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Rheingold quote slides

  1. 1. People who think ofthemselves as capable ofcreating as well asconsuming are differentkinds of citizens, and ourcollective actions add up toa different kind of society.Knowledge, power,advantage, companionship,and influence lie with thosewho know how toparticipate, not justpassively consume culture.
  2. 2. Learning to participate effectively online is a matter ofmindset and practice– and the payoff can be big… Done mindfully, digital participation helps build a more democratic, more diverse culture. Howard Rheingold
  3. 3. “The heuristic for crap detection is to make skepticismyour default. Don’t refuse to believe; refuse to start outbelieving.” Howard Rheingold
  4. 4. One of the side effectsor what we callcollateral learning forkids who do engage ingeeked out, interestdriven activities is thatwhen start engaging inknowledge or mediaproduction, you tend todevelop a much moresophisticatedunderstanding of howknowledge and media isproduced moregenerally.Mimi Ito quoted inRheingold
  5. 5. “What can you do? has beenreplaced with What can you andyour network connections do?Knowledge itself is moving from theindividual to the individual and hiscontacts.” --Jay Cross, Informal Learningquoted in Rheingold Net Smart
  6. 6. “The most importantcriteria for getting helpis helping somebodyelse. If you want helpin the future, helpsomebody now. Pay itforward. We have haddata on that.”Wellman, Networkedquoted inRheingold, Net Smart
  7. 7. We use social media inthe classroom not becauseour students use it, butbecause we are afraid thatsocial media might beusing them– that they areusing social mediablindly, withoutrecognition of the newchallenges andopportunities they mightcreate. MichaelWesch, quoted inRheingold’s Net Smart
  8. 8. When it comes to interacting withthe world of always-oninformation, the fundamentalskill, on which other essential skillsdepend, is the ability to deal withdistraction without filtering outopportunity. HowardRheingold, Net Smart
  9. 9. An antidote to our epidemic distraction lies in aset of astonishing discoveries: attention can beunderstood, strengthened, and taught.If focus skills can be groomed, the important nextquestion is whether, and how, attention should beintegrated into education. Maggie Jackson, author of Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and theComing Dark Age, quoted in Rheingold Net Smart
  10. 10. “All people and media are available all the time, and in all places, but relatively few people appear to use the ubiquitous informational access and social connectivity politely and productively.”Rheingold, Net Smart, p. 36
  11. 11. The war ondistraction can gotoo far for your owngood– Distraction isa real issue, butdwelling exclusivelyon its dark side canbe a form ofselective inattention. Rheingold, Net Smart
  12. 12. The meaning of unproductive, like distraction, requires both contextand a firm idea of one’s goals. If your aim is to produce a certainamount of external output, as opposed to the more internal production flearning), then the invitations to serendipity, play, and digression thatdigital media offer are obstacles and dangers. If your aspiration is tolearn, help build community, and explore, then the issue gets morecomplicated. Rheingold, Net Smart
  13. 13. Knowing how toblog, tweet, wiki, search, innovate, program, and/or organize online can leadto political, cultural, and economicvalue.”Howard Rheingold, Net Smart
  14. 14. Used mindfully, how can digital mediahelp us grow smarter? My years of studyand experience have led me to concludethat humans are humans because weinvent thinking and communicating toolsthat enable us to do bigger, more powerfulthings together.Howard Rheingold, Net Smart