ulsan is
  • We visit the Nature of Ulsan. First, we go to the Taehwa River. The Taehwa River flows through Ulsan. During the 1970’s the river was polluted due to the leakage of waste water. The city government has tried to clean for a long time. Now, it is considered as one of the clean and famous rivers in Korea. It has been used a model for many river. As you see, it has many park and recreation facility. There is a observation towner.
  • A few Korean scholars originally speculated that this rock-art tradition came from South Asia, but now it has generally come to be associated with rock art of the circum-Yellow Sea area andNortheast Asia. Thus, this site is an example of valuable cultural heritage because it provide clues as to the origins and movements of some of the first people in Korea. Also, since art is associated with religion, these stone carvings give clues to scholars about the society and customs of prehistoric people.
  • Near the Bangudae there is several restaurants famous for noodle. Korean noodle is make of flour.
  • After dinner, we will go to Daewang Arm. It is a cemetery of one of famous king, Munmoo King. On the right top picture, we can the
  • Transcript

    • 1. Trip to Ulsan, Korea
      Jung Hwan (Jung) Koh
    • 2. Trip to Ulsan, Korea
      Tour Guide: Jung
    • 3. Day 1: High Speed Rail Road (Seoul to Ulsan)
      With High Speed Railroad
      2 hours
      From Seoul to Ulsan
    • 4. Day 1: Korean BBQ (Bulgogi)
    • 5. Day 1: Ulsan Industrial Complex
    • 6. Day 1- Dinner: Temple Food
    • 7. Day 2:Taehwa River
    • 8. Day 2: Bangudea Petroglyphs
    • 9. Day 2: Lunch – Noodle
    • 10. Day 2-Deawang Arm
    • 11. Day 2- Whale Museum
    • 12. Day 2: Dinner – Sashimi & Crab
    • 13. Day 3- Visiting Jung’s Family
    • 14. The End / Any Questions?