HDIA: Getting healthcare innovators their fair share


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Healthcare Delivery Innovators Alliance - www.hdia.org. Presentation by Dave Chase: lessons from the growth of the Internet Ad industry.

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  • The proposition that there is a different (innovative) way to reform health care while providing a cost effective and high quality alternative is counter-intuitive due to the ongoing conversations regarding (what appear to be) diametrically opposed visions of reform. Innovators have quite a task before them; but, if history is any judge; I suspect that revolutionary changes are just around the corner from places that no one currently suspects. Thanks for the inspiring and informative presentation.
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  • A unique part of my background is having driven an industry growth initiative that I will draw analogies with that situation and how those lessons can be applied here
  • Despite having the eyeballs, Internet had less than 2% of the overall ad market. Consumers ahead of businesses. Online often not even considered for ad campaigns.Little proof that online ads worked for brandsHigh transaction costs to buys adsMany different ad sizes vs. 30 second ad spot simplicityEvery publisher had a separate Insertion Order agreement – “Attorney Full Employment Act”
  • All other ad mediums flat or in decline. Internet growing 20% or more for several years. Bigger than magazines & radio in terms of total spend.Consumer consumption still outstrips spend but gap is narrowing.Insertion order agreements standardized.Ad sizes go from 1000’s to 3 primary ad sizes.Research has proven online’s effectiveness.All coverage of the media landscape now includes the Internet.
  • Few consumers or employers (or media) are aware of new healthcare delivery modelsTraditional models/insurance are the default option and reasonably well understood. New healthcare delivery options rarely considered.Insurance companies see new models as both a threat and opportunity
  • High dissatisfaction by consumers, employers AND clinicians with present systemReimbursement shifting from volume to value; IDC10Innovative delivery models
  • HDIA: Getting healthcare innovators their fair share

    1. 1. Getting Healthcare Delivery Innovators their fair share of the pie<br />
    2. 2. Internet ad market circa 2001<br />Despite having the eyeballs, Internet had less than 2% of the overall ad market. <br />Little proof that online ads worked for brands<br />High transaction costs to buys ads<br />Industry leaders recognized the issues and set out to solve them<br />
    3. 3. Internet ad market today<br />Internet only surpassed by TV<br />Insertion order agreements standardized<br />Ad sizes go from 1000’s to 3 primary ad sizes<br />Comparative effectivenessproven<br />Research/Proof, Standards, PR & Education critical to shift<br />
    4. 4. Situation: Healthcare Delivery<br />Traditional models still the default<br />Few aware of new health delivery models<br />Insurance cos/brokers see new models as threat AND opportunity<br />
    5. 5. Wind at Innovators backs<br />High dissatisfaction by consumers, employers AND doctors<br />Reimbursement shifts & reimbursement cuts<br />Innovative delivery models are working<br />
    6. 6. Only Non-Insurance Solution Authorized in Future Insurance Exchanges<br />Senate Language  - H.R. 3590EAS - SEC. 10104 (3). On P. 2068 <br /> <br />TREATMENT OF QUALIFIED DIRECT PRIMARY CARE MEDICAL HOME PLANS<br />The Secretary of Health and Human Services shall permit a qualified health plan to provide coverage through a qualified direct primary care medical home plan that meets criteria established by the Secretary, so long as the qualified health plan meets all requirements that are otherwise applicable and the services covered by the medical home plan are coordinated with the entity offering the qualified health plan.<br />
    7. 7. <ul><li>Share proof/research to shift behavior
    8. 8. Standardize (some) practices/metrics to increase buyer confidence & reduce friction
    9. 9. Communicate huge benefits via Education campaign w/ partners (e.g., NFIB, employer groups, Rotary…)
    10. 10. Innovation prize/contest</li></ul>Some conversation starters to address what’s holding back growth<br />
    11. 11. Proposed Innovation recognition criteria<br />Lowers costs<br />Rapid access to care<br />Improved patient outcomes <br />High tech and high touch<br />Lives of patients made palpably better<br />Individuals engaged/activated<br />Teamwork with other clinicians<br />Increase the value of the healthcare services delivered<br />Simplify rather than complicate the process of getting care<br />Scaled beyond single instance<br />
    12. 12. Summary<br />Innovators have a great value proposition that isn’t well understood<br />Innovators are the industry pioneers<br />Innovators can accelerate growth <br />
    13. 13. Need More?<br />Reading<br />Health Insurance’s Bunker Buster<br />Do it Yourself Health Reform<br />The Most Important Organization in Silicon Valley No One Has Heard About<br />Healthcare Disruption Series on TechCrunch<br />Part I: Pharma 3.0 Will Drive Shift from Life Science to HealthTech Investing<br />Part : Providers Will Use HealthTech to Differentiate and Produce Better Outcomes<br />Part III: Providers Are Making Newspaper Industry Mistakes<br />Contact: Dave Chase (dchase@avado.com 425.835.3283)<br />