Leadership development network introduction


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Leadership development network introduction

  1. 1. Leadership development network www.johtamisverkosto.fi2013 © Johtamisen kehittämisverkosto www.johtamisverkosto.fi 1
  2. 2. Leadership development network- why? • Good leadership has a great influence on well-being and promotes the extension of working careers. • Good leadership affects the quality of work life and productivity • The Network is a part of the Programme of the Finnish Government2013 © Johtamisen kehittämisverkosto www.johtamisverkosto.fi 2
  3. 3. Objectives of the Network• To identify and compile good management and supervisory work practices as well as to distribute good management practices and support their implementation at workplaces.• To create quality standards for good management in the public sector and promote their fulfilment in public sector management practices• To promote and strengthen the fulfilment of the principles of age management in everyday management practices at workplaces.• To develop the quality of and enable equal access to management training in different employer sectors throughout Finland together with bodies organizing management training.2013 © Johtamisen kehittämisverkosto www.johtamisverkosto.fi 3
  4. 4. Information on good leadership• Tools• Literature Development• Videos• Age Management and discussions• Public Sector Management • Facebook • Blogs • Innovillage What? Connections • Contact information Events and training • Networks • Event Calendar2013 © Johtamisen kehittämisverkosto www.johtamisverkosto.fi 4
  5. 5. How the Network operates Organizations dealing with leadership -information Common -events JKV – The network website -training platform -discussions2013 © Johtamisen kehittämisverkosto www.johtamisverkosto.fi 5
  6. 6. Communications Toolbox Regional Age Criteria forMaterials Events activities Management good leadership Co-ordination group (FIOH) Steering group (Ministry) Executive group (Ministry)2013 © Johtamisen kehittämisverkosto www.johtamisverkosto.fi 6
  7. 7. Organization• Executive group (Chairperson Minister Paula Risikko) convenes 4 times annually.• Steering group (Chairperson Raimo Ikonen, Director General) convenes monthly.• FIOH co-odination group (Chairpersons Guy Ahonen ja Päivi Husman) convenes monthly.• The Work groups , which carry out the practical work, convene as required, several times annually.2013 © Johtamisen kehittämisverkosto www.johtamisverkosto.fi 7
  8. 8. Principles• Concreteness, practicality• User-orientedness• Working together• The meeting and joining of different competences and expertise• Solutions to everyday challenges and questions concerning leadership• Transparency: involving everyone• Using what we already have2013 © Johtamisen kehittämisverkosto www.johtamisverkosto.fi 8
  9. 9. Zero accident forum2013 Well-being at work network for workplaces Kaari services, promoting well- being at work/Keva Work life Kaiku Occupational Wellbeing Support Services/State Well-being at work forum development strategies "The network of networks" Networks of The centre for occupational safety Henry, The Finnish Association for Human Resource Management supervisory skills Pension insurance companies Sector: Dissemination of Ministry of© Johtamisen kehittämisverkosto employment and Networking across borders the economy, WORKPLACES Quality of work life networks Networks of the Sector: Age management Regional network activity Finnish Online Verkostoitumista University of Applied Sciences Development Sector: training network of higher leadership polytechnic degree Availability ofwww.johtamisverkosto.fi the public sector quality criteria of Sector: Leadership Universtiy networks Colleges and other Leadership Development Network, JKV actors and (Kaste) National Programme Health Care9 other networks Development for Social Welfare jne.
  10. 10. Networks supporting each other Leadership Well-being at work Development forum Network Well-being at work Developing well- Good practices of leadership actors/collaboration between workplaces being at work and supervisory work Regional networks and though Leadership quality criteria of the public sector availibility of services leadership Age management Well-being at work practices and successful operation models Quality and availibility of of workplaces leadership training2013 © Johtamisen kehittämisverkosto www.johtamisverkosto.fi 10
  11. 11. Meeting places for the Network Leadership Development Network website www.johtamisverkosto.fi LinkedIn – Johtamisen kehittämisverkosto Facebook – Johtamisen kehittämisverkosto2013 © Johtamisen kehittämisverkosto www.johtamisverkosto.fi 11
  12. 12. Our logo is a dolphin2013 © Johtamisen kehittämisverkosto www.johtamisverkosto.fi 12
  13. 13. What do a dolphin and leadershiphave in common?Good leadership and dolphins have a great deal in common.They both• are sociable• have good interaction skills• want to learn• care for others• are curious and inventive.2013 © Johtamisen kehittämisverkosto www.johtamisverkosto.fi 13
  14. 14. Our website provides informationon the following topics • Leadership systems • Leadership • Developing work communities • Age management • Competence management • Change management • Safety management • Occupational Health Services • Follow-up systems • Special characteristics of leadership in the public sector • others2013 © Johtamisen kehittämisverkosto www.johtamisverkosto.fi 14
  15. 15. We already know a lot – lets useit!2013 © Johtamisen kehittämisverkosto www.johtamisverkosto.fi 15
  16. 16. For further information contact us!Ms Päivi Husman Mr Guy AhonenTheme Director Director, KnowledgeFinnish Institute of Management Occupational Health Finnish Insitute ofTel. 030 474 2613 Occupational Healthpaivi.husman(at)ttl.fi Tel. 030 474 2745 guy.ahonen(at)ttl.fi www.johtamisverkosto.fi2013 © Johtamisen kehittämisverkosto www.johtamisverkosto.fi 16