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Developing games for Windows Phone7 using XNA
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Developing games for Windows Phone7 using XNA


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introduction on how to develop games for Windows Phone7 using XNA

introduction on how to develop games for Windows Phone7 using XNA

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  • 1. Developing games for Windows Phone7 using XNA
    By Johnson Ma
  • 2. Windows Phone 7 Platform
  • 3. Windows Phone 7 as a Gaming Platform
    Apps stat in Marketplace
    • Windows Phone 7 as a game platform
    • 4. Attract game companies and developers
    • 5. Most applications are games!
  • Use XNAorSilverlight?
    Use XNA if you want to:
    Shorten development time
    Create high performance 3D game
    Also support Xbox 360
    More bitmap based motion and particle effects
  • 6. What is XNA
    XNA is a cross platform game development and management framework based on Microsoft .Net runtime
    XNA runtime is available for Windows, Windows Phone7 and Xbox360
    Open source runtimes are available for Linux, Android and Mac/IPhone (Mono, MonoTouch by Novell)
    XNA framework encapsulates low-level technological details in coding a game, allows developers to focus more on the content and gaming experience.
    The first version released in 2004, latest version is 4.0 (Sep 2010)
  • 7. XNA Overview
  • 8. XNA Game Dev (0) -- Environment
    Download and install Windows Phone Developer Tools (Free!).
    Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone
    Windows Phone Emulator
    Silverlight for Windows Phone
    XNA Game Studio 4.0
    Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone
  • 9. XNA Game Dev(1) --Game Design
    Main Menu
    What can player see?
    What can they choose?
    What happens next?
  • 10. XNA Game Dev(2) --Game Flow
    Game Loop
  • 11. XNA Game Dev(3) --Responding to User Input
    APIs to supports Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (Xbox 360), TouchPad(Phone)
    Multitouch on Windows Phone7
    Soft keyboard for Windows Phone
    Microphone to capture audio to be used in your game
  • 12. XNA Game Dev(4) --Display Graphic
    Rendering 2D with Sprites and Text
    SpriteBatch: batch operation to draw 2D bitmaps directly to the screen
    Sprite Scaling: hardware accelerated
    Sprite Font: draw text on screen with pos, color,
    Rotation, origin and scaling
    Rendering 3D with Effects
    Pipeline to load resource
    World, view and projection transforms 3D scene to 2D space
    Built-in basic effects: transparency, texture, lighting, fog, specula, diffuse
  • 13. XNA Game Dev(5) --Advanced Topics
    Play Sounds:
    3D audio, Built-in sound effects, audio buffers
    Play Videos:
    Supports HD video (720p)
    Supports play video on a Surface
    Xbox Live for online game
    Game service to support Xbox live account
    Display and animating gamer avatar
  • 14. XNA and Azure Cloud
    Windows Azure storage services
    Authentication and authorization
    Push notification
  • 15. Summary of XNA Benefits
    Creating high performance game in less time
    Cross platform
    game logic
    Rendering and effects
    GPU for performance
    Support multiplayer games
    Game social network --- Xbox live!
  • 16. Thank you