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Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
Biovex Sanitizer
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Biovex Sanitizer


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. In Association with Desert Health are... Providing Products to Ensure Safe Hospital Environments
  • 2. History of Bio-Cide International
    • 32 years in business of providing anti-microbial solutions to industry needs worldwide.
    • Devoted to Product Research and Development of chlorine dioxide technologies and applications.
    • Oklahoma-based Company with university ties (University of Oklahoma) for research and validation efforts, as well as offering a central point of distribution.
    • Strong global presence based on proven products, a commitment to customer service, and technical expertise.
  • 3. Hospital Environments
    • Concerns:
    • Spread of infection (MRSA, VRE, HCV, and HIV)‏
    • Water quality-Legionella and bacteria (Potable Cold and Hot water)‏
    • Health of patients, visitors and staff
  • 4.
    • Colorless liquid, with a light odor
    • EPA Cat. III
    • Solution of oxychloro species, primarily sodium chlorite
    • Produces chlorine dioxide when activated
    The Solution:
  • 5. Benefits of Bio-Cide Products
    • Effective against MRSA and VRE
    • Potent, broad spectrum antimicrobial efficacy
    • No special disposal requirements
    • Innocuous residual by-product
    • Non-specific , oxidative mechanism
    • EPA, FDA, approved
    • Low corrosion potential
    © Bio-Cide International, 2005
  • 6. Benefits of Bio-Cide Products
    • Active over a broad pH range (1 to 10)
    • Minimal neutralization from organic load
    • Provides residual activity
    • Does not produce chloro-organic by-products
    • Very active against bio-films
    • Excellent deodorizor
    © Bio-Cide International, 2005
  • 7. Efficacy Data:
  • 8. Bio-Cide products are also effective on:
    • Salmonella, E. coli O157: H7, Listeria monocytogenes, Campylobacter jejuni, Alicyclobacillus, Legionella pneumophila, Vibrio cholera, Bacillus cereus, Lactobacillus, Clostridium botulinum, Aspergillus, Stachybotrus, Penicillium, Botrytis cinerea
    © Bio-Cide International, 2005
  • 9. Low Corrosion Potential
    • Michigan State
    • An Evaluation of the Corrosive potential of Oxine ® (100 PPM, Activated, pH 3)‏
    • SS, Al, PVC, Cu, and Brass
    • Rated from Outstanding to Good
  • 10.  
  • 11.
    • According to the CDC, up to 15 thousand persons contract Legionnaires’ Disease in the US each year.
    • Hospital-acquired Legionnaires Disease originates in hospital water systems.
    • Legionella not only persists in hot water tanks, it is found in the bio-film through the entire water distribution system.
    Legionella Control
  • 12. Legionella Control
    • Many unsuccessful measures (superheat-and-flush, copper/silver ionization, ultraviolet light, and hyper-chlorination) are directed at water distribution systems to try and reduce the risk of hospital-acquired Legionnaires’ disease.
    • Only Oxine ® provides immediate and long-term disinfection.
  • 13.
    • Oxine ® is EPA approved for both pretreatment and final disinfection of potable water.
    • Oxine ® removes noxious taste and odors as well as disinfectant byproduct precursors that can form THM’s.
    • Oxine ® provides lasting residual throughout the distribution system.
    • Oxine ® is ideal for hospital water systems, small water supplies, and cisterns.
    Water Quality
  • 14.
    • Other oxidizers react mostly on the surface of the bio-film to form an oxidized layer, like charring on wood.
    • Oxine ® penetrates bio-film by molecular diffusion.
    • Oxine ® is stable and soluble allowing it to travel to the base of the film where it attacks microorganisms and loosens bio-film at its point of attachment.
    Oxine ® “ is ” bio-film control
  • 15. Automated Activation and Application Equipment for use with Oxine ®
  • 16. © Bio-Cide International, 2006 Automated Activation and Application Equipment for use with Oxine ®
  • 17. AANE Automated Activation Non Electric
    • Designed as a convenient and simple way to activate Oxine ® .
    • A low cost system that eliminates the need for manual mixing and diluting.
    • Insures consistent activation every time.
    • No electricity or wiring required.
    • Reliable and proven in the field.
  • 18. © Bio-Cide International, 2005
  • 19. OLAS On-Line Activation System
    • Bio-Cide International Inc. developed the system in response to customer needs for non-electric on-line generation/activation of Oxine ® .
    • The unit was designed to be easily adjusted from very low concentrations, for applications such as water treatment, to very high for disinfection. In either case, it remains directly proportional to the volume of water entering the unit, regardless of variations in flow or pressure, which may occur in the water supply line.
  • 20. Benefits of OLAS
    • Compact design
    • Water powered, no electricity needed
    • Easy to maintain
    • Reliable performance
    • Adjustable and accurate concentration levels
    • Unaffected by changes in water pressure and flow
    • On-demand dispensing, eliminates waste
  • 21.  
  • 22. Surface Disinfectant
  • 23. What is BioVex ® ?
    • BioVex ® is a highly refined blend of oxy-chloro species containing purified sodium chlorite. When combined with it’s specially formulated activator BioVex has vast antimicrobial power with a NEUTRAL pH. Proven effective against MRSA,VRE,HIV,HCV as a broad-spectrum anti-microbial. This combined solution can then be used in spray bottles, mop buckets and many other application methods without the use of gloves, masks or other protective gear.
  • 24. BioVex ® is Effective and Safe
    • Kills on contact
    • Neutral pH
    • Effective against MRSA, VRE, HIV and HEP-C
    • Proven Kill-Rate of 99.9999%
    • Does not require a Potable rinse (spray & walk away)‏
    • EPA approved
    • Low Toxicity
    • Non-Caustic
  • 25. BioVex ® is Easy to Use
    • BioVex ® is an apply and walk away, Neutral pH application . No wiping is necessary. Disinfection is achieved by simply spraying mixed solution onto contaminated areas.
    • Use of BioVex ® has proven to decrease the spread of viruses in facilities ranging from Hospitals, laboratories,medical facilities, prisons and schools.
  • 26. BioVex ® Uses
    • On any non-porous surface.
    • Fixed Equipment
    • Visitation Areas
    • Restrooms
    • Shower Facilities
    • Water/Whirlpools
    • Transportation Vehicles
    • Rinse for Laundry
  • 27. Automated Activation and Application Equipment for use with BioVex ®
  • 28. The HVS has your BioVex ® product always “ready to use”. No additional dilutions or activation steps are required. Just use the product straight from the reservoir. The product is dispensed through a convenient spigot mounted on the reservoir. High Volume Station
  • 29. Benefits of BioVex HVS
    • Eliminates the need for manual mixing and diluting and insures consistent activation every time.
    • Generates a ready to use solution, no need for additional metering equipment.
    • Increases efficiency by automatically refilling the solution reservoir with fresh active product as needed, eliminating manual mixing, measuring and spills.
    • Low Cost.
  • 30. Surface Disinfectant
  • 31.  
  • 32. Respi-Cide ™ GP Disinfecting Solution EPA registered single use disinfectant formulated to disinfect non-metal,heat sensitive,reusable, non-critical medical equipment.
  • 33. Respi-Cide ™ GP DisinfectingSolution Specially formulated to address the odor, staining, disinfection time, temperature and reuse issues associated with aldehyde-based products.
  • 34. Features and Benefits
    • Effectiveness- Disinfection in 5 minutes at 20 °C. Fungicidal, Bactericidal, Virucidal,and Tuberculocidal.
    • Safety- No aldehydes. Low level of active ingredient. Class III toxicity rating. Requires only a precautionary statement of “Caution.”
    • User- Friendly- Low odor. Non-Staining. Sold as a concentrate. Diluted with tap water. Easily handled. Requires minimal storage space.
    • Liability- Single use, no effectiveness monitoring required—fresh solution per treatment.
  • 35. Features and Benefits
    • Materials compatibility- Does not damage or stain rubber/plastic medical equipment. Does not contain surfactants. Easily rinsed with water, no retention of product. Does not fix protein to equipment.
    • Disposability- can be discarded without special precautions. No organic residues.
    • Cost efficient- Less than $1.00 per use-dilution gallon. No additional costs; i.e., effectiveness monitoring tests, fume hoods or heaters.
  • 36. Efficacy Data:
  • 37. Materials Compatibility Respi-Cide ™ GP Disinfecting Solution when used as directed does not produce any undesirable effects on the appearance, performance or odor properties of rubber and plastic respiratory equipment such as facemasks,tubing canisters and connectors.
  • 38. Product Comparison Characteristic Cidex ® CidexOPA ® Control III Elite ® RespiCide GP® Active ingredient Glutaraldehyde O-pthalaldehyde Dual Quat Chlorine Dioxide Mode of action Denatures Protein Denatures Protein Cell-Disruption Oxidation MEC (disinfection) 1.5% 0.3% 0.21% 0.0005% 5ppm Packaging Use-Diln. 4 gal/case RTU 4 gal/case RTU 4 gal/case Con/128 gal/case Activator Yes No NO Yes Efficacy/Disinfection 45 min @ 25°C 12 min @ 20°C 10 min 5 min@ 20°C Safety Statement Danger Warning Warning Caution Surfactants none none yes none Recommended use 14 day Reuse 14 day Reuse single use single use Effectiveness Test Required Required Yes n/a Odor/Eye Irritation Strong Low Minimal Minimal Staining Yes Yes No No
  • 39. Conclusion Respi-Cide ™ GP Disinfecting Solution is a safe, economical,low-odor, non-staining,fast acting, and materials compatible disinfectant. Respi-Cide ™ GP Disinfecting Solution offers benefits over products currently used to disinfect heat sensitive, reusable, non-critical medical equipment.
  • 40. THE SOLUTION… Contact Desert Health Johnny Shannon (480) 628-7151 Jonathan Gotcher (480) 381-7568 [email_address]