Digital marketing update facebook


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Digital marketing update facebook

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Update 10  September      Dorianne  Richelle  
  2. 2. Obermütten, Graubünden, 79 inhabitants
  3. 3. Resulting in new visitors:
  4. 4. 8
  5. 5. Facebook started as a profile book
  6. 6. Then a Newsfeed was introduced
  7. 7. Many changes followed
  8. 8. Facebook  Sta+s+eken:  check    Hierin  staan  de  data  die  zij  halen  uit  onze  adverten+etool.  Die  data  lopen  iets  achter  op  de  werkelijke  sta+eken  maar  geven  wel  een  goed  beeld.    
  9. 9. The web is being built around people Browse   Search   Discover   90’s   00’s   10’s   Source:    BDO  USA  "Retail  Compass  Survey  of  CMOs,"  November,  2010  
  10. 10. The days of the nameless, faceless Web are over
  11. 11. People and their personal relationships open upmany great opportunities The Brands I care The about The people Places I care I’ve about been My Content I opinions consume The products I want and buy
  12. 12. The  Power  of  Social   Discovery  
  13. 13. Copy Cats (or Dogs) We (un)consciously copy what our friends do!
  14. 14. Technology  is  finally  catching  up  with  human   behaviour  
  15. 15. Sharing  is  doubling  every   12  months  
  16. 16. Word-of-mouth is by people you know ismost powerful I just bought this for $300. Check it out! 92%   47%   trust  word  of  mouth   trust  TV,  radio  &  newspaper   of  friends  &  family   Source: Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Survey, April 2012
  17. 17. And Word-of-mouth is getting more andmore important: Trust in “traditional” advertising drops quickly Recommendations TV (47%) Magazines (47%) from people I know -24% -20% (92%) Between 2009 & 2011 Between 2009 & 2011 +18% Between 2007 & 2011 Source: Nielsen Trust in advertising survey Q3 2011
  18. 18. How to build a connected brandthrough facebook
  19. 19. New opportunity asks for a new design 23
  20. 20. Social StrategiesBusiness Social Business! Impact! •  Incorporating people into core business functions & products! •  Touches multiple areas within the organization! •  Drives real financial results ! •  Measured with core business Social Marketing! metrics! •  Custom marketing strategies! •  People create the message! •  Media amplifies the message! •  Measured with mainstream Social Media! marketing metrics ! •  Publishing & monitoring of company channels! •  Traditional “push” advertising campaigns! ! •  Measured with channel specific metrics! Organizational Integration! !
  21. 21. The SOCIAL GRAPH: people connect withfamily, friends, brands: the things they careabout! !
  22. 22. And for a new approach…Love   Heavyweight interactions Rela+onship   now and then! ime! o ver t i ons e ract t int w eigh y light Man Time   26
  23. 23. The  majority  of  people  that  "like”  a  page  will  never  actually  go  there.    Almost  all  of  the  interac+on  your  fans  will  have  with  your  brand  will  be  in  their  personal  news  feed.    
  24. 24. You  are  not  compeIng  against  your  compeItors  on  Facebook.      A  brand  is  compe+ng  against  people’s  friends  and  all  the  content  they  share.    On  average  in  the  Netherlands  a  person  has  155  friends,  spends  7  hours  on  FB  a  month  and  shares  billions  of  expressions  –  that’s  a  lot  of  friendly  compe++on!      
  25. 25. Only  16%  of  your  fans  see  your  posts. If your content is more or less engaging moreor less people will see it. That is why creatingengaging content is key.
  26. 26. Many  lightweight  interac+ons  
  27. 27. Heavyweight  interac+ons  now  and  then   hYps://­‐G6IU    
  28. 28. Social  Business:    
  29. 29. Questions?
  30. 30. For  case  studies:    hYp://www.facebook-­‐      For  crea+ve  examples:      hYp://www.facebook-­‐      For  E-­‐learning  course:  hYp://www.facebook-­‐      For  marke+ng  solu+ons:    hYps://    
  31. 31. Business success metrics are the same as they havealways beenReach   Brand   Reac+on   Consumer  Numbers,  demos,  overlap  and  frequency   Resonance   Impact  on  sales  and   maximizing  efficiency   Insights   Changes  in  percep+on   across  channels       Insights  about  people,  Metrics:  GRPs  and   Metrics:  Ad  recall,   product  and  brand  that  TRPs,  paid  reach,   Metrics:  Campaign  ROI,   purchase  intent,   can  improve  my  organic  reach,  viral   marginal  ROI,  traffic,   awareness,  brand  equity,   business    reach   sales,  conversions   aYribute  tracking  
  32. 32. Facebook ads drive offline salesAcross 63 campaigns3X ROI or better in 70% of campaigns5X ROI or better in 49% of campaignsSource: Variety of 3rd party methodologies likepanels and mix media models, all client initiated
  33. 33. Fans are still your best customers.Fans influence their friends best   Fans  spend  131%   more  and  friends  of   Fans spend fans  spend  104%   97%  more  and   more   friends  of  fans   spend  51%  more   Fans spend   109%  more   Fans  spend     60%  more   Source:: The Power of the Like II, comScore and Facebook, June 2012 * Numbers compared to average internet user
  34. 34. Fans and friends of fans purchase more whenexposed to earned brand messages   Fans and friends of fans bought 38% more frequently   Fans and friends of fans bought 21% more frequently Source: The Power of the Like II, comScore and Facebook, June 2012 * Numbers compared to unexposed fans and friends of fans
  35. 35. Generate  higher  brand  resonance  than  other  online  ad  campaigns  BeOer  ad  recall  online  average   Facebook   +98%  Greater  brand  awareness  online  average   Facebook   +31%   Source:  Nielsen  Brand  Effect  norms,  May  2012.  
  36. 36. Capture  more  conversions  more  effec+vely     than  the  online  average      Share  of  conversions   35%  online  average   lower  cost  per     conversion   +192%   Facebook   Note:  Based  on  campaigns  from  ad  networks,   publishers,  and  retargeters,  analyzed  in  an   MTA  model.   Source:  Aggregate  Knowledge,  June  2012.  
  37. 37. Reaction studies show fans are your best customers  On  average,  fans  generate  2x  higher  sales  than  non-­‐fans*  Sales   Fans spend  8%   Brand  Engagement   more and transact   11%  more   Fans conduct frequently   68%  more   searches     Web  Traffic   Fans visit the site 5x  more   Source: The Power of the Like, comScore and Facebook, July 2011 * Numbers compared to average internet user
  38. 38. Friends of fans are top customers aswellSales   8%  higher  spending Brand  Engagement   by friends of fans   27%  more  searches   by friends of fans   Web  Traffic   2.5x  more  site   visits  by friends of fans Source: The Power of the Like, comScore and Facebook, July 2011 * Numbers compared to average internet user