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Jonathan's product work log

  1. 1. Jonathan Haynes3-23-12British LiteratureMs. Tillery Product Work LogMonday, 11/7/11 Activity: I began drawing on Comment/Suggestions:4:30-5:30 paper what I want the atv lift to look like. Commentary: Really the only problem I ran into in this stage was drawing the lift at the correct scale. Drew multiple views of the stand.Total time: 1 hr.
  2. 2. Wednesday, Activity: I finished drawing the Comment/Suggestions:12/14/11 lift on paper, and began designing7:30-8:15 AM it on Autodesk Inventor with the help of Ms. Salas. Commentary: The only problem I ran into was figuring out how detailed I can make the design on Inventor. Designed the base of the frame.Total time: 45mins.
  3. 3. Thursday, Activity: Continued to design on Comment/Suggestions:12/15/11 inventor. Began working on7:30-8:15 AM designing ramps. Commentary: I ran into problems with how the ramps will be incorporated, I decided to have the ramps be removable. Designed frame and ramps.Total time: 45mins.
  4. 4. Friday, 12/16/11 Activity: Designed the lift system Comment/Suggestions:7:45-8:15 AM on inventor and finished the rest of the design. Commentary: Decided to only have 2 means of lifting rather than 3. Drew up jacks and lift 4x4’s on Inventor.Total time: 30mins.
  5. 5. Saturday, 1/21/12 Activity: Went to Home Depot Comment/Suggestions:11:00-1:00 PM and Northern Tool and bought all the material needed for roughly $332.00. I also built the base of the frame. Commentary: I ended up having to use less screws then planed in the frame, but still enough to keep structural integrity. I bought screws, plywood, 4x4’s, 2x10’s, bottle jacks, and a swivel jack.Total time: 2 hrs.
  6. 6. Saturday, 1/21/12 Activity: I cut all the vertical Comment/Suggestions:6:15-8:00 PM supports for the lift, as well as most of the rest of the frame. Commentary: Came to the conclusion that I could have used 2x4’s for some parts of the frame in place of 4x4’s which would have cut down on weight, but I ended up not doing it. Screwed all the vertical supports to the upper base.Total time: 1 hr 45mins.
  7. 7. Sunday, 1/22/12 Activity: I screwed together the Comment/Suggestions:1:45-5:15 PM vertical supports to the base of the lift. I also installed the caster wheels. Commentary: Ran into problem with not having enough clearance for the casters to swivel so I had to cut wood out to lock the casters in place.Total time: 3hrs 30mins.
  8. 8. Wednesday, Activity: I cut out the plywood for Comment/Suggestions:1/25/12 the base of the stand and got it in4:30-6:15 PM place to be screwed down. Commentary: This was a pretty smooth day, I didn’t run into any problems. Cut notches out of the corners of the plywood to fit around the frame 4x4’s.Total time: 1hr 45mins.
  9. 9. Friday, 1/27/12 Activity: I secured the rest of the Comment/Suggestions:5:15-6:45 PM frame to the base, and added 2 center supports. Commentary: I had to use leg bolts on the end of the stand with the casters to take on the extra weight of the stand when being moved. Screwed down the frame to the existing base.Total time: 1hr 30mins.
  10. 10. Saturday, 1/28/12 Activity: I began to work out how Comment/Suggestions:11:30-12:00 PM the lift system will work. Commentary: Decided to have “doors” under the jacks so that when the jacks/lift isn’t in use I will be able to lower the lift 4x4 to be flush with the stand and be out of the way.Total time: 30mins.
  11. 11. Sunday, 1/29/12 Activity: Got the plywood for the Comment/Suggestions:2:30-6:15 PM top of the stand tacked down. As well as got the center jack ready and the wheel/lifter that I will use to lift the stand to move it. Commentary: Ran into little problem with plywood fitting up correctly because the stand wasn’t perfectly square. Cut holes out of plywood for the lift 4x4’s.Total time: 3 hrs 45mins.
  12. 12. Monday, 1/30/12 Activity: Had to remount the Comment/Suggestions:5:30-6:30 PM wheel that lifted the stand. Commentary: The wheel didn’t have enough clearance to rotate so I had to mount it further out. I mounted a 2x10 to the existing 2x10, than had to mount 2 2x4’s to that to make the lift stick out further.Total time: 1 hr.
  13. 13. Wednesday, Activity: Finished up the center Comment/Suggestions:2/1/12 6:00-7:15 jack by building the “door” andPM making a place to hold the jack in place. Commentary: The jack would rest on the “door”, when the lift 4x4 needed to be out of the way, you would move the jack, and open the door, which the 4x4 would drop into.Total time: 1 hr 15mins.
  14. 14. Saturday, 2/4/12 Activity: Started the front lift and Comment/Suggestions:11:40-2:00 PM also cut the boards to fill in the gaps when riding my quad onto the lift. Commentary: It was difficult starting the front lift because it needed to be as close to in-line with the center jack as possible. Built the base that the front jack would rest on.Total time: 2 hrs 20mins.
  15. 15. Sunday, 2/5/12 Activity: Cut the ramps to length Comment/Suggestions:5:00-6:30 PM and fixed up how they are going to latch onto the stand when in use. Commentary: Ran into problem with ramps possibly not being strong enough were they latch onto the stand. Also stuck sand paper to ramps for added traction.Total time: 1 hr 30mins.
  16. 16. Friday, 2/17/12 Activity: Finished up the front Comment/Suggestions:5:00-7:00 PM jack, including its “door” for when the lift is not in use. Commentary: Door didn’t want to line up perfectly cause of being un-square. Cut out of plywood the shape of the jack to hold it in place.Total time: 2 hrs.
  17. 17. Monday, 2/20/12 Activity: Installed metal L Comment/Suggestions:1:20-2:50 PM brackets on the ramps to fix problem of them not being strong enough. Finished the front lift and got the blocks done that will stop the four wheeler when rode on the ramp. Commentary: Had a hard time getting the jack and 4x4 to fit up while still being straight up and down. Cut out the notch in 4x4 for front lift that the frame of my quad will rest on.Total time: 1 hr 30mins.
  18. 18. Tuesday, 2/21/12 Activity: Finished the lift. Cut and Comment/Suggestions:11:30-4:00 PM screwed down the corner pieces to make it more stable. Made a fold- out step. Commentary: Little problem with the step, trying to make it come out far enough and also be able to fold back up without having to alter the corner pieces too much. Cut corner pieces to strengthen the frame.Total time: 4 hrs 30mins.