Top Nigerian Brands on Facebook & Twitter


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Playhouse Communication Ltd's Top Ten Nigerian brands on Facebook & Twitter.

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Top Nigerian Brands on Facebook & Twitter

  1. 1. “Thoughts from the Playhouse”?“Thoughts from the Playhouse” is a series of reports, essays and case studies onall things digital from us at Playhouse Communication Ltd. We plan on producing atleast one „Thought‟ a month but if we find a lot of interesting stuff happening, we‟renot going to limit ourselves. If you would like to subscribe to receive these thoughtpieces, please email us at info@playhousehousecomm.comTop Nigerian Brands on Facebook & Twitter thBy Tolu Onile-Ere, 27 Dec, 2011IntroductionIt‟s the end of the year and with it comes all the lists – the Top Films of the Year,Top Songs of the Year, Top Celebs of the Year, etc etc etc. So we at ThePlayhouse decided to jump on the bandwagon and come up with our own list. Wedecided to look at the two main social media platforms, Facebook & Twitter, andsee which Nigerian brands are using these platforms most „successfully‟ – „success‟in this case being measured by the number of „Likes‟ and „Followers‟ a brand has.We decided to compile a list of the Top Ten Nigerian Brands on Facebook &Twitter. Now, to make it more interesting, or depending on which way you want tolook at it, create even more work for ourselves, we also decided to look at thebrands by certain industry sectors – banks, publications, consumer brands, radiostations – and also review the performance of celebrities as well.This Thought Piece however focuses only on the overall Top Ten Nigerian Brandson Facebook & Twitter. The rest of the lists will be shared in a subsequent ThoughtPiece.First, a few things to note: In compiling the list, we have looked solely at the official Nigerian page of the brand. Some brands are global and may have a strong presence on the platforms, however, since we believe in the adage „Think Global, Act Local‟ we have only considered those brands that have a specific Nigerian page. Facebook & Twitter do not supply data on or monitor „brand‟ performance on their platforms. This has meant that to compile the lists, we had to come up with the names of the brands and then physically trawl through each platform to see if the brand has a presence on the platform and if so, how many „Likes‟ or „Followers‟ they have. This has meant that there might be some brands you, the reader, are aware of whose numbers mean that they should have made it into our Top Ten but which we have missed. If so, please excuse us and simply
  2. 2. email us the Brand name and we will include it when we look at updating the list – yes, we are going to make this review a regular thing. When you check the brand pages, you will find that the numbers we have down are wrong. They were the numbers as of the date & time when we checked the page but the very nature of the platforms means that the numbers change regularly, so, the number I note if I was to check a page now, might be different from the number if I was to check it again by the time I have finished writing this piece.That‟s it.So, without further ado, and all protocols observed, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boysand Girls, the Playhouse proudly presents, the Top Ten Nigerian Brands onFacebook & Twitter. TOP TEN NIGERIAN BRANDS ON FACEBOOK & TWITTER FACEBOOK TWITTER NO. OF NO. OF BRANDS LIKES BRANDS FOLLOWERS 1 MTN NIGERIA 369,159 1 MTN 101,051 2 BEAT FM 364,382 2 BEAT FM 45,571 VANGUARD 3 3 COOL FM 206,899 NEWSPAPER 38,724 4 GT BANK 196,713 4 PUNCH 25,941 5 VANGUARD 179,244 5 SAHARA REPORTERS 23,197 6 DAILY TRUST 126,936 6 CHANNELS TV 20,603 7 ALWAYS 126,467 7 COOL FM 19,113 8 MTV BASE NIGERIA 93,512 8 RHYTHM 93.7 15,976 FIRST BANK OF 9 NIGERIA 76,684 9 THISDAY LIVE 15,822 STAR NIGERIA 10 (BEER) 75,018 10 GUARDIAN 15,183Our thoughts We have to applaud MTN for their first position on both platforms. What makes this feat even more impressive is that as of early August 2011, MTN had just under 30,000 „Likes‟ on Facebook and just under 15,000 „Followers‟ on Twitter. So in four months, MTN has grown its „reach‟ on Facebook by 1130.5% and by 596.9% on Twitter! Impressive – especially when you consider that their service is still rubbish (sorry couldn‟t resist). So, how did they do it? Well, long story
  3. 3. short, they ran a series of promos & games1 giving away free credit and as the graphic below shows, that is the top reason why people follow a brand on both platforms. Reasons People Follow Brands on Facebook & Twitter We also think the Nigerian Banking industry as a whole should be commended for having taken on-board social media (esp Facebook) as part of their marketing activities. Over three quarters of the 20 Nigerian banks have a Facebook page and two of them – Guaranty Trust at no. 4 and First Bank at no. 9 – make it into the Top Ten. Interesting to see that only one „consumer goods‟, namely Always, makes it into the Top Ten. In fact while doing our research, it was surprising to see how few Nigerian consumer goods brands have a presence on the social media platforms. Everybody seems to be aware/agree that the old advertising model of „interruption‟ is out-dated and that successful brands need to engage their audience and that social media provides the opportunity for engagement yet…Having said that, P&G seem to be taking social media seriously, having set up Nigerian Facebook pages for Always, Oral B, Pampers, Gillette & Ariel. Finally a mention on Twitter. Our research indicates that most brands across all industry sectors are not currently active on the platform. This might be because the platform is not yet as popular as Facebook (Facebook is the most visited1 To find out more about one of the promos MTN ran, have a read of our Thought Piece titled “MTN SocialMedia campaign”.
  4. 4. website from Nigeria whilst Twitter is number 8 – three places behind YouTube which is number 5). Or might be because they aren‟t yet sure how to use the platform (give us a call and we‟ll give you some ideas – yes, blatant plug).So, we hope you found the list useful, interesting or fun? Anyway, we will besharing the rest of the lists shortly.All that‟s left is to wish you all the best for the year ahead – May the best of yourpast be the worst of your future.About Playhouse Communication LtdPlayhouse is a full service digital advertising agency. If you would like to find outmore, visit our website at, „like‟ us on Facebook, email us at or callus on +234 (0)13205232.