Yong Heui's Daejeon, South Korea

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  • 1. 2011. 4. 29 CHO, Yong HeuiDaejeon, South Korea
  • 2. Location of Korea Our neighbors: Japan, China, Russia Divided into South and North Koreas since 1945 2
  • 3. Every city in Korea has the meaning. 大 田 대 전 Daejeon [Dae] [Jeon] Big Field Population: over 1.5 million (5th in Korea) Known from the Silla Dynasity (about 1600 years ago) 3
  • 4. Daejeon is surrounded by Mounts 鷄龍, Gay-ryohng Mt. 九峯, Nine Peaks Mt. 寶文, Boh-moon Mt. 鷄足, Gay-johk Mt. 食藏, Seek-jahng Mt. 甲下, Gahb-hah Mt. … The Nine Peaks Mt. which is the back hill of my university 4
  • 5. One of Rivers of Daejeon Mountains and rivers are the essential requirements of a Korean city. Hub of transporation, military, science and technology. 5
  • 6. My House: Bahn-suhk Apartment 65 % of citizens live in apartments. The Oo-Sahn Mt. which is the back hill of my house 6
  • 7. My family: Dohng-hahk Temple The gate of a Buddhistic temple Established at 724 Main temple of Daejeon area In South Korea, 20 % are Buddhist and 30 % are Christian. 7
  • 8. Amusement Parks and Museums 8
  • 9. Mokwon University Missionary School by Methodist Church Truth, Love, Service I am in the Engineering College 9
  • 10. W. H. Shaw Commemoration ChapelDr. Stokes(1940~1983 in Korea) Shaw (KIA in 1950) They were buried in the Yahng-hwa Port Cemetery which is the Christian Holy Site.Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for hisfriends. John 15:13 10
  • 11. Research Complex: ETRI All kinds of research institutes are located in Daejeon. Electronics and Telecommunications Research InstituteMy former workplace 11
  • 12. Millimeter-Wave Antennas Next generation wireless access 12