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Senior Design Part's Inventory
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Senior Design Part's Inventory


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  • 1. Various Part Supplies and Equipment for Senior Design Use and Checkout Company Description LEADMAN LP6100 ATX Switching Power Supply 500W DEER DR-300 ATX Switching Power Supply 160W ANTEC PP-303X Switching Power Supply 300W CHAIN TECH TNT2M64 32MB Speed Chaser 2 Graphics Card CHAIN TECH MX400/200 G-Force Card Graphics Card ALBATRON TNT2 M64 Graphic Card ATI TECHNOLOGIES TV Wonder VE Engina 100-703102 TV Tuner and Video Capture for PC’s ALTERA University Program UP2 Board ALTERA Excalibur Nios Development Board AVR Flash Microcontrollers Starter Kit N/A Quick Flash Boards Micro Design N/A MotherBoards 1.8 GHz and 2.0 GHz SONY MPF920-Z “A – Drive ” NETGEAR EN106 6 Port 10 Base-T Ethernet Hub N/A 10/100 Ethernet Card LINK SYS 2.4 GHz Wireless G Notebook Adapter and Access Point System VIDEO CM 330 PC to VGA Converter N/A 802.11b Wireless PC Ethernet Card N/A Various Experimental PunchBoard/PlugBoard w/ side buses WESTERN DIGITAL CAVIAR 34000 4-gig Hard Drive WESTERN DIGITAL CAVIAR 34300 4.3-gig Hard Drive MAXTOR 88455D8 Hard Drive MORNING STAR Sun Guard Solar Controller 4.5A 12V UDT 11-04-004 9-D Spot Segmented Photodiode THORLABS SM1E60 SM1 Series Extension Tube 6” NET MOTION 5618L-05 1.5A Stepper Motor NET MOTION 8618S-03-01 1.25A Stepper Motor MYCOM PF445-02A 4 Phase Stepper Motor TRAXXAS 2818 Rotary Mechanical Speed Control w/ Resistors
  • 2. HOWARD INC. 1-19-3401 24V DC 1.8 DEG Stepper Motor NORTH AMERICA A82989 5V 1.0A 0-200 Rot Rev Stepper Motor EASTERN AIR DEVICE LA236CK-M200K 2.0A 1.8 DEG Stepper Motor N/A S26M048510 Miniature Motor RADIO SHACK 60-4269 RC CAR Rechargeable Batteries 7.2V RADIO SHACK 5-Hour Chargers FUTABA T2ER Digital Proportional Radio Controller POWER SONIC Rechargeable Battery 12V PS-1270 F1 POWER SONIC Charger 12800A 12V 7AH LINX RXM-900-HP3-PPS RF Receiver N/A Various Audio Cables, Pins, Jacks, And Connectors COMMLINX SOL. GPS Antenna GLP1 JAMECO Various AC Adapters N/A Camera’s XM13A Various Models with Transmitters and Receivers HOBBICO AC/DC Peak Detection Charger N/A GP2X0D2 Infrared Distance Sensors with and without lead Wires SHARP IR Sensor JST Solderless 3-Pin Connectors A2Z CABLES BNC CABLES ACC59-15 N/A Various X-10 Transmitter and Receivers N/A Various Remote Controls MATRIX Orbital LCD N/A Various Power Cords and Power Supply Transformers PEATMANS BOARD PEATMANS KIT
  • 3. Company Item Description Quantity Wholesalesforevery one EXLM761 Laser Diode with Leads 2 Calpac Lasers CP-TI-306-G High ouptut Laser Pointer - Gold 2 Lego Midnstorm Programming Book 1 Lego Midnstorm Robotic Invention System 2.0 1 Acroname Inc. R132-IS471F Sharp IR Detector Package 5 Cedar Mountain Supply EZ-Tilt 1000-045-90 1 Cedar Mountain Supply 6' Cable 1 Images SI Inc. PS-02 Flexiforce Pressure Sensor (0-25 lb) 1 Images SI Inc. PS-03Flexiforce Pressure Sensor (0-100 lb) 1 D-Link DCS-900W wireless 2.4Ghz Int. Camera 1 CDW Direct NETGEAR 11MBPS Wireless PC Card 1 Lemos International RPC Intelligent Transceiver 433 MHz Controller 4 Lynxmotion, Inc. Lync 6 Combo Kit for PC (USB) 1 Raiden Technology 2.4 Ghz Mini Wireless Color Camera 1 Images SI Inc. PS-01 Flexiforce Pressure Sensor (0-11 lb) 2 Accessory Warehouse RCA IR to UHF Remote Control Extender 1 Maxrad WISP 15 dBi Yagi Antenna 1 Acroname Inc. Devantech SRF08 Range Finder 1 Netmedia Inc. SPK-1 Siteplayer Developer Kit 1 Digi-Key Kit Eval ICD2 W/ Power Supply 1 USB Videobus II for PC For Video Camera 1 SuperDroid Robots 1.2GHz 50mW Wireless Camera w/Audio 1 Lemos International 2 Output Power 2.5mW Promi-Esd Blue-Tooth 2 Venier Electrodes 1 pack Control Equiptment 12 VDC Soleniod Valves Normally Closed 4 Mouser Optrex Color LCD Character Mod. 20x 2 1 Digi-Key 80 cm RF Digital Distance Sensor 6 McMaster Carr 6" x 60" Brass Sheets 8 Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter 3 Players HandbookAD&D 2ND edition TSR 2159 1 Players Option: Combat & Tactics TSR 2149 1 Lemos International 2 Output Power 2.5mW Promi-Esd Blue-Tooth 2 Carl's Electronics 4 Channel RF Remote Assembled 1 Carl's Electronics SK600NS Universal Power Supply 1 Unicorn electronics 12-1230 Magnet Wire 30GA 1640' 1 Digi-Key Kit Eval ICD2 W/ Power Supply 1 Digi-Key Kit Eval ICD2 W/ Power Supply 1 Tower Hobbies 94102Z Servo Standard 1 Hobby Engineering Ultrasonic Range Finder SRF04 1 Digi-Key Transmitter RF 418 MHZ 1 Digi-Key Receiver RF 418 MHZ 1 Altera University Program UP2 Board 1 ThorLabs End Cap External Threads 1 ThorLabs Retaining Ring for Stackable lens 1 ThorLabs D=25.4F=100.0 BK 7 Plano Convex Lens 1 ThorLabs Stackable Lens Mount for 1" optic depth 2" 1 Click-Automation Stepper Motor ( 2 Phase ) 2
  • 4. LabJack U12 DAQ Lab Convertor and Program • P16PRO40 CHIP PROGRAMMERS • Blue Tooth Promi SD101 RS232 Interface • Blue Tooth ESD Test Board and unit • USBMOD4 interface ETC. Equipment Checkout: Tektronix 2245A 100 MHz Oscilloscope Leader LFG-13005 Function Generator Tektronix 2465 300 MHz Oscilloscope (when available) HP Power Supply ( 0-60 V 0-1A ) HP Power Supply ( 0-60 V 0-3A ) Tektronix PS281 DC Power Supply ( 0-30V 0-3A ) HeathKit Regulated Power Supply (1-15 V 500mA ) Fluke 73III Multimeter (when available) ETC.