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Preparing for SharePoint 2013
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Preparing for SharePoint 2013


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SharePoint 2013 is coming, and you are starting to hear about all of the cool new features. But what if you have just upgraded to SharePoint 2010 or about to upgrade? Find out about what you can do …

SharePoint 2013 is coming, and you are starting to hear about all of the cool new features. But what if you have just upgraded to SharePoint 2010 or about to upgrade? Find out about what you can do to prepare for the next version even if you won't be going to SharePoint 2013 soon.

Published in: Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. • Introductions/ThanksWISUG AgendaJanuary 2013 • Presentation – Oh Great, Here comes SharePoint 2013 – Jonathan Schultz, Skyline Technologies • Break • Group Discussions
    • 2. Oh Great, Here comes SharePoint 2013! Jonathan Schultz Managing Consultant Skyline Technologies, Inc. January 9, 2013
    • 3. Agenda• What’s so great about SharePoint 2013?• What should I do now?• What should I stop doing?
    • 4. SharePoint 2013 Enhancements• Search• Pages & Publishing• Custom Development• eDiscovery• Social
    • 5. Search• Single Search Engine – No SharePoint Foundation Search – No FAST Search• Improved Relevancy – New Ranking Models – Query Rules• Continuous Crawling• Hover Panel – Document Preview – Deep Linking
    • 6. Pages & Publishing• Content Search Web Part – Access content across site collections!• Managed Navigation• Device-Specific Targeting
    • 7. SharePoint Customizations
    • 8. SharePoint Workflow
    • 9. eDiscovery• eDiscovery Center• Enterprise-wide eDiscovery – SharePoint 2013 – File Servers – Exchange 2013• Transparent Holds – In place – Work can continue• XML Export – Electronic Discovery Reference Model compliant
    • 10. Social• Microblogging – Share content, links, and media – Follow people, sites, content, a nd conversations• Activity Feeds – Provides a view into recent activity related to content, links, media, a nd people
    • 11. Community Sites• Moderation• Achievements• Modern Discussion Boards
    • 12. SkyDrive Pro (MySites)• My Tasks• Offline Synchronization
    • 13. What should I do now?• Review Information Architecture• Understand Claims Authentication• Plan Infrastructure
    • 14. Information Architecture• Site Collection Boundaries – Gradual Upgrades – Information Ownership• Remove the ROT – Redundant – Outdated – Trivial• Hire a Professional – Broad Experience – Neutral Feedback
    • 15. Claims Authentication• What are claims?• Why use them?
    • 16. Jonny Buys Beer1. Jonny has a hard day of SharePointing2. Jonny goes to bar3. Jonny asks for beer4. Server asks for ID5. Server checks ID6. Server supplies beer7. Jonny is happy
    • 17. Claims in Action• Sign in with Facebook
    • 18. Why Claims?• Federation across Boundaries• Cloud, cloud, cloud
    • 19. Claims Authentication Improvements• Classic to Claims Migration• Load Balancing• Troubleshooting
    • 20. Infrastructure Planning• More Server Roles – Office Web Applications – Search – App Hosting• Hardware Specifications – More RAM Recommended• New or Temporary Hardware – No In Place Upgrade
    • 21. What should I stop doing?• Deprecated Features• Improved Capabilities
    • 22. Deprecated Features• Document Workspaces• Meeting Workspaces• Group Work sites• Web Analytics• Search RSS• SharePoint Workspace
    • 23. Improved Capabilities• Social – Community Sites – SkyDrive Pro (aka MySites) – Microblogging• Mobile – Device Channels – Location – Office Web Apps• Licensing – No “For Internet” Licenses Needed – Per-User Editions
    • 24. Summary• What’s so great about SharePoint 2013? – Search – Pages & Publishing – Custom Development – eDiscovery – Social• What should I do now? – Review Information Architecture – Understand Claims Authentication – Plan Infrastructure• What should I stop doing? – Deprecated Features – Improved Capabilities
    • 25. Questions