Members' Meeting July 2013


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Presentation at our Members' Meeting July 2013 including Salford Innovation Park, Port Salford and the University of Salford's Centre for Social Business.

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  • Hello everyone. Welcome to this presentation about The Peel Group.
  • Our future The Peel Group is a dynamic and fast-paced organisation. We deliver in partnership through a proactive, entrepreneurial approach, with a vast range of private, public and community partners. The needs of our millions of customers will always be at the heart of what we do. Determination. Perseverance. Patience.
  • Members' Meeting July 2013

    1. 1. Salford Innovation Park
    2. 2. Gemma Hargreaves & Kim Newton - MSP Iain Taylor - Peel Holdings Colin McCallum - University of Salford Business Group update
    3. 3. Salford Innovation Park
    4. 4. • Flexible work space – Hot desks – All inclusive offer – Create your own space! – Well designed break out areas
    5. 5. • Business community centre – Regular events and networking opportunities – Recent events include ‘Brand Building on a Budget’ and ‘Protect your Data’ • Meeting and conference rooms available to hire
    6. 6. • Good transport links and on site parking • 24/7 security • Close to University of Salford • Working relationship – get linked in with the university • Close to Media City and Manchester City Centre
    7. 7. • Salford Jelly – Free to attend every Thursday – Co working space – Meet new people, get new ideas
    8. 8. July 25, 2013 Investing for tomorrow The Business Group Salford Iain Taylor
    9. 9. Port Salford – Original Scheme
    10. 10. Port Salford – Terminal Infrastructure 11
    11. 11. Port Salford – Part WGIS, 50% Warehouse, Terminal
    12. 12. Port Salford – Full Phase 1
    13. 13. Port Salford – Full Phase 1, WGIS
    14. 14. Centre for Social Business Presented by Colin McCallum Executive Director, University Advancement
    15. 15. Building Social Business Summit May 2013
    16. 16. Building Social Business Summit May 2013
    17. 17. Building Social Business Summit May 2013
    18. 18. Centre for Social Business Advisory Board
    19. 19. This is an example of a picture slide, impact statement to go here. This is an example of a picture slide. The 7 Principles of Social Business 1. The business objective will be to overcome poverty, or one or more problems (such as education, health, technology access, and environment) which threaten people and society; not just profit maximization. 2. Financial and economic sustainability. 3. Investors get back their investment amount only. No dividend is given beyond investment money. 4. When the investment amount is paid back, company profit stays with the company for expansion and improvement. 5. Every social business is environmentally conscious. 6. The workforce gets a market wage with better working conditions. 7. it with joy. Social business is about making the world a better place.
    20. 20. The Centre for Social Business promotes research and consultancy in areas such as microfinance, community issues, social housing, sustainable design, corporate social responsibility and business ethics
    21. 21. The Centre also aims to focus upon social business activity within the City of Salford: - contributing to its development and drawing from the skills that exist within Salford to provide academic qualifications in social business, tailored executive training in social business, underpinned by a thriving research community examining social business.
    22. 22. “A structure that harnesses the energy of profit-making to the objective of fulfilling human needs, social business creates self-supporting, viable commercial enterprises that generate economic growth even as they produce goods and services that make the world a better place”.
    23. 23. Work with local social enterprises to identify their needs from infrastructure and develop a model for a sustainable and self funding peer network and infrastructure support. A ‘Social enterprise’ is a third sector organisation which has a wider accountability to the community and the public via a board of trustees or a membership and where all profits will be reinvested in their social purpose. Transforming Local Infrastructure (TLI) is money from the Office for Civic Society, administered by the Big Fund. TLI aims to produce short term funding (over 18 months from April 2012) to transform infrastructure activities so that they are more sustainable and less dependent on support from central government.
    24. 24. Analysis and mapping of current provision 103 social enterprises, 12 business support providers, 38 businesses and academic partners. Survey and online presence
    25. 25. An active and trusted network Clear aims Strong volunteer board/steering committee with representation from respected SEs, local businesses, university, college Must reflect Salford’s social economy Dedicated web presence
    26. 26. Signposting Marketing Legal Advice Networking Business Planning Finance/Funding Staff Recruitment/Training Export, tendering, mentoring
    27. 27. The Business Group Salford: Established in 1999. Almost 1000 members throughout every ward in Salford and the surrounding areas Sole Traders, Ltd Companies, Partnerships, Charities, Community Organisations, Co-operatives, Social Enterprises, Public Sector, Further Education Institutions, PLCs Reiki for pets, laughter yoga, belly-dancers Green energy, robotics, precision manufacturing Turnover from £3k - £0.5bn
    28. 28. Supporting local businesses: - News/Funding/Events Business of the Month Website Newsletter Networking Sign-posting
    29. 29. Events: Social Enterprise Forum - 29th August/3rd September Summer Social – 12th September Members’ Meeting - 26th September Seminars October - April
    30. 30. DEPICT Students/Graduates Business Brokerage Social Enterprise ELIEMental Community Enterprise in Broughton
    31. 31. Spark Studio Partners:
    32. 32. Funding Sponsorship/Advertising/Upgraded directory listing Donate: Volunteer – Mentors and business advisors