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BrandExtract\'s corporate profile as featured in Smart Business magazine.

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Guiding Growing Companies 0509

  1. 1. Corporate Profile :: BrandExtrac° :: Guiding Growing Companies If your brand were a person, who would it be? I loyalty and consistent price premiums, even example? Of course it wouldn’t. Now, you t’s a question we at BrandExtract ask our in a mature or depressed market. Strategic may be thinking your brand isn’t interesting clients as part of our brand assessment brand positioning is a differentiator that enough to have any personality. If this is the to unearth the human factor – that part establishes recall and recognition by deliver- case, ask your sales department how they sell. of a company’s outward expression that says ing a consistent and clear message to pros- You may be surprised by the answer. there are real people behind this business, pects that, in turn, avoids market confusion, people with whom I can connect. generates and converts sales leads, shortens Brand personality, along with principles the sales cycle and provides greater dollar-for- and associations, is one of the key drivers Think about it for a minute. Would the Mac’s dollar value from a marketing budget. of a brand that generates category-leading persona as a hip, practical dude fit IBM, for SPECI A L A DV ERTISING FE ATURE
  2. 2. Corporate Profile :: BrandExtrac° :: Guiding Growing Companies Br AndInG Isn’T jusT fOr LArGE COmpAnIEs WITH dEEp pOCkETs AnymOrE. In fact the success or failure of many smaller businesses hinges on brand development. Your brand is a conversation between you and your customer. The key is to understand how your brand will speak to consumers and how you can help make it do so, which is where BrandExtract can help. ↘ GUIDING GROW ING COMPA NIE S ↘ ASSE SSING EV ERY TOUCHPOINT BrandExtract is an integrated branding, mar- We examine each “touchpoint” where your BrandExtract offers creative keting and communications firm that guides brand interacts with and makes an impression problem-solving expertise that will growing companies by providing strategic on customers, employees, investors and other conceptualize, design, write and branding solutions. We know that firms that stakeholders. Every strategy, action and tactic produce all the elements your com- align their messaging with the marketplace your brand has with customers or stakehold- increase their value and market position. This ers, whether through advertising, direct mar- pany needs for online and print is why we always begin a project by under- keting, Web site or a customer service call, is communications, including: standing the strategic plan. It’s the backbone a brand touchpoint that generally falls into Logo design, naming and tagline of any marketing initiative. three customer experience segments: → Identity standards → → Advertising We start by developing a true understand- Pre-purchase – which influences whether → Direct marketing ing of your brand by conducting brand and customers or future customers will consider → Displays, trade show booths communications audits, competitive and purchasing your brand. Here branding goals and materials marketplace analysis, and surveys of key con- and objectives focus on keeping current → Packaging stituencies. We look at every aspect of your customers loyal by staying relevant, mak- → Sales materials business from top to bottom, working closely ing prospects aware of what sets your brand with the senior management team, moving apart, shaping prospects perceptions by help- from the inside out – not the outside in – for ing them to understand the unique benefits ↘ STA NDING OUT IN THE CROW D as long as it takes to get your brand and mar- your brand offers, and steering the brand into Great creative helps differentiate your orga- keting on the right footing. a prospect’s evoked set. nization in a crowded marketplace. That’s why the graphic designers and writers at Purchase – where the intent is to shift a pros- During this stage, we’ll answer critical BrandExtract work closely to develop com- pect from only considering your brand to buy- questions such as: munications elements that are as targeted ing it. The goals and objectives in this instance • Where does your brand stand now? and results-driven as they are innovative. are maximize the value they see in your prod- • What are your true objectives? Together, design and words drive your cus- uct or service and prove your offering will be • What are you doing in terms of building tomers closer to a sale and then pull them in better than others, while making sure they your brand and business? and keep them there. understand the price-value relationship they • What are your brand’s strengths? Weaknesses? are getting by choosing your brand. • Which opportunities should be pursued It takes clear messaging to communicate a first? Where are the pitfalls? brand that delivers results. Internal and exter- Post-purchase – where interactions after the nal communications are the tools we use to sale are leveraged to maximize total brand expe- We fulfill brand goals for reach these important objectives. Whether it’s rience. At this stage, it is imperative that you B2B and B2C clients in: a speech for the CEO, an employee newslet- deliver on your brand promise, meeting and ter, an investor relations presentation or a news preferably exceeding customer expectations in release, we’ll help you develop communications order to increase loyalty and advocacy. Energy → that engage your audience, at every touchpoint, Professional services → for the growth and success of your business. Armed with this information, we help you → Legal pinpoint where the opportunities are and → Manufacturing Let BrandExtract help you position your brand where to focus your time, effort and resources. → Technology so that it reaches its full potential. Contact us Then we begin the process of visualizing the → Health care at (713) 942-7959 or go to the BrandExtract core creative elements to communicate your → Non-profit organizations Web site at brand position and passion. and educational institutions SPECI A L Smart Business Network Inc. © 2009 A DV ERTISING FE ATURE Reprinted from the May 2009 issue of Smart Business Dallas.