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The Road Ahead | EquipmentFX
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The Road Ahead | EquipmentFX


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Published in: Career, Technology

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  • 1. A look back… and a look ahead
  • 2. What We’ll Explore  A Look Back: Words of Wisdom from Bill Gates  A Look Ahead: What He Left Out  The Basics: They Count More Than Ever… But They’ve Changed  Other Industry Standards: Why Not Us  What it Looks Like When It’s Right:
  • 3. A Look Back…  The Road Ahead written by Bill Gates  Written in 1995, and looks back 20 years  In those 20 years…  Programming written in BASIC (Beginners All Purpose Instruction Code)  Bill & Paul Allen purchased an “Altair 8800” computer  No software, 1975, decided to form a company called “Microsoft”, wrote the first software
  • 4. His Main Revelation “When we look back at the last 20 years, it is obvious that a number of large companies were so set in their ways that they did not adapt properly and lost out as a result”
  • 5. What The Book Covered 1) A Revolution Begins  From Big and Slow to Small and Fast 2) The Beginning of the Information Age  Easily Accessed, Digital in Nature 3) Lessons from the Computer Industry  Positive Spiraling… Negative Spiraling
  • 6. What The Book Covered (cont.…) 4) Applications & Appliances  PC’s, VCR’s, “wallet PC’s” 5) Paths to the Highway  Didn’t exist, software, PC, Internet  T1 Line = $20K per year, $20/mo = 20 hours per month of individual usage (think TODAY!) 6) The Content Revolution  Indexed, “interactively explored”
  • 7. 7) Implications for Business  Flexibility, access, improved communication 9) Friction-Free Capitalism  Comparisons, Spec Sheets, Pricing  The Role of the Sales Person/Middleman 9) Education: The Best Investment  Flexibility, schools “slow to adapt”, curriculums  Collaboration, results & monitoring, real time What The Book Covered (cont.…)
  • 8. 10)Plugged In at Home  Stay at home, but still socialize, “virtual dating”  Keep up with friends, find new companions  Communities of others with common interests  Online subscriptions, gaming services  Forums on a variety of topics What The Book Covered (cont.…)
  • 9. 11) Race for the Gold  MSOFT “investing” $100M per year in R & D  5 year time frame for payback  Broadband connections being tested  Services being invented that “make it easy to do business” and stay connected What The Book Covered (cont.…)
  • 10. 12) Critical Issues  Worker retraining  Privacy and access to critical information  Professions and industries will fade  Pressure on middlemen  “Cellular Telephone Service is Spreading Rapidly” What The Book Covered (cont.…)
  • 11. In Closing “If you’re too focused on your current business, it’s hard to change and focus on innovating” Bill Gates
  • 12. So What? How Should WE Shape OUR Future?
  • 13. Part 2: Areas That Weren’t Covered  How to Create Customers  Search Engine Optimization  Social Networking  Mobile Device Technology  Video Marketing  Customer Relationship Management  Database Management
  • 14. Google and Yahoo Didn’t Exist  Imagine no Google…  Imagine no Yahoo…  Imagine no Bing…  Where will we be in 10 years time?
  • 15. How to Create Customers  In 2000, a fundamental shift from “outbound” marketing to “inbound marketing”  Customers/Prospects found you where, when and how they wanted  You’ve got to heed that notice and build it into your plan
  • 16. Search Engine Optimization  Read the books, go to class or trust a vendor that “gets it”  Someone that offers “case studies” and “proof” and measures Return on Investment  If you’re not in the ORGANIC first or second position, you miss out on 52-63% of total opportunity
  • 17. SEO Stats That Should Shock You  88-92% of YOUR buyers go online regardless of the relationship to shop  95% of total “clicks” are organic in nature  Organic positions #1 & #2 get 52-63% of total clicks  IF THAT’S NOT YOU… What Now?
  • 18. Social Networking  Bill Gates alluded to it several times but… there was no way for him to know  How to MONETIZE this and not waste time is the key  What can it do for your company? Plenty!
  • 19. What Social Networking IS  IT IS: A way for communities to engage, talk, interact, refer, build trust and talk about their needs.  IT IS: A way for a company to recognize this, interact with them, solve problems for them and build a referral engine on steroids!
  • 20. What Social Networking is NOT  It is NOT: A place to mindlessly post what you have for sale  It is NOT: A place to let others know what you had for lunch, and where you next stop is  It is NOT: A place to sell UNTIL… you have earned the trust of your audience and community
  • 21. The Big Four: A BRIEF Overview  Facebook  Twitter  YouTube  LinkedIn
  • 22. Facebook  Over a half BILLION users  Average time spent per day… 6 hours  If you don’t have a Facebook Fanpage, you’ll be perceived as “not with it”  The KEY: Integrate with website, automate technologies to post, don’t waste time
  • 23. Twitter  Will have 1 BILLION USERS by 2012, still no formal business plan  It’s a SEARCH ENGINE people can use to target conversations that interest them  It’s a real way to receive “real time” information of your choice
  • 24. YouTube  28% of searches through Google are done through YouTube  Highly effective for SEO and local product/service ranking  It educates, it’s to the point, but there is a technical side to doing this properly and efficiently!
  • 25. LinkedIn  Highly effective “peer” engagement forum  Increased response rates to e-mails, high ability to target peers and industry prospects  Ways to optimize your profile can create you as the “expert” in your field
  • 26. Cool “off the radar” Stuff  Social Media can be damaging if it’s not managed  You’ve gotta get a routine and manage your daily, weekly, monthly activities  I SPY… You CAN…  Use Google Alerts to monitor conversations  Use “Twitter Search” and “Trackable Links” to monitor discussions about your brand  Visibly see the “viral” nature of your brand
  • 27. Mobile Device Technology  Bill Gates referred to it as a “Wallet PC”  There are over 53 million smart phones, and it’s growing exponentially  There’s an “APP” for that  Service, Rentals, Parts and?
  • 28. Mobile Device Technology  Is your website mobile device browser compatible?  Can your prospects find you on their phones? Are your reps getting leads on their phones?  Can they download your “apps” to schedule service, order parts or rent?
  • 29. Mobile Device Technology  Imagine for a moment…  Real Time Inventory Feeds of Used Equipment  Apps to schedule service appointments or rentals  An Ad campaign for .01 – 03 per click, targeted to users in your area
  • 30. Video Marketing  Some brief background…  The competition rarely uses this and they definitely don’t understand it  It practically guarantees you a first place organic ranking  The “set up” process leads a visitor from one video to another
  • 31. Video Marketing  It tells your company story  It educates about your service and your difference  It builds trust and rapport  It speeds up the sales cycle
  • 32. Video Marketing  Imagine for a moment…  A company intro video that leads to…  A service department video that leads to…  A fleet management video that leads to…  A PROSPECT THAT WANTS TO DO BUSINESS!
  • 33. Done Correctly It IS…  Viral in nature… your message spreads like wildfire  It is the ultimate customer referral and satisfaction program  It adds relevancy to your business… IF IT’S DONE CORRECTLY!!!
  • 34. Customer Relationship Management Which version are you?  Marketing Automation: Capturing leads and following up automatically?  Contact Management: Managing your reps activities, quotation pipeline?  FULL CRM: Full business system integration with CRM program?
  • 35. NO CRM, NO SUCCESS  If you don’t have a “call to action”, and landing page strategy, you’re just hoping for success  You can’t follow-up automatically  You can’t test campaigns  You can’t measure ROI!
  • 36. Part 3: BASICS COUNT! “Marketing & Innovation are the two main reasons business exists… everything else is a cost”. Peter Drucker
  • 37. Marketing 101 Basics Marketing is Basically a 3 Step Process 1) Have something good to say… 2) Say it well… 3) Say it often…
  • 38. Have Something Good to Say  You’ve innovated your business to warrant consideration  You make the customer service experience something to remember  It is ingrained throughout your company, you’re people know it and live it
  • 39. Say it Well  Your website is first class and is “user friendly”  Your material is professional and leaves a good impression  Your material and website BOTH focus on solving problems and “how to” guides
  • 40. Fundamental #4: To the Right Prospects  Use good data  Be efficient with it’s use  Plan in advance to lower costs  Connect ALL of the dots
  • 41. Say it Often  Customers and Prospects get bombed by over 3,000 marketing message per DAY!  They buy when they’re ready to buy, not when you’re ready to sell  You’ve got to balance out all mediums and communicate consistently
  • 42. Customer Surveys  Do you survey to know how you’re doing?  Do you do verbal or written surveys?  Do you act on the answers, consistently?
  • 43. Direct Response Marketing  Is your stuff “me too”, or is it compelling?  Does it “ask for the order” by telling someone what to next (like visit our landing page?)  Does is hit the emotional hot buttons of a prospect?
  • 44. Follow-Up Processes  Are they mapped out?  Response goals: 30 minutes, tomorrow, next week or?  4 X in 48 Hours… see example
  • 45. Thanks for the Business!  At every touch point  With every person  With every follow-up opportunity  Cross sell at EVERY opportunity
  • 46. Part 4: What Other Industries Can Teach Us Imagine this…  Your prospects look for something online  They find you first…  You are the first to respond…  You engage them… 4 X in 48 hours…  ONE POSITIVE EXPERIENCE CAN LEAD TO MILLIONS IN SALES AND PROFITS!!!
  • 47. First To Be Found
  • 48. Forklift Leasing California
  • 49. Forklift Parts California
  • 50. Forklift Rentals California
  • 51. Forklift Leasing California
  • 52. First To Respond
  • 53. “Amazon-Style” Landing Page
  • 54. Briggs – Auto-responder Example
  • 55. In 30 Minutes Or Less
  • 56. Product Brochure: Mailed Every Night to Web Inquiries
  • 57. Thanks For Your Time!