Scrum training for team


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Scrum training for team

  1. 1. SCRUM Introduction Johnny Zhang Honeywell Security 1
  2. 2. Agenda  WHAT & WHY SCRUM  SCRUM Activities  NS3 VE Milestone 2 Honeywell Security 2
  3. 3. What is SCRUM  Scrum project management is a software agile development process. Scrum models allow projects to progress via a series of iterations called agile sprints Honeywell Security 3
  4. 4. Agile Manifesto Honeywell Security 4
  5. 5. SCRUM Values  Focus.  Because we focus on only a few things at a time, we work well together and produce excellent work. We deliver valuable items sooner  Courage.  Because we are not alone, we feel supported and have more resources at our disposal. This gives us the courage to undertake greater challenges.  Openness.  As we work together, we practice expressing how we're doing, and what's in our way. We learn that it is good to express concerns, so that they can be addressed.  Commitment.  Because we have great control over our own destiny, we become more committed to success.  Respect.  As we work together, sharing successes and failures, we come to respect each other, and to help each other become worthy of respect. Honeywell Security 5
  6. 6. Waterfall issues  Give me all requirements, otherwise it will cost you! Honeywell Security 6
  7. 7. Waterfall issues  Emer gence!  I mpossi bl e t o know al l r equi r ement s i n advance  ”Thi nki ng har der ” and ”t hi nki ng l onger ” can uncover some r equi r ement s, but EVERY PROJECT HAS SOME EMERGENT REQUI REMENTS  Emer gent r equi r ement s ar e t hose t hat we cannot i dent i f y i n advance Honeywell Security 7
  8. 8. Real Software World Honeywell Security 8
  9. 9. Game  6 people to Join Honeywell Security 9
  10. 10. Why SCRUM  So what do we do  We talk more, write less  But write if you have to  Show software to users  Acknowledge that requirements emerge  And all that this implies  Progressively refine our understanding of the product  Express this progressive refinement in the product backlog Honeywell Security 10
  11. 11. Why SCRUM : 3 pillars  Transparency  ALL relative aspects of the process must be visible to those responsible for the outcome. This requires a common standard and nomenclature between the Scrum Team.  Inspection  The Scrum process promotes frequent Inspection of the Artifacts and progress to identify and correct undesirable variances. Inspection occurs during the Sprint Planning Meeting, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective (collectively referred to as the Scrum Events).  Adaption  After Inspection, adjustments should be made to the processes and Artifacts to minimize further deviation. Honeywell Security 11
  12. 12. How :SRUM Roles Honeywell Security 12
  13. 13. SCRUM Team Honeywell Security 13
  14. 14. Emergency Procedures  Be cr eat i ve  Get hel p  Decr ease scope  Abor t Spr i nt Honeywell Security 14
  15. 15. Done! Honeywell Security 15
  16. 16. SCRUM Activities Honeywell Security 16
  17. 17. Product backlog  Li st of t hi ngs t hat needs do be done t o achi eve desi r ed st at e  Emer gent , or der ed, est i mat ed  Mor e det ai l on hi gher pr i or i t y backl og  One l i st f or mul t i pl e t eams  Pr oduct Owner r esponsi bl e f or or der i ng  Anyone can cont r i but e  Mai nt ai ned and post ed vi si bl y  Comes f r om Busi ness Pl an, Br ai n St or mi ng, Vi si on St at ement , et c Honeywell Security 17
  18. 18. Product backlog Honeywell Security 18
  19. 19. Product backlog Visibility Honeywell Security 19
  20. 20. Product backlog visibility Honeywell Security 20
  21. 21. User Story  A User Story is a story, told by the user, specifying how the system is supposed to work, written on a card, and of a complexity permitting ,estimation of how long it will take to implement.  The User Story promises as much subsequent conversation as necessary to fill in the details of what is wanted. The cards themselves are used as tokens in the planning process after assessment of business value and [possibly] risk. The customer prioritizes the stories and schedules them for implementation. – Ron Jeffries Honeywell Security 21
  22. 22. User Story template  As a/an <type of user>, I want <some goal> so that <some reason> The “so that” line is generally considered optional, but used as a default Honeywell Security 22
  23. 23. User Story Examples  As a user I want to be able to set the alarm on my cell phone so I can get up in the morning.  As a snoozer I want to be able to activate ‘snooze’ when the alarm goes off, so I can sleep 10 minutes more.  As a user I want to set the alarm so I can get up at the same time every morning. Honeywell Security 23
  24. 24. User Story Exercise  Wr i t e user st or y f or NS3 VE  Ref er ence : NS3VE Schedule Honeywell Security 24
  25. 25. User story checklist  I ndependent . User St or i es shoul d not over l ap i n t er ms of t he val ue t hey del i ver .  Negot i abl e. I t shoul d be possi bl e t o debat e and change User St or i es, and t o t r ade t hem i n and out of scope.  Val uabl e. Ever y User St or y must del i ver st akehol der benef i t .  Est i mabl e. I t shoul d be possi bl e t o ant i ci pat e how much ef f or t a User St or y wi l l r equi r e f or i mpl ement at i on.  Smal l . I t i s bet t er t o wor k on mul t i pl e smal l pi eces of wor k t han a l ar ger one, si nce pr ogr ess i s mor e easi l y ascer t ai ned and at l east some val ue can pot ent i al l y be del i ver ed ear l i er .  Test abl e. I t shoul d be possi bl e t o conf i r m t he successf ul compl et i on of a User St or y by obj ect i ve means. Honeywell Security 25
  26. 26. User story Exercise again  NS3 VE user story update?  Considering we understand NS3 well, we need more details ones Honeywell Security 26
  27. 27. User story points  Poker Planning  Team finds an easy PBI (not the easiest) and agree it is a 2  Team agrees on a PBI that takes 4 times as long as the 2 and assign it to 8. Honeywell Security 27
  28. 28. User story points  How to finish estimating a PBI  Play 3 times and assign estimate as the average of all numbers  Continue until consensus  Continue until all estimates are within 2 numbers. The higher value (if at least two) is the estimate  Continue until all are within 3 numbers. Estimate is the middle value Honeywell Security 28
  29. 29. Sprint Planning  1 hour per part per week  1st – for team to select Product Backlog and sets goal with Product Owner  2nd - for team to define Sprint Backlog to build functionality  Anyone can attend, but primary conversation and work is between team and Product Owner Honeywell Security 29
  30. 30. Sprint Planning Honeywell Security 30
  31. 31. Sprint backlog  Tasks to turn product backlog into working product functionality  Tasks are estimated in hours  Tasks with more than 1 day of work are broken down  Team members sign up for tasks, they aren’t assigned (be patient, just wait!)  Estimated work remaining is updated daily  Any team member can add, delete or change the Sprint Backlog (theirs or new)  Update work remaining as more is known, as items are worked Honeywell Security 31
  32. 32. Sprint backlog Honeywell Security 32
  33. 33. SCRUM Board Honeywell Security 33 Do one PBI at a time!!
  34. 34. Burndown Chart Honeywell Security 34
  35. 35. Sprint Abnormal Termination  Spr i nt s can be cancel l ed bef or e t he al l ot t ed Spr i nt i s over ;  Pr oduct Owner i s onl y one t hat can cancel a Spr i nt ;  Spr i nt s may be cancel l ed because of changes i n compet i t i on, busi ness, or t echnol ogy f easi bi l i t y. Mor e nor mal l y, scope of Spr i nt i s adj ust ed.  I f a Spr i nt i s abnor mal l y t er mi nat ed, t he next st ep i s t o conduct a new Spr i nt pl anni ng meet i ng, wher e t he r eason f or t he t er mi nat i on i s r evi ewed.Honeywell Security 35
  36. 36. Sprint Abnormal Termin Ceremony Honeywell Security 36
  37. 37. Daily SCRUM  Daily 15 minute meeting  Same place and time every day  Meeting room  Three questions  What have you done since last meeting?  What will you do before next meeting?  What is in your way? Honeywell Security 37
  38. 38. Daily SCRUM ”If I had known how the questions from the Daily Scrum are used today I would have framed them differently, but it is to late to change it now” Jeff Sutherland – April 2012  • Yesterday I helped the team by………  • Today I will help the team by……..  • I am blocked from helping the team by…….. Honeywell Security 38
  39. 39. Daily SCRUM  Team owns t he meet i ng and deci de who  can t al k  I t i s a conver sat i on, not a di scussi on.  Keep meet i ngs cr i sp, f ocused on answer i ng  t he t hr ee quest i ons;  Set up meet i ngs f ol l owi ng t he Dai l y Scr um as  needed  Ti me Boxed t o 15 mi nut esHoneywell Security 39
  40. 40. Social contract  Hang it on the wall  If change – bring to retrospective  Examples:  Pair programming  Test early rules  Time of daily scrum  Penalty being late  Phone usage  Quiet periods Honeywell Security 40
  41. 41. SCRUM Environment Honeywell Security 41
  42. 42. Sprint Review  Not a Sales meeting  No PowerPoint presentation  Maximum 1 hour preparation  Done on equipment where software was developed and tested  Time boxed to 4 hours  Reviewed by Team, Product Owner and other stakeholders.  This a collaborative working session, not a demonstration. Honeywell Security 42
  43. 43. Sprint Review rules 1  Spr i nt Revi ew i ncl udes at l east f ol l owi ng 1  The Pr oduct Owner i dent i f i es what has been done and what hasn’t been done.  The Team di scusses what went wel l dur i ng t he Spr i nt and what pr obl ems i t r an i nt o, and how i t sol ved t hese pr obl ems.  The Team t hen demonst r at es t he wor k t hat i s done and answer s quest i ons. Honeywell Security 43
  44. 44. Sprint Review rules 2  Sprint Review includes at least following 2  The Product Owner then discusses the Product Backlog as it stands. He or she projects likely completion dates with various velocity assumptions.  The entire group then collaborates about what it has seen and what this means regarding what to do next. Honeywell Security 44 The Spri nt Revi ew provi des val uabl e i nput t o subsequent Spri nt Pl anni ng meet i ng.
  45. 45. Sprint Retrospective  What went wel l  What coul d have been bet t er (Fi nd r oot cause - 5 * why)  Thi ngs t o t r y  I ssues t o escal at e (t o Management ) Honeywell Security 45
  46. 46. Consideration  How to do NS3VE project in SCRUM  Concerns Honeywell Security 46
  47. 47. Summery  What we learned today  What , why , how SCRUM  SCRUM activities  product backlog  Sprint Plan  Daily meeting  Sprint Review  Sprint Retrospective  NS3VE in SCRUM Honeywell Security 47