CSBG Members' Meeting Presentation June 09 incl. CS URC, UoS, ECf


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  • The Salford Student Life Award is a new opportunity for students at the University of Salford to fulfill their career potential.
  • In today’s competitive job market, employers are looking for those graduates who have acquired knowledge and skills through their degree programme, and who have gained a range of employability skills through work experience, voluntary and other activities which encourage personal development.
  • By recognising their involvement in extra-curricula activities the Award will promote the importance of developing the necessary skills to succeed in the world of work on graduation.
  • The Award is a framework for students’ to supply evidence of how they have developed skills and widened their experience over the course of the programme. The compulsory elements ensure that students have identify areas for improvement, develop a good CV and a covering letter and are confident at presentations. The Supporting Activities elements enable that skills development to take place through their attendance at employability workshops and relevant training sessions. The Active Engagement element ensures that they have their involvement in extra-curricula activity recognised and rewarded. This element also forms the content for the Presentation Task which will be a reflection on the skills and experience gained from these activities
  • The University of Salford is keen to gain local business support for this new venture. We would like local businesses to promote the importance of developing employability skills, to be the voice of reality in regard to what employers want from graduates and to work alongside Award staff to ensure quality of delivery and appropriateness of provision for all students taking part.
  • We feel that the relationship has to be reciprocal and therefore we will be happy to promote the local businesses involved by placing logos on our publicity and providing a profile within the University community. It is envisaged that the links developed through the first Award year will be strengthened and that local business involvement will grow as time goes on.
  • Developing links between the University and local business is tantamount to the success of the Student Life Award. It should provide a positive experience for all those involved and will help us all to develop both as people and as professionals.
  • Central Salford is a not-for-profit private limited company, established in 2006 by Salford City Council, the NWDA and English Partnerships (now the HCA) to bring about the transformation of Central Salford over the next 15-20 years
  • Central Salford acts as a facilitator, working closely with the public and private sector to ensure the investment in Central Salford delivers the maximum benefits for the people who are living and working here. For every £1 or public sector money invested Central Salford attracts £10 of private sector investment into the area We have a target of achieving £4 billion of private sector investment by 2020. Over half of this amount is already committed and with the help and support of all our partners, especially our local communities and their representatives, we are confident that Central Salford will realise the scale of the ambition to which we have all signed up.
  • The Central Salford area encompasses 2000ha and 72,000 people ands covers Ordsall, Broughton, Irwell Riverside, Seedley, Langworthy, Kersal, Claremont and Weaste We can’t do everything, everywhere so to guide our efforts we have a Vision and Regeneration Framework which w as the direct result of extensive consultation with communities throughout Central Salford. The Vision focuses on 4 priority areas: Chapel Street and The Crescent Pendleton The Quays and Waterfront The River Irwell Corridor It is about much more than just bricks and mortar – it is about the social, economic, physical and environmental regeneration of the City. To make Central Salford Beautiful, Vibrant, Prosperous
  • SCC committed to partnership working on a neighbourhood level Last 10 years have seen huge improvements in neighbourhood management throughout the city Recognition that further improvement to services is necessary to tackle particular issues We all know that issues such as high levels of car crime, overgrown and poorly maintained green spaces, fly tipping etc has an obvious negative effect on people’s lives locally Poor state of an area also ,means it becomes a breeding ground for high levels of ASB and more serious incidences of criminal behaviour At same time it has an adverse affect on investor confidence despite the area’s proximity to salford quays and media city
  • So working with our partners the URC to introduce a series of strategic environmental improvements. These are happening on 3 levels: Lowest level – neighbourhood improvement programme. Tactical small scale interventions that provide environmental improvements to an area. These also produce social benefits as well. Next level – green streets programme Final level – gateway projects
  • What does this mean in practice Central Salford is probably the only URC with a Director of Community Regeneration dedicated to ensuring that growing prosperity makes a real difference for local people. The ‘Spotlight’ programme is designed to deliver just that. Spotlight addresses the way in which public services deal with unemployment and day to day issues like crime and the environment, whilst fundamentally changing the system for the better in the long term. Spotlight was successfully developed and trialled in 2007/8 and it has already delivered some significant reforms in the way services are delivered locally, and in the role of local people in holding services to account. The Safe, Clean and Green agenda is just one of the positive outcomes of this process Established a co-located team Co-located team – getting partners resources to where they are needed most Enables a more objective basis of local prioritisation of necessary works Established the clean and green team
  • Open space audit carried out by Groundwork
  • Impact on local people
  • Community example 2 Add a couple more slides as we get more images and examples
  • CSBG Members' Meeting Presentation June 09 incl. CS URC, UoS, ECf

    1. 1. Phil Mayall – English Cities Fund  Suzanne Etheridge – University of Salford  Linda Oakes – Salford Hundred Venture  Christine Parker & Christine Smith ­ University of Salford  Jonathan Drake – Central Salford URC  Business Group, events etc.  Salford Business Awards 2009
    2. 2. Aim of the award  •  to encourage students to participate fully  in a wide range of extra­curricula activities  as well as their academic work.  •  to provide ‘added value’ to the student  experience and evidence this to potential  employers.
    3. 3. What is it?  •  an achievement award designed to  enhance curricula and extra­curricula  activities related to employability,  enterprise and personal development.  •  it is about raising the profile and calibre  of our graduates into prepared and  engaged global citizens.
    4. 4. How does it work?  Nov  Nov Compulsory Elements  Skills  Targeted CV  Presentation  assessment  and job  task  and action  search task  plan  Supporting Activities – attendance and reflection of skills development workshops  Active Engagement – involvement in wider community activity or work experience 
    5. 5. What local business can do for us  •  Guest speaking at workshops and events  •  Involvement on Presentation Panels  •  Sponsorship – (Your company Award) for  outstanding student of the Year.  •  Provide shadowing/work experience  opportunities  •  Bring new ideas to the table
    6. 6. What’s in it for local business?  •  Raise company profile of your organisation to  students, University staff and other businesses.  •  Promote your organisation as an employer of  choice for students  •  Receive appropriate support from University  staff with aspects of business (if required)  •  Forge a strong relationship with the University  (staff and students)
    7. 7. alford  tudents ign up to  uccess 
    8. 8. OUTLINE PLANNING APPLICATION Presentation to the Chapel Street Business Group  Thursday 18 June
    9. 9. background National planning Regional Salford UDP guidance and spatial strategy Emerging LDF statements Salford Central planning guidance Salford Central development framework ECf outline planning Applications application by others
    10. 10. background
    11. 11. application boundary
    12. 12. aerial photo
    13. 13. development framework masterplan
    14. 14. masterplan
    15. 15. application content Application area  . . . . . . . . . .  17.1 hectares  (42.2 acres)  floorspace includes:  ‘Active uses’  22,000 sqm  (235,000 sq ft)  Offices  195,000 sqm  (2,000,000 sq ft)  Hotel  370 rooms  Homes  764 apartments and town houses 
    16. 16. programme/ consultation •  Application to be submitted late July  •  People with a land interest notified by SCC  •  CSURC will also advise CSBG members  •  Three day viewing of plans during August  – details to follow  •  Consultation responses, positive and negative,  to be sent direct to SCC – details to follow 
    17. 17. OUTLINE PLANNING APPLICATION Presentation to the Chapel Street Business Group  Thursday 18 June
    19. 19. Fit for Work Service – what is it? l  Government funded (free to you and your employees)  l  Multi­agency initiative  l  Whole systems approach to management of sickness  absence  l  All physical or mental health problems  l  Model based on best research evidence
    20. 20. Fit for Work Service – why? l  Confederation of British Industry (CBI) found the direct  cost of sickness absence in 2007 was £13.2 billion –  around £517 per employee  l  They estimated indirect costs to be another £623 per  employee  l  How much do sickness absence, work instability and  presenteeism cost you?  à  We could help you save money!  l  Added value: attracts business and employees to Salford  à  We could help you make money!
    21. 21. Fit for Work Service targets:  Workers employed in SMEs in Salford and….  l  experiencing work instability and struggling to  stay at work (SAW)  or…  l  off sick, short or long term, aiming to return to  work (RTW)
    22. 22. Fit for Work Service includes: l  Self referral (ideally)  l  Worker – centred, personalised, holistic & integrated service  l  Systematic assessment of functional, physical, psychological and  cognitive work capacity  l  Rehabilitation  l  Case management & Stepped care  l  Vocational assessment, counselling & cognitive therapies  l  Supported return to work  l  Fitness and work conditioning programmes  l  Workplace and ergonomic assessment  l  Employer support & liaison  l  Educational initiatives  l  More………………..
    23. 23. Fit for Work Service ­ Partners l  Salford PCT  l  Salford Community Health  l  University of Salford  l  Salford City Council  l  Brain & Spinal Injury Trust (BASIC)  l  KMG Health Partners Ltd  l  Greater Manchester West MHT  l  Supported Employment Services  l  Skills and Work  l  Seamless Solutions
    24. 24. Phased Pilot proposed: l  Year 1  •  pilot project with Cohort 1 SMEs  •  Cohort 2 SMEs gather baseline data  l  Year 2  •  Evaluation of year 1  •  Continue service for Cohort 1, with adjustments as required  •  Extend project to Cohort 2  l  Year 3  •  Evaluation of year 2 and comparison with year 1  •  Development and implementation of a sustainable model of service to  both cohorts  (NB: at end of year 3 DWP will re­evaluate and may extend pilot if  indicated)
    25. 25. WHAT NEXT? l Initial thoughts?  l  Consultation: paper  questionnaire/ survey  online?  l  Focus group(s)?  l  Opting in?
    26. 26. Jonathan Drake  Senior Community Regeneration Manager
    27. 27. the critical relationship between  crime, environment, housing and  regeneration
    28. 28. Strategic Environmental Improvements Gateways  Green Streets  Neighbourhood environmental  improvements 
    29. 29. We don’t like to see all the rubbish  around the school so we feel happier  now because it looks much better.”  Byron Halliwell – St. Philips school  Council secretary (age 9)
    30. 30. “The clearing of the trees and overgrown area  near to Islington Mill has made a huge  difference to the look of the area,  I am sure  the residents appreciate the time and effort put  in to cleaning up their local environment.  “As the PCSO's for that area myself and Mick  patrol the area of Islington on a regular basis  and the ground cleared near to Islington Mill  was also being used for youths, from out of  the area, to congregate in the evenings where  they would sit and drink alcohol, which in turn  would lead to anti­social behaviour.  As this  area has been cleared this activity has  stopped.”  PCSO Jackie Erentz
    31. 31. Website:  Funding  News/Events  Business Directory  Salford City Radio
    32. 32. Business of the Month  www.cuckoodesign.com
    33. 33. Events  th  30  June – MediaCity:UK  John Holland, MediaCity director, University of Salford  Jason Legget, business development manager, Peel Media  Lynne McCadden, managing director, Northwest Vision and Media  July – CAMPUS/CSBG event  th  30  July – Speed Networking  Last Thursday of every month – Salford Business Support Drop­in & Ask  the Experts
    34. 34. SBA 2009  Business of the Year Award  Green Award  winner: ENER­G  winner: Kingsland Wines & Spirits  runners up: Cetus Solutions  runners up: Carbon Creative  Innovation Award  Community Award  winner: 2ergo  winner: Salford City Radio  runners up: ENER­G  runners up: The Angel Centre  Technology Award  Entrepreneur Award  winner: ENER­G  winner: Cetus Solutions  runners up: Lanes Assistance  runners up: kids Kapers  Services  International Trade Award  Excellence Award  winner: I&G Cohen  winner: Lowry Hotel  runners up: Allied Filter Systems runners up: Chatmoss Herbs 
    35. 35. CSBG  June to September – Temp. contract p/t admin. assistant  July/August – MBA Students  Restructure  Funding
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