Self Employed or Business owner


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This i a presentation given to a netLinked group charting the journey from being self employed to a true business owner. The presentation looks at the journey you will take and outlines some of thekey steps that you will need to follow.

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Self Employed or Business owner

  1. 1. Self Employed or Business owner? Presenter: Jon Peterman
  2. 2. Agenda• Self employed or business owner?• In or On• Can my business run under management• The value of KPIs• Get the big picture• Wrap up and Questions
  3. 3. Jon Peterman ICON Business Solutions Advisor Previous Experience• Engineering project manager.• Production operations manager.• Operations / Project manager China manufacturing.• General manager Photo processing laboratory.• European Supply chain manager• Transformation project leader.• Europe Africa & middle East Operations Manager• Investment property business owner.A wide background of business experience taking in start up shutdown and having had the pleasure of working alongside peoplewith diverse experiences and from numerous culturalbackgrounds.
  4. 4. Employee to investor E mployee B usiness owner S elf I nvestor employed “ IN ” “ ON ”
  5. 5. Self Employed… is tied to the business, is busyworking in it and find it hard to orsimply can not step out of the businessfor more than a couple of days- maybe a week.- Business relies on the owner/s“The purpose of your business is toserve your life, not for you to serve your business”
  6. 6. Business Owner?...a true business owner can happilywalk away from their business forat least three months and knowthey will have a profitable businesswhen they return!
  7. 7. Basic buildingblocks The Averageof business Business ? Ownership Ownership __ % Sets strategic direction Manage Managing __ % Market Sell Produce Human Accounting Resources __% __% __ % __% __% Marketing Sell Produce Human Accounting Resources
  8. 8. Vision So what were your goals when you started ? • Personal? • Financial? • Business? Setting and achieving goals, turn dreams into reality! “Short term obstacles are what you get when you don’t have clear long term goals” - Jim Rohn
  9. 9. Strategy Can my business run under management? Market Sell Produce Human Accounting Resources (Level 3 activities) Before you can remove yourself from each of these areas, you need to go through the following process … STEP 1. Work out which specific roles you perform in each of these areas. STEP 2. Work out what % of time you spend in each. STEP 3. Put a system in place. STEP 4. Employ someone or outsource. STEP 5. Put reporting systems & KPI’s in place so you can manage and monitor each task.
  10. 10. Key Performance Indicators
  11. 11. What do you and yourbusiness really do?
  12. 12. Three Vital Steps To Growing Your Business Seminar Thursday 19th April 2012 5.30pm Raglan Hotel Muswell Hill