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  • 1. Click to add content
    Web-based systems to serve you!
    Web Services &
  • 2. All students, staff, faculty are expected to use:
    Launching Pad and Announcements
    College Email Account
    Official Communication
    Web Services
    Access and update your record.
  • 3. The Portal = Blackboard
    Blackboard (Bb) is your portal to course content, your JSC email, ‘web services’, and other college information and resources (i.e. JSC-Registrar, and JSC-Library).
    Log in at http://blackboard.vsc.edu to see all that is available to you before the semester begins!
  • 4. JSC Email
    JSC email is an official means of communication – Check it often!
    Don’t use your home email account for college business.
    Access your email through the portal
    Information on your college email account can be found on the JSC web site at: http://www.jsc.edu/OfficesAndServices/InformationTechnologyServices
  • 5. Web Services
    Access and update your accounts
    on the web!
    •  Search and register for classes
    • 6. View your class schedule
    • 7. View your academic transcript
    • 8. View your grade report
    • 9. View program evaluation – see what degree requirements you have remaining to complete
    • 10. Pay your Bill
    • 11. Complete your Health Insurance Form
    • 12. Complete your FERPA Authorization Form!
  • Let’s Take a Look!
  • 13. http://blackboard.vsc.edu
  • 14. http://blackboard.vsc.edu
  • 15.
  • 16. Web Services
    Log in using the same username and password
  • 17.
  • 18. Use Search for Sections to search course offerings by term
  • 19.
  • 20.
  • 21. Review your Program Evaluation
    Make sure you’re on track with degree requirements
  • 22.
  • 23.
  • 24.
  • 25. FERPA
  • 26. Family Education and Privacy Act (FERPA)
    While a student is in high school, their parents have the right to access the student’s educational record, according to FERPA regulations. Once a student enrolls at a post-secondary institution those rights transfer to the student.
    Your educational record at JSC includes, but is not limited to, items such as grade reports, transcripts, billing and financial aid information. 
    Under FERPA, you, the student, have the right to view your educational record, to request amendments if you believe there are inaccuracies, and to authorize other individuals to access your record if you desire.
  • 27. Why authorize another person to access your record?
    Many students find it helpful to authorize their parents to access their records so that the parent may discuss their accounts with college officials – their bill for example.
    If you decide not to authorize another to access your account the college may not discuss your record with them.
  • 28. How do I authorize someone to have access to my record?
    Complete the FERPA Authorization Form available in Web Services.
    Please note that in completing the form you will create an “access code” which you will need to give to the person(s) you authorize.
    Authorized persons will need to provide this access code to college officials when requesting information from your educational record.
  • 29. How do I access the FERPA Authorization Form?
    Log in to the Blackboard portal, http://blackboard.vsc.edu
    Click on VSC Web Services box
    Click on Students
    Select FERPA Authorization Form under the Academic Profile heading - an email confirmation will be sent to your college email account once you submit the form. Note that you may update this form at any time!
  • 30.
  • 31.
  • 32. Questions?