A Guide to Wireless LANs

  Wireless Networking                                   most wired Ethernet networks. New cli...
A Guide to Wireless LANs

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Wireless Networking that Meets all your Needs


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Wireless Networking that Meets all your Needs

  1. 1. A Guide to Wireless LANs Wireless Networking most wired Ethernet networks. New clients are their PC’s. The wireless LAN adapters interface • Access to database for Doctors, nurses, retailer, that Meets all your automatically registered with the Access Point between the client Network Operating System corporate mobile workers who require mobility Needs that receives the strongest signal. Traffic is routed directly between wireless clients or and airwaves via an antenna (Access Point.) To grow the wireless LAN, just add Access Points. In within the hospital, retail store and office environment through the wired LAN. And roaming users are a peer-to-peer configuration, one wireless SMC • SOHO: Small office and Home office users who seamlessly handed off to the next most suitable card is needed for each notebook, and no Access need easy and quick installation of a small Wireless Networking that Meets all your Needs Access Point when they move out of range. Point is required. computer network — Starting your network the smart way — without wires! SMC’s 11Mbps wireless LAN Moreover, network security is guaranteed with In evaluating a wireless LAN, it is • Home Users requiring peer-to-peer wireless client access controls, encryption and spread networking solution provides the easiest network essential to consider: spectrum signalling, while Collision Avoidance is From Home networks through to corporate or alternative to wired LANs. • Range coverage and throughput used to maximise bandwidth utilisation. enterprise networks – wireless networking Just install enough access points to cover your • Compatibility with existing LANs enables quick and efficient creation or expansion Simple Installation & Troubleshooting network area, plug wireless cards into your PCs, • Cost and scalability for future growth of a network. With the increase of worker and start networking. This wireless solution is Installation is so easy. Just power on the Access Throughput is a key issue, and should be put into mobility, the importance of the Internet and the ideal for SOHO applications, wherever roaming Point, install the wireless adapter cards, set the perspective: fast-changing environments encountered by connectivity is a must. It provides adequate network type (ad hoc or infrastructure), and you The typical wireless LAN runs at an average of network managers – wireless networking offers bandwidth for most common LAN applications, are ready to go. No expert is needed to install 1.6Mbps, thus the current standard of 2 Mbps is many benefits and cost savings. such as electronic mail, shared peripherals, and this system, saving you time and money on more than adequate for most common LAN database access. It lets you immediately connect training and maintenance. Comprehensive LEDs As illustrated here – wireless applications. Increased user needs and more Home a remote workgroup, temporary office or are also provided to assist in troubleshooting. networking has a place in all demanding new applications have created the networking environments, whether SMC2632W V.2 Modem conference room to your LAN. It also allows you Windows utilities are provided to display and Wireless PCMCIA Card demand for 11 Mbps wireless LAN products. they be small peer–to–peer networks to quickly expand your network throughput or configure all the SMC2655W Access Points or extensions to an existing wired SMC 11Mbps Total Wireless LAN Solution infrastructure network. "Slave" Bridge Printer SMC2602W coverage area by adding additional Access Points. connected to a wired LAN, allowing you to PC with Wireless PCI Adapter Applications can not act as an Access Point, only enhance performance by selecting the best the "Master" Bridge can do so. Internet Seamless Network Integration location and radio channel. SMC‘s Wireless products offer a fast, reliable, Corporate LAN A SMC’s wireless solution is compatible with the cost-effective solution for wireless client access to SMC’s 11Mbps Total Wireless LAN Solution IEEE 802.3 wired LAN and IEEE 802.11b wireless the network in applications like these: Wireless Bridge Access Point LAN standards. It provides up to 11Mbps wireless The Components (Master) SMC2682W SMC2655W • Remote access to corporate E-mail, file transfer LAN A & LAN B SMC2632W V.2 Wireless Wireless PCI Adapter access for stand-alone cells, linked cells, or for SMC’s wireless LAN solution is the easiest and terminal emulation Wireless Connected PCMCIA Card SMC2602W through Wireless integrated wireless/wired networks. An Access alternative to a traditional wired network. In the Bridges • Difficult-to-wire environments such as Historical SMC2632W V.2 PCMCIA Card or SMC2662W-AR Wireless USB Point can comfortably serve several clients, typical wireless configuration an Access Point or old buildings, asbestos installations, and open Internet acting as a direct link between wireless stations, (transceiver) connects to a wired network areas where wiring is difficult to employ Corporate LAN B Small Office as a repeater to another Access Point, or as a location via standard cabling. The Access Point • Frequently changing environments such as Internet access device Wireless PCI portal to a wired LAN. These products are based supports several users located up to a maximum Retailers, manufacturers and banks who Wireless Access Point Wireless Bridge (Slave) SMC2682W Wireless Barricade SMC7004VWBR SMC2632W V.2 Wireless Adapter SMC2602W PCMCIA Card on performance-enhanced algorithms that of 300 metres from the Access Point. Users frequently re-arrange the workplace and change Wireless USB deliver a more reliable and secure network than access the LAN via the SMC wireless adapters in location SMC2662W-AR Wireless PCMCIA Card Printer 9.0 w w w. s m c - e u r o p e . c o m w w w. s m c . c o m
  2. 2. A Guide to Wireless LANs Configuring the Wireless Lan Wireless Bridges - Connecting Separate LANs A) Point-to-point Wireless Bridging The Point -to - Point Wireless Bridge configuration uses Using the components of the SMC Wireless LAN solution – access point and PCI or PCMCIA A Wireless Bridge is an alternative to connecting two or more separate LANs with cable. With a two Wireless Bridge units to connect two separate LANs - Benefits at a in this illustration LAN A and LAN B. One of the Wireless adapters – the following type of LANs can be Wireless Bridge you gain wireless connectivity Bridges is set up as the "Master" unit and the other as "Slave" Glance configured. The type of configuration chosen will between two or more remote LANs. • 11Mbps Wireless LAN Solution provides fast depend on the application, environment and There are three main types of Wireless Bridge and instant LAN connectivity without PC PC Wireless presence of legacy wired ethernet networks. applications. In every case, a Wireless Bridge unit Connected having the hassle of cables Server PC is installed on each separate LAN and one of the Wireless Bridge (Slave) • Integrates seamlessly into 10Mbps Ethernet through Server Wireless SMC2682W Wireless Bridges A) Peer-to-Peer Wireless Network Bridge (Master) Wireless Bridges has to be designated as the SMC2682W networks — fully compliant with IEEE 802.3 A peer-to-peer wireless Lan is a group of computers, each equipped with one wireless "Master" unit and the remaining units as and IEEE 802.11b LAN adapter ( PCI or PCMCIA), connected "Slaves". For example, in a University Campus the B) Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Bridging as an independent wireless LAN. Each "Master" Bridge unit would generally be found in When connecting three or more separate LANs, each • 2.4GHz DSSS wireless LAN meets all computer in the LAN is configured at the PC with Wireless PCI Adapter Notebook with Wireless PC Card LAN location or building requires a wireless bridge. This current requirements for installation in same radio channel to enable peer-to- the main Administration or MIS building with is called Multipoint wireless bridging and again requires US/Canada, Europe and Japan peer networking. No Access Point is other Department or Faculty buildings housing one "Master" Bridge unit and 2 or more "Slave " Bridge necessary. Notebook with Wireless PC Card units as required. the "Slave" units. • Intelligent handover and broad cell coverage permit seamless roaming — freely B) Stand-alone Wireless Network In each illustrated scenario (right), wireless with Access Point Similar to the Peer-to- PC PC move within your service area connectivity between remote sites removes the Wireless Connected through Wireless Bridge Wireless Connected through Wireless Bridge peerwireless network Server - this configuration includes an Access Access Point need for expensive cabling and additional • Supports great interoperability with flexible point which effectively doubles the hardware to cope with the distances. Server Wireless Bridge (Master) SMC2682W roaming between 1, 2, 5.5 and 11 Mbps wireless transmission range for 2 LAN PC PC wireless networks PCs. The Access Point simply forwards the PC with Wireless PCI Adapter Notebook with Wireless PC Card Wireless Bridge (Slave 1) Wireless Bridge (Slave 2) • Provides data integrity equal to or better SMC2682W data to the PC’s associated with it. SMC2682W Some compelling reasons for adopting the than wired networks SMC 11 Mbps total wireless LAN solution: C) Wireless Extension to Wired LAN Network This configuration integrates a wireless and wired LAN so that Wireless • Users get instant access to shared information C) Wireless Bridging with Wireless Client Nodes • Delivers significant savings on long — term LAN equipped desktop PC or notebook can talk to any computer on the without the need to plug in network maintenance compared to wired A Wireless Bridge master unit is able to provide LAN wired LAN infrastructure via the Access Point. In the configuration connectivity to wireless client networks illustrated, seamless roaming within the network is enabled by a • Network managers can set up or expand a new LAN without the need for installation nodes within its location, building or area of coverage. continuous connection via the access points. A continuous File Server or moving wires The wireless client is there-fore able to access all local • Minimises costs of moves and changes and remote LANs, servers and other network resources. compared to physically rewiring a connection to the network is maintained when roaming Desktop PC • 11 Mbps performance will meet all your cabled network foreseeable networking needs. PC from one Access Point’s Switch Access Point Wireless Connected PC Wireless Connected wireless cell coverage area • Wireless LANs are tremendously convenient, through Wireless Bridge Server through Wireless Bridge • Augments traditional wired LANs for to the other. enhance productivity, and provide a real cost Wireless Client PCMCIA Card mobile applications or temporary SMC2632W V.2 PC with Wireless Notebook with Server Access Point PCI Adapter Wireless PC Card benefit over traditional wired networks. workgroups Wireless Bridge (Master) SMC2682W • SMC’s Wireless solution seamlessly integrates PC Wireless PC Wireless • Easy installation — readily installs under PC with Wireless Notebooks with with existing Ethernet networks. Bridge (Slave 1) Bridge (Slave 2) SMC2682W PCI Adapter Wireless PC Card Adapters SMC2682W Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000 and XP w w w. s m c . c o m w w w. s m c - e u r o p e . c o m 9.1