The Great War: A Prelude Notes


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The Great War: A Prelude Notes

  1. 1. The Great War A Prelude
  2. 2. What do you think of when you hear the word war? Think/Pair/Share ● Take a minute to write down all the things that come to mind from that question. ● Then, with someone sitting next to you, share what you came up with. What was similar and what was different. ● Finally, share with the class what you came up with.
  3. 3. What was the cost of the Great War? ● Overall (Counting the War itself and the Russian Revolution) there were 24 million dead ● If you count the Spanish Flu that followed, which was likely contracted by those at the front and carried back home, you can add another 50-100 million dead ● What caused so many people to die?
  4. 4. First Cause: The “ism’s” ● Militarism ○ Naval arms race between Great Britain and Germany ○ The H.M.S. Dreadnaught ■ All big gun ship ■ Made all other ships obsolete ■ Allowed countries like Germany to
  5. 5. First Cause: The “ism’s” ● Imperialism ○ Empire building ■ Scarcity ● a finite amount of land for many different empires ○ The European powers were going to come into conflict over the land
  6. 6. First Cause: The “ism’s” ● Nationalism ○ a feeling that people have of being loyal and proud of their country often with the belief that it is better and more important than other countries
  7. 7. Third Cause: Alliances Triple Alliance: ● Germany ● Austria-Hungary ● Italy Triple Entente ● Great Britain ● France ● Russia
  8. 8. Third Cause: A Misunderstanding of War “Wars are short” ● Franco-Prussian War ○ 1870-1871 ○ French Loss of Alsace-Lorraine ● Russo-Japanese War ○ 1904-1905
  9. 9. The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Archduke Franz Ferdinand Sunday, June 28, 1914 ● ● The Archduke was riding through Sarajevo. A Serbian Nationalist group called The Black Hand wanted Franz Ferdinand dead ○ Gavrilo Princip ● Was a representative of the Austrian government Went through a botched attempt early allowing the royals to escape ○ After the royal family took a wrong turn and had to back up, Gavrilo Princip shot both the Archduke and his wife
  10. 10. The Alliance System Comes into Play ● Austria-Hungary uses Princip’s ties to Black Hand, the Serbian Nationalist group, to blame Serbia for the assassination ○ Declares war on Serbia ● Russia, who sees Serbia and the other Balkan states as under its protection, declares war on Austria-Hungary ● The Triple Alliance is called in and Germany Declares war on Russia ○ Russia in turn declares war on Germany ● The Triple Entente is called in and France declares war on Germany and A-H ○ Germany in turn declares war on France ● Germany invades Belgium and Great Britain declares war on Germany and A-H, and vice versa