Defining a SharePoint Strategy


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A short overview about how to define a SharePoint strategy, the tactics for prioritising and delivering the right solutions, and being able to adapt as usage scenarios evolve over time. A web cast is also available on YouTube

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Defining a SharePoint Strategy

  1. 1. SHAREPOINT STRATEGY A Quick GuideBy Sharon RichardsonJoining Dots Ltd
  2. 2. NOTESThis presentation is an expanded sub-set from a SharePoint governanceworkshop delivered by Joining Dots. A webcast has also been recorded and isavailable on YouTube at talk is focused on helping articulate (as simply as possible) the strategy for aSharePoint deployment, assuming the intention is an information platformservicing a variety of needsThe method can also be applied to other technology platformsAll product names, logos, brands and other trademarks referred to within thispresentation are the property of their respective trademark holdersSharePoint Strategy – A Practical Approach© Joining Dots Ltd. All rights reserved
  4. 4. SHAREPOINT’S GROWING PAINSThere have been reports announcing that many SharePointdeployments have no strategy or financial business case……ill-defined, misaligned and poorly communicated, maybeSharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  5. 5. SHAREPOINT IS (JUST) A PLATFORM Is the strategy about deploying the capability or the activities it enables and adapts toSharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  6. 6. THE THREE CATEGORIES OF ITCategory Definition Characteristics Makes standalone tasks moreFunction Assists with the execution efficient, can be adopted ‘as is’,IT of discrete tasks complements can add value Facilitates interactions Doesn’t impose complements,Network without specifying they emerge over time SharePointIT parameters (influenced by culture of the org) Does impose complements –Enterprise Specifies the business process flows, data formats,IT processes and integration standards. Use is mandatedSharePoint Strategy Source: Mastering The Three Worlds Of Information TechnologyJoining Dots by Andrew McAfee, Harvard Business Review, publ. Nov, 2006
  7. 7. FOUR STEPS TO A CYCLE 1. Have a vision Vision 2. Outline the strategy Adaptions Strategy 3. Tactics to deliver 4. Adapt to changes TacticsSharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  8. 8. VISION
  9. 9. A NEED OR DESIRE “We need to change…”SharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  10. 10. AN IDEA “I attended this event last week and saw the most amazing...”SharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  11. 11. AN INEVITABILITY “We’ve paid for the licences, we want to implement it.”SharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  12. 12. THE VISION A need A destination An idea involving SharePoint An inevitabilitySharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  13. 13. STRATEGY
  14. 14. START WITH A GENERAL STATEMENT• Broad enough to evolve/adapt with use• Specific enough to provide focusExample:“To improve information management and knowledge sharing within theorganisation. To improve efficiency of document-centric processes. To enablethe quick creation of web-based solutions to meet specific content-drivenneeds that cannot be achieved within enterprise systems.”SharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  15. 15. BEWARE THE IMPLICATIONS Goal Are you prepared to… Information Relax controls over content publishing, Sharing devalue information, reduce security Efficiency Reduce complexity, standardise processes, Gains lose flexibility for managing exceptions Capture Remove barriers to voicing opinions, Knowledge reward contributions as well as outcomes Culture always trumps technologySharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  16. 16. OUTLINE THE SCOPEDirect when SharePoint will and will not be usedExamples:• All business-critical documents are to be stored on SharePoint sites using templates that meet our compliance needs (we’re managing risk!)• SharePoint will provide all authenticated access to content (not the web site)• All paper forms and documents will be moving online (we’re reducing costs)• All customer, supplier and product information will reside in our EDRMS, CRM and ERP systems (SharePoint is not the answer to everything)SharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  17. 17. EVALUATE THE BASELINEWhere are you starting from?• Effectiveness of current information systems, networks, communication channels and processes• Health of dependent technology investments• Commitment to leveraging SharePoint• Morale and motivationSharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  18. 18. TACTICS
  19. 19. SHAREPOINT AS AN ADAPTIVE PLATFORM• Always start with an initial set of target solutions• Expect business needs and priorities to change• New opportunities will be created as people become aware about what the platform help deliver• Functional vs Network vs Enterprise projects• Don’t forget to check SharePoint is the right solutionSharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  20. 20. Schedule Fit inPERSPECTIVE Compliance Importance Dashboard ‘Know How’ Resource News constraints PracticalitySharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  21. 21. CONFIDENCEProject Tech Content Process People Conf Decision Notes Urgent planning required aroundCompliance ? Y N N Schedule process and roles to manage Some testing required to confirmDashboard Y Y ? Y Schedule integration points for data Pilot recommended to betterKnow How ? N ? N Re-think understand requirements Role identified within Comms toNews Y N ? Y Schedule format content for news feeds SharePoint Strategy Joining Dots
  22. 22. BE TRANSPARENT ABOUT DECISIONS Plot all requests submitted, queued or in progress:Project Size Imp. Prac. # Status Reason Sponsor Can be completed whilst InternalNews Updates S L H 1 In Prog compliance planning in Comms prog.. Legal requirement. Deadline Head ofCompliance B H L 2 In Prog to implement is… Legal Strategic Business Initiative –Dashboard B M M 3 Queued CIO/CMO Improve decision making Strategic business initiative –Know How B M H n/a Eval Increase skills and CMO knowledge SharePoint Strategy Joining Dots
  23. 23. COMMUNICATE THE BIG PROJECTSProject Priority Status Start Sponsor Notes (Est) In Head of New legislation announced that we mustCompliance 1 progress Oct 12 Legal comply with by April 2013 Strategic business initiative to improveDashboard 2 Queued (Mar 13) CIO/CMO analytics and data-driven decisions Head of Strategic business initiative to replace allHR Forms 3 Queued (Jun 13) HR internal paper forms with online processes SharePoint Strategy Joining Dots
  24. 24. … AND PROMOTE THE SMALL WINS“New activity stream now available on the Intranet home page.See all the latest updates across the organisation.”“Pilot underway evaluating new social networking tools. Sign-upif you want to be involved”SharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  25. 25. ADAPT
  26. 26. CASE STUDY In 2009, there were 850,000 incidents reported in the UK relating to poor clinical handover of patient care leading, directly or indirectly, to 3,500 deaths Doctors ranked Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust (BHRUT) 31st of 34 London hospitalsSharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  27. 27. A NEW TARGETThe goal: Improve the handover process and patient safety by fillingin the gaps between systems: teams working on different shifts, withdifferent IT systems, and on different locationsThe solution: eHandover - using SharePoint as the portal connectingdifferent patient care systems and providing a single viewAll systems were already deployed. SharePoint was originally beingused for basic document managementSharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  28. 28. MEASUREABLE OUTCOMES • 98% completion rate of tasks • Speed of the ‘end of shift’ handover meeting reduced from 45 minutes to 20 minutes • Weekend mortality rates have begun to fall • Within 12 months, doctors ranked BHRUT 1st out of 34 London hospitals Could not have been accurately predicted in advance Source: =710000001699
  29. 29. WRAP-UP
  30. 30. DEFINING YOUR SHAREPOINT STRATEGY• It’s OK to have broad objectives to direct the overall strategy for the platform (what is it capable of) and when to consider using SharePoint versus alternatives for projects• Go into specifics when creating a business case for projects throughout the lifecycle of the platform – the tactics for delivering solutions• Not all changes should need a business case: Functional vs Network vs Enterprise IT. Evaluate based on importance and practicality• Don’t guess RoI. Do identify target outcomes that can be measured• Communicate, oftenSharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  31. 31. GOVERN THE CYCLE Vision Adaptions Strategy TacticsSharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  32. 32. GOVERN THE CYCLE Vision Change (Idea) Intention Adaptions Strategy (Reality) (Purpose) Growth Tactics Direction (Delivery)SharePoint StrategyJoining Dots
  33. 33. NEXT STEPSIf you’d like help filling in the blanks with your SharePoint strategy, tactics andgovernance, please get in touch. Full contact details can be found or email info@joiningdots.netSessions can be delivered onsite and onlineYou are welcome to use these slides for non-commercial purposes within yourorganisation provided they are kept in the original format. Available at Strategy – A Practical Approach© Joining Dots Ltd. All rights reserved
  34. 34. Sharon Richardson Joining DotsFor more info and contact details, please visit www.joiningdots.comFor more SharePoint-specific articles,
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