Institutional online communities - ABC Pool as a collaborative, creative community within the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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Presentation at the Australian Digital Humanities Conference, 2012.

Presentation at the Australian Digital Humanities Conference, 2012.

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  • Online space where users can upload media Communication space Online community of creative practitioners, university students, media professionals, retirees, An experiment in self-organising online creative communities that collaborate on the production of cultural artifacts Chance to incorporate participatory cultures into the ABC to engage new audiences and experiment with new platforms Chance to experiment with social innovation practices of the PSM org
  • Describe the methodology as to how I got to these percentages
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  • 1. Institutional Online Communities – ABC Pool as a Collaborative, Creative Community within the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Jonathon Hutchinson, PhD Candidate ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation
  • 2. My Background • @dhutchman • PhD (Creative Industries) researcher • Thesis title: “Connections, Collaborations & Consequences: A study on the effects of Pool and its community within the ABC” • Ethnographic action methodology • Part time employment as Community Manager of ABC • Research informs practice informs research
  • 3. Research Questions How does the ABC Community Manager coordinate the activities of an online community with the core values of the public service broadcaster? What is the role the national broadcaster might play in developing social capital within community cultural development?
  • 4. Institutional Online Community… An online community operating within a public, commercial or non-commercial institution and not an open, independently facilitated online community
  • 5. ABC Pool –
  • 6. ABC Pool Community Manager Core Activity Breakdown
  • 7. ABC Pool Communication Model, Stakeholders, Core Activities
  • 8. It might not be the “Community Manager”? The cultural intermediary: “… comes into its own in all the occupations involving presentation and representation … in all the institutions providing symbolic goods and services” (Bourdieu 1984: 359) “… this new class faction tends to blur a number of conventional distinctions. Most notably here is the division between high art/pop culture and the divide between personal taste and professional judgement (or leisure and work)” (Negus 2002: 503).
  • 9. ABC Cultural Intermediary
  • 10. The Expertise of Cultural Intermediaries • Interactional: “a translation role that facilitates and supports communication, dialogue and exchange across expertise domains” (Banks, 2008) • Contributory: “tacit knowledge, practical or craft skill” (Evans 2008) • Referred: Collins and Sanders (2007) suggest what can be learned in one area can be applied to another
  • 11. ABC Cultural Intermediary and Expertise Model
  • 12. The Emerging Cultural Intermediary • Cultural intermediaries are positioned to build social capital through collaborative symbol production • Cultural intermediaries have close access to national cultural conversation with Australian communities • These new players impact on the public sphere and also the emergence of a transforming cultural sphere
  • 13. Research Potential • Distinguishing the “Community Manager” role – unique research of emerging role within broad industries • Unique research from inside of the ABC (ethnographic action research) – first hand perspective • This knowledge can be operationalised for this role as it develops • Context of media industry, particularly PSM, identifying how audience engagement is shifting
  • 14. Jonathon Hutchinson @dhutchman