Advanced Social Media Tactics For Search Engine Optimization (SMX Stockholm 2012) - Genero


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A presentation about "Advanced Social Media Tactics For Search Engine Optimization", basically telling how to use Facebook fans (or any other big audience) for building content on your website and links to your website for a big SEO-boost.

Presented by Jonathan Björkskog, Genero.

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Advanced Social Media Tactics For Search Engine Optimization (SMX Stockholm 2012) - Genero

  1. 1. Mar 24, 2012 AdvancedSocialMediaTactics A hands-on campaign idea
  2. 2. Me JonathanBjörkskog Partner and head of search at Genero. Genero A digital agency helping clients to become the leader in their area by using mostly digital medias. A Nordic agency working on the Finnish and Swedish markets this far. 21 doers, based in Helsinki.
  3. 3. Mar 24, 2012 CombineSocialMediaandSEO
  4. 4. Firstsomebasics SocialmediaisnotreplacingSEO Both are good in their own way. Alwaysworkwiththewebsiteasthebase Everything made in social media should be made on the base.
  5. 5. Firstsomebasics Buildsocialmediacampaignsthatwillbenefityouforalong time Not just the typical two week campaign that then is forgotten. SocialsharesareNOTreplacingreallinks Even if people might be telling you so. Both are good in their own way though.
  6. 6. Mar 24, 2012 Whatifwecould UseSocialMediaforgettingREAL links?
  7. 7. TheIdeaforacombinedcampaign Couldweusefansforcontentcreationandlinkbuilding? In my opinion, absolutely. Butsomethingsareneeded… • Control over the SEO part. • Control over the tech part. • Controlover the social media part. • Control over the content creation part. • A LOT of trust from the client.
  8. 8. Thecampaignidea 1.Growabigaudience. On Facebook. That’s where the people are now. Do you already have fans? Congratulations,you can skip this step! 2.Lettheaudiencecreatecontentandlinksforwinningprices. The idea is that the content with most likes wins things now and then. 3.Getaccesstounlimited storiesforkeepingfansengaged. You might be able to run this for a long time.
  9. 9. Visually Facebook (Your audience) Your site Forums Blogs Niche websites 1. Audience creates content 2. Audience shares their content 3. You get REAL links AND social shares Social medias
  10. 10. Step1–Growtheaudience Thisistheeasypart… -Createcompetitionsforfans,withbigenough,relevantprizes. -BuyFacebookadsandtargettherelevantgroupsofpeople. Invest in getting some fans, you will need them later, and even if it does not pay off now, it will soon. Do what works for you, competitions and giveaways works in the most niches.
  11. 11. Step2–“Use”thefans Thisisthefunpart… Makeanewcompetition,wherefansshouldcreatecontentin yourFacebookapp-tabforwinningprizes. Users creates “stories” on your facebookpage app, stories that automatically ends up as content on your website. The “story” with most likes (or votes) every month wins prizes.
  12. 12. Step3–Seethecontentandlinks rollingin Now,THISisthereallyfunpart… Engagedfanswilldoeverything forwinning. They will blog about their content, they will post links to their content in forums, they will get every friend to like and share their content. Not everyone will do that. But a lot will. Think about how much more time your armada of followers have for spreading the word than you!
  13. 13. Mar 24, 2012 Oh,soundsgood, let´stakealookata casestudy
  14. 14. Case:DogandcatfoodinFinland IguessmostofyouarenotworkinginFinlandanyway…
  15. 15. Step1,buildingaudience Theaudiencewerebuiltthroughcompetitions,giveawaysanda charityChristmascampaign. Achieved~30-40000fans.
  16. 16. Itsays:“Likeusandgetafreepiece ofdog-food”,foryouthatarenot fluentinFinnish.. Bonus.Collectemail-addressesfornewsletterafterlikingthepageaswell
  17. 17. Step2,Activatingtheaudience Throughanappwherethefansshouldtellastoryabouthow theirowndoglikedthiskindoffood.Thestorywithmostlikes everymonthgota200€giftcard. Theaudiencewasactivatedthroughwallposts,Facebookads andGoogledisplayads.
  18. 18. Step2,Activatingtheaudience Whatthefansneededtodotoparticipate: • Choosethebreedofthedog. • Uploadaphotooftheirdog,writeatitleandthestory. • Acceptthattheircontentappearsinthecompany’smarketing,andsubmit.
  19. 19. Dog name Breed Story Picture Accept Submit Collectwhatyou need,butnotmore. Morefields higherbounce rate,lessfields lessdata. Keepagoodbalance thatsuitsyour targetgroup.
  20. 20. Thefirstmonth… Thewinningstory got691likeson Facebook. Textlengthin storieswasoften ~300words.
  21. 21. Anothermonth… Thewinningstory got251likeson Facebook. Textlengthin storieswasoften ~300words.
  22. 22. Anothermonth… Thewinningstory got357likeson Facebook. Textlengthin storieswasoften ~300words.
  23. 23. Stories,stories,stories
  24. 24. Mar 24, 2012 Salesincreased,thiswasalreadya goodSOCIALMEDIAcampaign. Butthat’snottheend. WearestillonSEARCHmarketingexpo..
  25. 25. TheSEOeffects Remember thecategorizationper breed? Allbreedsgettheirownpage(url)withmostly userandautogeneratedcontent. Whenanyonesearchingforhowtofeed almostanybreed,thesepagesareappearing infirstpageinGoogle
  26. 26. Example
  27. 27. TheSEOeffects Remember whentalkingaboutpeoplesharingtheirstories? (Domains linkingtothe site)
  28. 28. Thelinksflow Category page A storyForums Blogs Niche websites Social medias A story A story Category page Frontpage, brand
  29. 29. Howtocontinue? Thereisnotreallyanend. Growthe“breed”pages.Onemonth,haveaphotocompetition.Anothermonth,have peopletellingwhattheirdoglikestoplaywith.Andsoon… Themostcommonbreedswillnaturallygetthemostcontentandwillbecomethe strongest. ThebreedpagescontainsEXACTLYwhatasearcherislookingfor,REALtestimonials. Finally,thebreedpageswillprobablyrankforalmostanythingthatincludesthat breed.
  30. 30. Otherbonuses? Yep! 1. Wenowuseusergeneratedstoriesasprintedproducttexton packaging. 2. WehavealotofstoriestopostonFacebook,tokeepfans engaged. 3. Storiesnowcomesalmostnaturallywithlessandlessadvertising everymonth. 4. Whenwehaveeverythingweneedaboutabreed,wecaneasilychange thecategorization.
  31. 31. Campaignslikethis Therealsocialpartismissingwhenusershavenotmadethelikeablecontentthemselves.Therefore theygetlessengagementandlessuserpromotion.
  32. 32. Ifyouwanttodothis Makeupagoodwayofcategorizingthecontentyouget. Youdonotwant10000uncategorizedstories. Makesureyouareabletohandlethetech-partyourself,orgetareallytrustedpartner. KeeptheformsonFacebook.Peopledoesnotspamasmuchtherewhentheyareinitwith theirownname. Havepatience.Buildinganaudiencetakestime,codingtakestime,rankingtakestime. Afraidoflowqualitycontent?Useasubdomainoraseparatedomainforbeing100% suretoavoidPandakillingyourmainsite.
  33. 33. Somelastwords Iwouldliketoseesomeonedothisinmorecompetitivenicheslike gambling,travellingandfore-commerce. ConsiderhavingafallbackvotingsystemforthedaywhenFacebookknocksyourdoorand bansyourvote-by-liking. Choosevotingsystembasedontargetgroup.(Facebooklikebuttonsareeasytotrickfor tech-savvy-people) Don’tyouhavefans,orareyouinanichewherefansareimpossibletoget?Trythesame withemail-listsoronlyAdWords.
  34. 34. Thankyou! Questions?Askwhateverduringtheday. Wanttodothis?Applyforworkingwithus.