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Our training Schools are led by Ashutosh Garg our Vice President.

For more information regarding our training schools please contact 281.980.0325

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FIS Training Schools

  1. 1. Furnace Improvements Services Fired Heater School • Increase technical knowledge • Improve fired heaters’ operations • Reduce fuel consumption
  2. 2. Efficient OperationsFurnace Improvements Services (FIS) is a full service engineering and consulting company,having completed over 300 engineering studies and projects. We have experience in design, re-vamp and troubleshooting all types of refinery fired heaters. We also have been conducting tech-nical seminars and training schools on various aspects of fired heaters, since May 1997.We have developed a special training program offering practical tips in a simple language. Duringthis training, we shall cover the basics of fired heater equipment, combustion reaction, reliabilityissues, revamp issues and optimization operations. We will also present actual case studies discuss-ing various aspects of fired heaters operation and troubleshooting. 2-Day Course Outline Refinery Fired Heaters • Energy Consumption Air Preheating Systems • Types of Fired Heaters • Air Preheater: • Fired Heaters in Refining – Types and Selection • Heat Recovery Limitations Fuels and Combustion •Air Preheater Corrosion • Heat Transfer • Combustion Calculations Troubleshooting • Efficiency Calculations • Coking in Tubes – Direct Method • Convection Section Fouling – Indirect Method • Burner/Flame Failure Burners • Etc. • Type of Burners • Sizing & Selection Fired Heater Revamp • Oil, Gas, Combination Firing • Capacity Increase • Efficiency Improvement NOx Emission Control • Case Studies • NOx Formation • Low NOx Technologies Fired Heater Operation • Instrumentation and Control Refractory • Control Schemes • Types and Selection Criteria • Tuning Fired Heaters • Reducing Heat Losses • Refractory Failures Fired Heater Specifications • Process Conditions Stack • Design Requirements • Design Parameters • Maintenance Considerations • Draft Profile • Important Parameters • Damper Selection For more information contact: FIS_USA.- (281)-980-0325 Or Any of our agents. We will be glad to work with you.
  3. 3. Better PerformanceInstructorAshutosh Garg brings to this course more than 35 years of experience in design, engi-neering, and troubleshooting of fired heaters and combustion systems for the refiningand petrochemical industries.He graduated from IIT, Kanpur, India, in chemical engineering in 1974. He started asa graduate engineer in an ammonia plant. This was followed by 6 years at KTI Indiaand 8 years at EIL, New Delhi, in the heater group. He joined KTI Corporation, San Di-mas, California, in May 1990 and moved to KTI Houston in 1992. Currently is managinga team of 50 engineers and designers at Furnace Improvements.He has published several papers on fired heaters and burners. He is a registered professional engineer anda member of AIChE and ASME. He is also a member of the API subcommittee of heat transfer equipment.Students CommentsThe course helped improve my understanding of heaters, how they operate and how to improvefurnaces. – James Jones, Coker Unit, Lyondell-CITGO“All course material has been found to be valuable, reinforcing past experience.” – Attila Marcus, Flour Daniel, S. Africa“Very good information received from the faculty, the knowledge gained is useful for day to dayoperation” – Atul B. Kulkarni, HPCL“Overall content was very good and there were many ideas to optimize our unit furnaces” – A. Arias, BASF“I wish I had this course a year ago; Discussion on levels of Burner NOx capabilities, informationon vendor products, pitfalls to avoid and suggestions for revamps are the most valuable topics inthe course” – Andy Holman, ConocoPhillips“The course was outstanding - beginning to end”. - D.G Shepard, Equilon Enterprises“A complete overall training of every aspect of Fired Heaters” – Bobby Coleman, Fina Oil & Chemical “The course offered an excellent over- view of all the technology pertaining to NOx reduction in fired heaters and boilers”. – Ben Chen, BP
  4. 4. Low Cost Value Added Solutions for Fired Heaters Our Clients We have an Agent near You. AUSTRALIA, SINGAPORE, NEWZEALAND, INDONESIA TAIWAN & MALAYSIA Douglas Chang Kate Gimblett Tel: +8862-2706-1544 Tel: +61 (0) 7 5435 2205 Mobile: +8869-2106-9827 Mobile: +61 (0) 417 087 129 BRAZIL U.A.E., OMAN, QATAR Jose Fleischmann Sarwar Ali Tel: (+55) 11-5641-4361 Tel: +971-6742-5035 Fax: (+55) 11-5641-4361 Mobile: +9715-0631-7452 VENEZUELA, COLUMBIA, CANADA ARGENTINA & ARUBA Paul Henry Carlos Alarcon Tel: +450-676-3222 Tel: +58-441-6609-3444 Fax: +450-676-5997 Fax: +58-441-4366-8406 INDIA CALIFORNIA, USA R. Rajamani David P. Diggins Tel: + 91 94483 79108 Tel: +94-9497-6551 Tel: +91 80 65971113 Mobile:+94-9463-8591 INDIA LOUISIANA, USA Ajai Agarwal Charles H. Thatcher Tel: +9111-4214-3751 Tel: 985-892-4224 Mobile:+9198-1015-9901 Mobile: 985-966-5513 KUWAIT SOUTHEAST, USA Alex Ambi David Gangle Tel: +965-2482-9160 ext.126 Tel: +20-5437-1702 Mobile: +965-3384-1712 Mobile:+20-5542-7006 TEXAS, USA MEXICO Stan McHugh Lorena Nieto G. Tel: +713-839-8788 Cel: (04455)43493284 Mobile:+713-703-8907 UTAH, MONTANA, NEVADA, SAUDI ARABIA IDAHO, WYOMING; Azfar Mahmood Allan Woodbury Tel: +966-3899-6333 Tel: +801-274-3333 Mobile: +9665-3451-2635 Mobile: +801 918-4826 FURNACE IMPROVEMENTS SERVICES Furnace Improvements Services Inc. A.G. Furnace Improvements Pvt. Ltd. 1600 Highway 6 South, Suite 480 K-33, Ground Floor Sugar Land, Texas 77478 USA Opp. Balaji Estate, Kalkaji Tel: (281) 980-0325 New Delhi, India 110019 Fax: (832) 886-1665 Tel: 91-11-405-8-8696 Email: