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Prospective Salesperson Presentation Industry Info

  1. 1. Johnson Lift/HYSTER Building A Better Company… One Employee At A Time…
  2. 2. Outline Of Information • Who is Johnson Machinery Company • Technician Opportunity Overview • Who is Johnson Lift/HYSTER • The Future of Service Technicians • Our Philosophy • Technician Career Paths • Who is Hyster Company • Employee Benefit Summary • What is The Material Handling • Technician Testimonials Industry • Do You Have What it Takes? • Some of our Customers
  3. 3. Johnson Machinery Company • Johnson Machinery Company, located on 40 acres in east Riverside, is the headquarters for Johnson Machinery Company’s five divisions and 14 locations. The earthmoving division operates out of this facility, offering sales, parts, service and rentals of Caterpillar heavy equipment for Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. The other four divisions consist of Johnson Power Systems, Johnson Rental Services, EVERPAC and Johnson Lift/HYSTER. • Johnson Power Systems sells and services engines for truck, marine and electric generation applications. Johnson Power Systems also has the ability to supply natural gas and diesel engines to meet any power need from generation for water pumping stations and powering a rock crushing plant to diesel engines for buses and on-highway trucks. This division employs a complete engineering staff and fabrication personnel for specialized power generation systems. • Johnson Rental Services has five locations and rents a complete line of equipment ranging in size from large earthmoving machines to smaller hand tools for the contractor on virtually every type of job site. • Ever-Pac is a full service machine shop specializing in precision machining and salvage repair of major makes of components and engines. Ever-Pac’s capabilities include vertical boring, line boring, grinding, welding and custom machine work. In addition, other applications are rebuilding hydraulic cylinder rods, repairing engine blocks, building up shafts and housings. Ever-Pac can rebuild or recondition virtually any machine component as a responsible alternative to purchasing a new component.
  4. 4. Johnson Lift/HYSTER THE Market Leader For Today and The Future… • Johnson Machinery Company entered the material handling market in 1976. The Johnson Lift/HYSTER division is headquartered in the City of Industry. • In 1992, Johnson Lift acquired the Hyster product line. To reflect the new acquisition, the division changed its name to Johnson Lift/HYSTER. With 3 decades of material handling experience in Southern California, Johnson Lift/HYSTER provides unmatched knowledge, resources and support for it’s thousands of customers. • Johnson Lift/HYSTER is the Hyster forklift dealer for Southern California, northern Arizona and Baja California, Mexico. Our branch locations include: Industry, Riverside, Anaheim, Oxnard, San Diego and El Centro. Where ever our customers are, in whatever industry, Johnson Lift/HYSTER is following with resources that are second to none: 210 + employees 110 + technicians with an average a tenure of over 10 years! 25 + outside sales representatives 600 + rental trucks 20 + parts counter personnel The largest parts inventory in the industry State of the art facilities Management that listens, and cares about it’s employees
  5. 5. Our History • Since 1940, when Johnson Tractor Company opened its doors, the company has been dedicated to the best quality products and service to its customers. • Ruel Johnson purchased Freeland Tractor & Equipment Company in 1940. The country was emerging from the Depression and business was slow. As the nation recovered, so did the equipment industry. Agricultural businesses purchased new farming machinery, and contractors purchased equipment to build houses, roads and freeways. • Over the sixty-plus years of business, customer equipment needs have changed from primarily agricultural to heavy construction and industrial use. In 1986, the company changed its name to Johnson Machinery Company to reflect this evolution. • Johnson Machinery Company now serves the heavy equipment, power generation, and material handling needs of the Inland Empire and Southern California. The company has grown from the original 12 employees to over 550, and remains dedicated to offering the best quality products and service to its customers on the market today.
  6. 6. Our Philosophy • Throughout the sixty-plus year history of Johnson Machinery Company, there has been a single over-riding theme: “Treat people fairly, whether customer or associate. Provide good products and service at responsible prices.” • Johnson Machinery Company management recognized that the success of the past is directly related to these policies. Thousands of past customers return to Johnson Machinery Company and it’s divisions regularly to do business again because they like the treatment they received the last time around. • It’s a winning formula established long ago by a man who had faith in himself, in the future of the Inland Empire and Southern California, and in his son, Bill Johnson (now president of the Company). With faith so strong and soundly based, the next sixty-plus years at Johnson Machinery should be as growth-centered as the first. We’re looking forward to them, and hope you will consider being a part of our future as well.
  7. 7. Hyster Company Leads The Way… • Hyster Company has been manufacturing forklifts since 1929. Hyster is a division of NACCO industries, a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. • Hyster Company is the largest full line forklift manufacturer in the world today. Their current product range covers over 130 models for every industry and application. The forklifts range in size from 2,500# to 115,000#, from electric pallet jacks to container handlers in the ports throughout the world. • Hyster Company has global manufacturing operations in 6 countries to manufacture equipment and to meet rising demand for its products and services. Hyster has the largest Parts Distribution system in the world with over 100,000 million dollars in parts inventory dedicated to keep its forklifts up and running when the customers need them most. • Hyster has over 60 dealers worldwide, with over 600 combined locations- by far the most extensive dealer network in the world.
  8. 8. The Material Handling Industry- Developing Solutions to Move Products from the Factory to You… • The Material Handling Industry is fast approaching 100 billion in annual sales. Every product you’ve ever used, from televisions to tennis shoes, has been manufactured, stored and shipped to you with the help of the Material Handling Industry. • From Assembly Lines – Forklifts, automated guided vehicles, and conveyors are all moving products from one place to another in today’s industrial plants. • To Warehouses – Storage and retrieval systems, shelving, racks, mezzanines, carousels, bar coding, infrared scanning and data collection are just some of the latest solutions in today’s dynamic Material Handling Industry. • From Front Offices – Automated computerized control systems are stocking, identifying, storing, retrieving, moving and accounting for all of today’s products… in the plants, on the road, in the store… making sure the right product is available when needed. • To Back Docks – The latest in wrapping equipment, packaging and unitizing systems are all helping today’s companies protect and ship their valuable products and materials, and it’s all part of Material Handling.
  9. 9. Some Of Our Customers… • At Johnson Lift/HYSTER, we work with some of the biggest, and best known companies in the world. Each customer has a different application, a different set of needs, and a different opportunity for us to help them with. More and more customers look to Johnson Lift/HYSTER for solutions to their challenges, and we deliver day after day
  10. 10. Employee Benefits For Long Term Security… And Unmatched Within Our Industry! • Since 1940, The Johnson Companies have always believed that a secure employee contributes to long term prosperity for both the individual and the company. We have made it a priority to offer the best, most comprehensive employee benefits in our industry: • INSURANCE – Medical Insurance- Two plans are offered that allow you to make the best choice – Dental Insurance- Excellent coverage, and the premiums are paid for by Johnson Machinery – Group Life Insurance- Provided at no cost, and increases with your length of service • RETIREMENT – Profit Sharing Plan- Johnson Machinery provides a profit sharing plan that is 100% funded by the company, a 5% contribution of your annual wages – 401K Plan- Our associates can contribute from 1 – 12% of gross earnings and Johnson matches up to 5% – Total Benefits- With the company matches, you can contribute 22% annually to a variety of investment vehicles that make long term sense for you and your family.
  11. 11. Employee Benefits For Long Term Security… And Unmatched Within Our Industry! • OTHER BENEFITS – Vacation- Established based on length of service and up to one month for employees with 15 years of service – Holidays- Several paid holidays each year – Bonus/Sick Leave- Payable to each employee if not used each year – Educational Assistance Plan- Johnson pays up to $500 each year for related courses at approved learning institutions. – Credit Union- Available to all associates with services that include: savings accounts, checking accounts, mortgage services, auto loans, multi-purpose loans, Visa cards, insurance and investment services. – Automatic Deposit- Johnson offers this convenience to any savings and/or checking account – Pay Days- For hourly employees, our paydays are every Friday. – Tool Account- Tool financing and tool insurance plans available
  12. 12. We’re Passionate About Our Employees… But Don’t Take Our Word For It… • Our employees are what make our company great. We consistently survey our employees to make sure we treat them fairly, listen to them, and act on their recommendations. Here are some actual testimonials from just a few of our technicians…
  13. 13. What a Technician Can Expect From Johnson Lift/Hyster. The Finest Material Handling Company in Southern California With everything we do, there is exceptional attention to detail with our employees. From this recruitment information package, to training, to a fulfilling career as a technician to other career opportunities, Johnson Lift/HYSTER is committed to providing the best experience possible. Our process consists of first recruiting the most capable technicians, and then giving them an organized plan to becoming an accomplished Elite Technician. The plan con- sists of the following: 1) Recruit the best, most capable employees willing to learn the skills necessary to become one of our Elite technicians. 2) Enroll each employee into our online Skills Assessment program that is supervised by our Service Training manager, formerly an Elite technician. 3) Train this individual to become an productive member of our team as a Preventative Maintenance technician (PM). 4) Organize the training schedule in such a way to allow for a sufficient amount of "ride along" time with our Elite technicians to give you exposure to as many repair situa- tions as possible. 5) Test, Test and Test some more to give each individual the best opportunity for career and wage advancement through our three stages of becoming the best in the busi- ness: Certech, Master and Elite. •«— '• • -3- El. *• g Training Knowledge tenter Rob Hillsrd's Home Page jonnsonuFT HVSTER
  14. 14. The Future of Technicians In the past, forklifts, like automobiles, were wrench based in nature. The environments were dirty, the customer base less sophisticated. The machines were far less complex in nature. Mot so today. technician of the future will still have to have a skill set to repair most makes and models, but increasingly the technology incorporated into forklifts means diagnostics are now computer based, and proprietary in nature. Every new forklift being manufactured today, from every manufacturer, employs the use of onboard computers with a port for a laptop to diagnose and troubleshoot the repairs more efficiently. The customers and industries are increasingly more complex and demanding. From aero- space companies, to food service, to pharmaceutical companies, the technician of the future will be able to interact with a more sophisticated customer base, diagnose repairs more efficiently, and fix the problems faster than ever before. JOHRSOnUFT HVSTER
  15. 15. Career Paths Within The Johnson Machinery Companies Since 1940, Ruel Johnson believed firmly in treating employees fairly and giving them opportunities to grow from within the company. This tradition and belief is now carried on by his son, Bill Johnson, and all of the managers within each division. Our "promote from within"policy is as alive today as it was in 1940, with plans to continue this for the next 60 plus years. We believe in an honest days work. For our employees that continue to demonstrate their willingness to give an honest days work, treat their fellow employees with respect and demonstrate a sense of caring and urgency when dealing with our customers, there is ample opportunity to create a solid future with our company. Career paths in our company consist of several opportunities: Master Technician, Elite Technician, Service management, Aftermarket Sales, Machine Sales, Management and several opportunities within the Johnson Machinery Companies. | New Unit Sales After Market Sales Elite Technician Management Other Johnson Division HVSTER n joHnsonuFT HVSTER
  16. 16. 1 We're Passionate About Our Employees.. . But, Don't Take Our Word For it... "I like the training classes that are offered me and all of their technicians, the hands on approach works, Johnson Lift /Hyster has better working conditions and good people to work with" "I would highly recommend Johnson Lift/Hyster. They are a good company to work for, they offer good benefits. Supervisors and co-workers are good people too." Sean B., San Diego Store "Johnson Lift / Hyster has the best benefit package out there, the best equipment and the nicest facili- ties" Jim M., Industry Store "I like working here because of the team, management is good to work with and because they make it fun to come to work." "I would absolutely advise people to work here. The benefits are good, the pay is competitive for the knowledge you bring and the company is stable" Abel S., Industry Store "I came to Johnson Lift / Hyster because of better income for my family, the opportunity to go father here than in the automotive industry. Auto industry has too many ups and downs, too unstable. Johnson Lift/ Hyster is not affected that hard." "I like working out in the field, the training classes they offer and specially the team work with the other technicians that have more experience." Mike C., Anaheim Store "I came to Johnson Lift/Hyster to work for a big company with a good reputation. To take advantage of the training they offer and for the opportunity to improve my skills as a technician and for a good Mure here." "I would recommend Johnson as a place to work because of the training and the opportunities for advancement with Johnson Lift/Hyster. Because everyone pitches in to get difficult jobs done on time." Victor B., Anaheim Store "Yes, I would tell people to come and work here. The benefits are good and the wages are competitive. I like working with big names brands like: Hyster, Chevy, GMC, Cat and Ford." Scott /?., Riverside Store "I came to work for Johnson Lift/Hyster because the company is well organized from the ground up and the employees are very happy" "I like how friendly everyone is here. I like the response that management has when something needs to be done and the fact that we get rewarded for doing good work" "I have told people to come and work for Johnson Lin/Hyster. We have a good future here with Johnson Lift/Hyster. Because there is room for advancement and they offer us 401Kand Profit Sharing." Mike A., Riverside Store JOHHSOnilFT HVSKR
  17. 17. Ask Yourself… Do You Have What It Takes To Join The “A” Team Of The Material Handling Industry?