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An introduction to µBlogging


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This talk was presented to Manchester Free Software, explaining very loosely what the differences are between various µBlogging platforms. …

This talk was presented to Manchester Free Software, explaining very loosely what the differences are between various µBlogging platforms.

This talk was recorded and is available at

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  • 1. Introducing µ Blogging By Jon ”The Nice Guy” Spriggs, OpenMicroBlogging, Laconica, JaikuEngine and even... Twitter!
  • 2. Who am I?
    • My name is Jon.
    • 3. I'm a Southerner.
    • 4. This is not my day job.
    • 5. I'm an enthusiast for all things Free & Open.
    • 6. But most of all, I'm a GNU/ Linux nut.
  • 7. So, what is µBlogging
    • Short messages, like SMS, but on a web page.
    • 8. You ”follow” or subscribe to someone's updates.
    • 9. They become your ”follower” and subscribe to yours.
    • 10. It's a managable chunk of information.
    • 11. You end up with a ”life stream”.
  • 12. µBlog Conventions – Other People
    • If you put @ then a follower's name in the text, the text @SomeOne is a link pointing to the person.
    • 13. On some platforms, a ”reply” is classed as an update where @SomeOne is at the beginning *.
    • 14. On others, a ”reply” occurs wherever @SomeOne is in the text. You may also tag friends and then use the tags to address a group of friends with @#TagName.
    • 15. You can send a private message from all platforms by prefixing your message with D PersonName.
  • 16. µBlog Conventions - Tags
    • Best known is the ”hash tag”.
    • 17. The hash (#) tag is derived from use on IRC.
    • 18. They are picked by you, but may be recommended by an event organiser for tracking purposes.
    • 19. On some platforms, the hash tag automatically links to a list of all updates with the hash tag.
    • 20. You have to search for updates in the public timeline with updates which have that tag.
  • 21. µBlog Conventions - Group
    • On Laconica, you can use a ”bang”, ”pling”, ”exclamation” tag, which is the ! symbol.
    • 22. The bang tag is used to address opt-in groups of people with similar interests.
    • 23. Anyone in the group will get all the updates which contain the tag.
    • 24. Again, the tag will link to a page of updates which contain that tag – you don't need to follow people who are in the group, it's like following the tag.
  • 25. µBlog Conventions - Conversations
    • Different platforms handle conversations differently.
    • 26. Some platforms just show a link to the person you're replying to and their last update before your reply.
    • 27. Some platforms will only show the ”reply” when it's definitely in reply to an update
    • 28. Some platforms start a conversation after every update. Replies show only on that initial update.
    • 29. Some platforms don't appear to have been engineered to have a conversation on the system.
  • 30. µBlog Systems Via
  • 31. µBlog Systems
  • 36. How can you use µBlogs?
    • Tell everyone about your dinner plans
    • 37. Broadcast an RSS feed to subscribers
    • 38. Develop communities
    • 39. Slow, searchable, public IRC-like system
    • 40. Announce news
    • 41. Converse about subjects you're interested in
    • 42. ” Back-channel” at events
  • 43. How can I get involved?
    • In the server sphere – get involved in the software development of AGPL licensed or ASL licensed JaikuEngine.
    • 44. From the client side – make sure if you're developing a microblogging application, you know about how the services work, so you can consider including them.
  • 45. How can I get involved?
    • As a developer – consider using Microblogging when talking about the project
    • 46. As a user – give microblogging a try – it doesn't really matter which platform you're on, just bear in mind that some platforms are more open than others
  • 47. Any Questions?