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Bike Shop Social Media Quick Tips
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Bike Shop Social Media Quick Tips


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Social Media Tips for Bike Shops who want to improve their online presence. Tips for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Social Media Tips for Bike Shops who want to improve their online presence. Tips for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Social Media QuickTips Bike Shops
  • 2.
    • Integrate Social Media into your website
  • 3.
    • A Fan Box and Twitter Widget will encourage more engagement
  • 4. Give Fans a reason to Like you on Facebook
  • 5.
    • Create your page as a local business
    • Allows you to include location and hours of operation in sidebar
  • 6.
    • Include website and other Social Media URLs in sidebar info
  • 7.
    • Use a vertical banner ad as your picture (include main services)
    • Center thumbnail on your logo
  • 8.
    • Share news, tips, and other information that you fans will enjoy
    • Ask them to share with their friends
  • 9.
    • Set Wall options to show admin and fan posts
  • 10.
    • Add cycling and other bike relate pages to your Page’s Favorites
  • 11.
    • Create custom landing pages with website integration
  • 12.
    • Import your blog using the NetworkedBlogs app
  • 13.
    • Promote a charity with a custom tab
  • 14.
    • Target Ads by Age and Location
    • Facebook suggests $1.40-$1.60 max bid per click
      • (likely to pay less)
  • 15.
    • Target ads by Age, Location, Activities, & Interests
    * Facebook suggests $1.75-$2.00 max bid per click
  • 16.
    • Want more Facebook tips for business? [click below]
  • 17. Follow and be followed on Twitter
  • 18.
    • Capitalize each word in your Twitter name
  • 19.
    • Use likely search keywords in your Twitter name
  • 20.
    • Follow people who follow other local bike shops
  • 21.
    • Organize followers and people you follow with Lists
  • 22.
    • Follow bike-related Lists & the users who made them
  • 23.
    • Tweet frequently using popular hashtags
  • 24.
    • Want more Twitter tips for business? [click below]
  • 25. Use video marketing to engage fans and outshine your competition
  • 26.
    • Many great bike videos on YouTube – Share them
  • 27.
    • Create your own Bike channel with branded colors
  • 28.
    • Upload your own videos
  • 29.
    • Add videos to your favorites and playlists
  • 30.
    • Subscribe to other Bike channels
  • 31.
    • Want more YouTube tips for business? [Click Below]
  • 32.
    • Facebook
    • Optimize your Facebook profile & page
    • Add people who like cycling as a friend
    • Invite friends to your page after showing value
    • Create a “Cycling Community Page” aside from Bike Lane on Facebook
    • Add custom tabs on Facebook page to integrate website and Twitter
    • Create photo albums; invite fans to upload pictures
    • Import your blog to Facebook
    • Like relevant business and community pages
    • Comment on conversations about cycling on Community and Brand pages
    • Share information about cycling news, tips, safety, events, and charities
  • 33.
    • Twitter
    • Set up Twitter profile with keywords in name
    • Create cycling-related lists
    • Determine popular cycling hashtags
    • Choose a unique hashtag for your Tweets
    • Follow local and national cycling brands
    • Follow cycling enthusiast who follow those brands
    • Import your blog to Twitter
    • Retweet popular cycling Twitter users
    • Tweet multiple times daily – more than just your marketing material
    • Share information about cycling news, tips, safety, events, and charities
  • 34.
    • YouTube
    • Set up a branded YouTube Channel
    • Subscribe to cycling and bike channels
    • Comment on their channels
    • Upload your own videos – showroom tour, local races, testimonials
    • Add favorite videos from other users to your page
    • Create playlists with other user videos for targeted niches
    • Embed playlists in your website
  • 35.
    • Website Integration
    • Integrate Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube into every page
    • Add Facebook Fan Box, Twitter Stream, YouTube Videos & Playlists
    • Marketing Integration
    • Add Social Media icons to all stationary, business cards, and brochure
    • Email invitation to past customers to follow you
    • Add Social Media stickers to show room windows
    • Have contests and give discounts to people who connect with Social Media
  • 36.