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The World of WiFi

The World of WiFi






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    The World of WiFi The World of WiFi Presentation Transcript

    • By Justin Watts
    • What is WiFi?  WiFi is a simple name for a wireless local networking area.  It allows users to connect two or more computers to the Internet wirelessly.
    • Who uses WiFi?  Anyone looking to connect multiple computers wirelessly to the same Internet connection.  People who want to use the Internet almost anywhere.  Students  Teachers  Libraries, schools, cafeterias.
    • How Does WiFi Work?  Radio waves.  Wireless adapter translates and sends data.  Wireless router recieves and translates data.  Data is sent the Internet using Ethernet cable.  Process works in reverse.
    • The Parts Needed to Connect to a Hotspot.  Wireless Transmitter.  Built-in Transmitter.  Wireless Adapter.  Plugs into USB port of PC card slot.  Computer will inform when wireless networks are available.
    • Creating Your Own WiFi Network.  Wireless Router.  A port to connect to your cable or DSL modem.  A router.  An Ethernet hub.  A firewall .  A wireless access point.  HowStuffWorks "Building a Wireless Network"
    • Protecting Your WiFi Network.  After you setup your wireless router you can:  Select a channel different from other WiFi networks that may be interfering with your connection.  Select a username and password.  Allows only users you approve.  Keeps out strangers.
    • WiFi Radio Waves.  Frequencies of 2.4 or 5 GHz.  High frequency allows to carry more data.  Waves travel in 802.11 networking standards.  You can purchase different standards.  802.11a.  802.11b.  802.11n.  802.11g.
    • Systems that use WiFi.  Computers.  Home systems and laptops.  Game consoles.  Xbox, Playstation  Cell phones.  iPhone, Blackberry.  Printers.
    • Cost of Setting Up a WiFi System. WiFi Router $35-$120 WiFi Adapter $40-$70
    • Summary.  WiFi is easy to set up  You need a transmitter, router, and Internet cable  It gets data from the internet to you wirelessly through radio waves  It is being widely used by different users in different areas all over the world
    • Works Cited.  Brain, Marshall. "How WiFi works?." How Stuff Works. A Discovery Company. 5 Dec 2008 <http://computer.howstuffworks.com/wireless- network2.htm>.  Breeding , Marshall. "Wireless Network Configuration." 41(2003) 21-30. 5 Dec 2008 <http://web.ebscohost.com/ehost/pdf?vid=6&hid=17& sid=5c18fb43-1527-49cc-9748- 6e298c546aac%40sessionmgr7>.