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presentation - Internet2
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presentation - Internet2


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  • 1. Internet - To - Go Dr. Bob Dixon Chief Research Engineer OARNet and Ohio State University A Small Mobile Satellite System for Internet Access Anywhere ©2004 Robert S. Dixon All Rights Reserved.
  • 2. Technology Support Contributors American Distance Education Consortium KarlNet OARNet Ohio State University Power Technologies Transportable Internet Tachyon Teletronics
  • 3. Tachyon Satellite Network Covers North America and Europe today Earth stations in San Diego and Amsterdam Expanding to South America and Africa in 2004 Expanding to Asia in 2005 Optimized for IP traffic; stable speeds Network Operations Center monitors all stations continuously ©2004 Robert S. Dixon All Rights Reserved.
  • 4. Internet 1 and Internet 2 Earth Satellite Tachyon Central Ground Station San Diego Internet Sites Transportable Ground Station ©2004 Robert S. Dixon. All Rights Reserved.
  • 5. ©2004 Robert S. Dixon. All Rights Reserved.
    • Provide high-speed Internet access for ALL purposes,
    • including computers, telephones and PDAs.
    • Inexpensive to build and operate
    • Off-the-shelf parts for easy duplication
    • Easy to operate by one person with one day training,
    • with NO hand tools.
    • Small and light
    • Reliable and adaptable to diverse field conditions
    • Easily modified
    Transportable System Design Goals
  • 6. ©2004 Robert S. Dixon. All Rights Reserved. Planned Applications
    • Emergency communications.
    • Provide distance learning in under connected locations such as rural areas and inner cities.
    • Link field research to campus computers and laboratories and collaborators worldwide.
    • Link field instruction and demonstrations to campus classrooms.
    • Link field activities to remote databases, eg via PDAs.
    • Special events, conferences, fairs, etc.
    • Remote monitoring of construction projects .
  • 7. Some Actual Applications National Farm Progress Show rural Iowa, Sept 2002 Distance Learning Conference Worthington, Ohio October 2002 Kentuckyana Cattle Auction rural Kentucky, February 2003 Lewis and Clark Re-enactment Pennsylvania to Oregon and back 2003-2006 Ladysmith, WI school district. Wolf migration. Stark Co, OH Parks District. Nature programs from parks. Stark Co, OH Education District. Erie Canal studies.
  • 8.  
  • 9. Satellite Trailer Subsystems
    • Dish and Radio Transceiver
    • Power
    • Leveling and Aiming
    • Heating and Cooling
    • On-Board Computer
    • Local Wired and Wireless Connections
    • Specialized Remote Units
    • Telephone
    • Video Broadcasting and Conferencing
    ©2004 Robert S. Dixon All Rights Reserved.
  • 10. Ground Station Power Alternatives (ALL are provided) Local Power Outlet unlimited (long extension cord) Batteries via UPS 4 to 8 hours before (computer controlled) recharging Gasoline generator 3 days before (pushbutton start) refueling Type of power Running Time Also provides power to user-supplied equipment. ©2004 Robert S. Dixon All Rights Reserved.
  • 11. Weatherproof Equipment Rack Cabinet ©2004 Robert S. Dixon All Rights Reserved. Mounted on shock absorbers. Automatic thermostatically controlled heater. Automatic thermostatically controlled ventilation fan. No actual air cooling. Use provided parasol if needed. Contents: Radio transmitter and receiver UPS and batteries (more batteries elsewhere) Auditory dish aiming instrument Ethernet switch, DHCP/NAT server Laptop PC Local wireless access point Power line frequency meter
  • 12. Computing System Laptop PC Runs 3 special programs: Satellite aiming Dish Transceiver control and monitoring UPS control and battery monitoring Also supports all Internet access tools such as: Web browsing Email H.323 Video Conferencing Distance Learning tools optional encryption ©2004 Robert S. Dixon All Rights Reserved.
  • 13. Local Site Transportable Ground Station Long-Range wireless (up to 20 miles) Wall-Penetrating wireless (several non-metal walls) Local Wireless (1000 ft) Local Ethernet Cable (200 ft) Ground Station to Local Site Connection Alternatives (ALL are provided) 1 3 2 ©2004 Robert S. Dixon All Rights Reserved. 4
  • 14. Latest State-of-the Art Wireless Antenna Technology To achieve long range, wireless antennas MUST be directional. That requires careful aiming of the antenna at distant user. All distant users must be in the same direction. New phased array antenna: Aiming is done automatically and electrically. No actual physical aiming of the antenna. Covers a full sector all at once. Longer range than ANY other antenna.
  • 15. Specialized Remote Units Boat Automobile Backpack Equestrian (Wearable heads-up display under development) Satellite Trailer
  • 16.  
  • 17. The Satellite Trailer as a Telephone Cell Tower Satellite Trailer Telephony Adapter Cordless Telephone Handheld Telephone Handheld Telephone 5 miles Up to 4 telephone lines and 36 telephones, local wireless. ©2004 Robert S. Dixon. All Rights Reserved.
  • 18. Transportable Satellite Internet System ©2004 Robert S Dixon. All Rights Reserved.
  • 19. ©2004 Robert S Dixon. All Rights Reserved . Transportable Satellite Internet System