Business model marketing course 4

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  • 1. advanced course business model marketing
  • 2. Session 4
  • 3. The idea creation process
  • 4. Creating ideas - Think of new ideas from the viewpoint of each of the 9 building blocks - Use what if questions - Imagine yourself how it would be if the product you’re interested in would be free - Start drawing!
  • 5. business model strategy
  • 6. Now that you created a new business model... What does it mean for the marketing strategy?
  • 7. testing Business models Is the new business model ready to stand up against it’s environment?
  • 8. theoretic models to use
  • 9. Business model environment -market forces -industry forces -key trends -macro-economic forces
  • 10. Market forces -market issues -market segments -needs and demands -switching costs -revenue attractiveness
  • 11. Industry forces (porter) -competitors -new entrants -substitute products -suppliers and others -stakeholders
  • 12. Key trends (destep) -technology trends -regulatory trends -societal and cultural trends -socioeconomic trends
  • 13. Macro economic forces -global market conditions -capital markets -commodities and resources -economic infrastructure
  • 14. Business model evaluation -Business Model Assessment -SWOT-analyse
  • 15. business model presentation
  • 16. presentation.. -business models are a complicated subject -you are talking about something totally new -that perhaps goes beyond peoples imagination -how are you going to tell a convincing story?
  • 17. presentation.. -visualizing with drawings -visualize with post-it’s -telling a visual story (p. 158/159) -prototyping: sketch, BM-canvas, excel calculations, market research-back up -Prezi …
  • 18. storytelling.. -introducing new ideas -overwinning resistance by telling a clear story -good stories can clarify the BM-canvas -good stories involve listeners -good stories are told to others, on and on..
  • 19. what kind of stories?.. - From other successful entrepreneurs A real life story Some story from your childhood Something from literature Something about the process went trough Emotional stories.. Add a little drama…
  • 20. of video.. Link
  • 21. use your business model canvas!