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  • I think this is a must have in the presentation to give the level of diversity, financial strength, and quality of customers whom we engage with in the last over the past 10 years, like Cisco and IBM (optical Networking), Intel (Leadframe packaging), Toshiba in WiFi Antenne for PC Laptops.
  • Resources: http://www.avaya.com/gcm/master-usa/en-us/resource/assets/whitepapers/lb2749.pdf - Enterprise SIP Trunking: Delivering On The Promise of SIP Networking White Paper http://www.voip-magazine.com/content/view/566 - SIP Trunking: A Single Pipe to the Cloud


  • 1. Wireless Voice-over IP SIP-Based HandSet Solutions Hitachi Cable America July 11 th ,2006
  • 2.  
  • 3. Market Drivers for VoWLAN – Disruptive Analysis
    • WLAN market growth and penetration : Largest driver for voice-over-WLAN is the growth of data-over-WLAN in enterprises , homes, and hotspots. Voice can “piggyback” on this.
    • Handset architectural flexibility: smartphone operating systems, more powerful phone chipsets, and 3rd-party mobile software component suppliers contribute to the realization of mass-market VoWLAN handsets.
    • VoIP adoption: Fixed VoIP has hit the early majority of adopters, mostly corporate and residential. VoWLAN is the best route for mobile VoIP.
    • Mobile-fixed substitution: T he world’s fixed and broadband operators want to capture (or regain) revenues from mobility - without the expense of spectrum licences and complex networks. With the adoption of the MVNO model, VoWLAN is the best way to start reversing historic fixed-mobile substitution.
    • In-building coverage: Cellular coverage inside buildings can be poor, and contribute to churn. 3G in-building coverage is usually worse than 2G. VoWLAN can help solve this problem.
    VoWLAN appears to be one of the few areas with as much end-user “pull” as vendor/operator “push”
  • 4. Handset Market Forecast Single mode and Dual mode
    • Enterprise First – SIP based Early Adoptors: SMB, Carrier Hosted IP
    • Do not underestimate Consumer Usage
    • Dual Mode is the final frontier, but WiFi does not go away!
  • 5. Target Markets
    • Vertical Markets:
      • Medium to Large Enterprise with interest in a comprehensive wireless deployment
      • Enterprises with branch offices
      • Education – especially campuses with multiple buildings
      • Healthcare with increasing capacity & security concerns
      • Public access environments with both private and public access needs (e.g. Hotspots)
    • Operators
      • Hosted WiFi Extensions to existing IP Solutions
  • 6. Minicipality WiFi is HOT and Voice will Follow 320 RFP ISSUED IN 2005
  • 7. Hitachi Cable SIP WiFi Handsets Single and Dual Mode
  • 8. The Hitachi Cable Advantage (SIP)
    • Superior Technology and OEM/ODM Capability
      • RF Design & manufacturing (Hitachi Research Labs)
      • Elegant and Best Ergonomic Form Factor
      • Unprecedented Scalability from SMB to Carrier Level Deployments
    • History of Quality & Reliability
      • ISO 9002 certified.
      • RoHS compliant
      • 4 –year in a row IBM Quality Winner, Cisco’s Optics Supplier of Year Award
    • Interoperability: Large Range of Compliance
      • Top-Tier IP-PBX/SIP Server Compliant (including IMS Apps)
      • Top Tier AP Vendor Interoperability (L2/L3 Roaming)
  • 9. SIP: The dominant Multimedia (VoIP) Protocol in the Industry
    • Almost all RFPs from Carriers and Enterprise networks have SIP support as a mandatory item.
    • Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Siemens have SIP-based Enterprise gear as their flagship products!
    • Large Carriers, MCI, BT, AT&T, among the first to roll out SIP-based services
    • SIP is simple, scalable, readily feature expandable, programmable, can support all legacy PBX features plus whole lot more!
    • SIP (URIs) may identify a user, a device, a service, or some other combination for a pre-defined calling flow.
    • SIP is user centric , one unifier that map across mulitple device media types, …. “ a public address”.
  • 10. “ So, SIP it…..….SIP it Good!”
  • 11. Upgrade Release of WIP-5000 -A Version: Now (b)
    • Supports 802.11 b/g
    • SIP v2 with added Security Extensions
    • WMM 802.11e (QoS), Diffserv DSCP
    • WPA (PSK), WPA2 (soon to be released)
    • STUN, SNAT, UPnP
    • G711/G729A Codec
    • 300 Phone Entries
    • SIMPLE: Presence and IM ( SMS)
    • ~ 4 hour talk time, 60 Hr Stand-by
    • Many PBX Calling Features Supported
    • Award winning Voice Quality
    • EAP (TLS, TTLS, PEAP, MD5)
  • 12. Awards
    • 2004 N+I Product of the Year award - Tokyo
    • Internet Telephony Product of Year award US
    • Avaya DevConnect Compliance
    • Single Largest SIP-based deployment of > 7,200 and growing
    • Long list of Technology Partners
  • 13. Phone Key Pad Layout for FNEs FNE’s Programmable Via Speed Dial Entry in Phone Book..
  • 14. WirelessIP5000- A   SIP WiFi Handset   -Front- -Side- -Bottom- Liquid Crystal Display ( 8lines, 10digits ) Earphone, Microphone, Mini-pin Volume keylock Connector ( AC Adapter, USB Cable )
  • 15. Interoperability List Distribution and Support via key technology partners, and full service distributors/VARs Service and support Focused on Enterprise, expanding to Service Providers offering Hosted Ent/Consumer VoWiFi. Hand Set Portfolio Widest range of SIP Server compatibility (Broadsoft, Persona, Tekelec, Sylantro, Hitachi, Simplified SIP, Avaya SES R 3.0) SIP Server Compatibility Hitachi Cable is a DevConnect Compliant Partner. We are also qualified with other Tier I and Tier II IP PBX Vendors (NEC, Nortel, Fujitsu, Toshiba. Lucent, Shoretel, and Tier II IP-PBX etc) IP PBX interoperability Compatible with all leading enterprise APs (Meru, Aruba, AireSpace, Colubris, Symbol, 3COM. Aironet) Wireless LAN compatibility,
  • 16. Current Handset Portfolio TBR 4Q/06
    • Wireless IP 5000
    • For Enterprise and Carriers w/Hosted Offerings
    • Superior Voice Quality, Battery Life and ergonomics
    • Wireless IP 3000
    • For Carrier /MSO Consumers
    • Maintain SMS
    • Maintain Superior Voice Quality
    Dual Mode WIP-6000 WiFi 802.11g plus CWDM , GSM, or W-CDMA
  • 17. Using SIP Lower TCO by:
    • Reducing expenses of traditional PSTN calling
    • Unifying applications with open standards
    • Extending centralized applications across the enterprise
    • For operators, allows for Hosted IP Centrix type solution, with auto-binding for client.
    • Two options: WIP5000 and WIP3000
  • 18.  
  • 19. SIP Simplifies Networks A Single Pipe to the Cloud Service Provider SIP Network Phones Router PSTN Long Distance LAN PBX PSTN Local Access IP Data/Telephony All Communications SIP Trunking
    • Single IP link for voice/data
    • Eliminate PSTN interfaces for long-distance and local access
    • Save 20%+ on toll charges
    • Prepare for future SIP solutions
    VoIP Today IP Network Phones Router PSTN Long Distance LAN PBX PSTN Local Access TDM TDM IP Data/Telephony Internal Communications External Communications External Communications
    • VoIP for internal communications only
    • Separate TDM interfaces required for external communications with partners/suppliers/customers
    • Extra cost, extra hardware, extra complexity
  • 20. With SIP, ENUM / IX POP Exchange is very easy Right here in New York!
  • 21.  
  • 22. Key Customers & Technology Partners
  • 23. Customer Case Studies
  • 24.
    • 28 Floors + Conference Center
    • Wireless Data access for guests
    • Hitachi-Cable VoWLAN handsets for internal staff communications
    • VoIP carrier providing services
    Hyatt Osaka Hotel Data and Voice Deployment WAN Managed IP Centrex Service Provided By VoIP Service Provider Meru Controller Data Center WiFi Phones PDAs Conference Floor Floor 3 Floor 4 Floor 5 Floor … Floor 28
  • 25. Thank You! For Listening