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My Wireless Crystal Ball - or Inspect-our Gadgets

My Wireless Crystal Ball - or Inspect-our Gadgets






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    My Wireless Crystal Ball - or Inspect-our Gadgets My Wireless Crystal Ball - or Inspect-our Gadgets Presentation Transcript

    • Inspect-our Gadgets Mobile Technology gets exciting… … and ridiculous… ©2005 Tore Bostrup
    • The "Give Me A Break" Collection
      • You've got to check this out:
        • http://www. styleborg .com/archives/products
    • What are we talking about?
      • PDAs & Smartphones
      • Wearable Technology
      • Wireless and area driven connectivity
      • The move from a connected (wired) to roaming (wireless) paradigm
      • Separating personal, local, and central devices and connect as needed based on proximity
    • Related Technologies
      • VOIP – Voice Over IP
      • GPS
      • Networking – Mostly Wireless
      • Atomic Timekeeping
      • Wireless Wallets
      • …and who knows…
    • Getting Real – the Boring Stuff
    • Getting Real – the Boring Stuff
    • Microsoft Mobile etc.
      • Windows Mobile 5.0 is in Beta
      • Microsoft & VOIP
        • Microsoft VoIP SIP Client
        • Windows Vista (Longhorn) will include SIP addresses everywhere
        • Istanbul – a corporate IM client
        • Connected Services Framework
        • Speech Server & Live Communication Server
      • What else can we expect?
    • Related Technologies
      • VOIP – Voice Over IP
        • Boring
        • Cheap
        • BellSouth - $66/month plus LD
        • VOIP - $25/month typical flat fee price point with unlimited LD and cheap international rates
        • Cell Phones – typically from about $40 for 400-500 minutes of “airtime”, “free” LD, and non-existent international rates for the first 6-12 months of continuous service.
        • Did you know that Microsoft has a VOIP Edition OS?
    • Networking in the 21 st Century
      • One word: Wireless
        • But will the wireless world be like the paperless office?
      • Networking is divided into "classes"
        • PAN – Personal Area Network (5-100 ft)
        • WLAN – Up to about 1000 ft
        • MAN – Metropolitan Area Network (several miles)
        • WAN – Ties it together
    • Networking in the 21 st Century
      • PAN – Personal Area Network
        • Bluetooth – 802.15
        • Originally 1 Mbps with a range of about 30 feet
        • BlueTooth EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) extends that to 3 Mbps.
        • Bluetooth engineers looking to extend the range to about 300 feet in 2006.
        • Windows XP SP2 includes native support for BlueTooth.
        • UltraWideBand – interesting alternative
    • PAN – BlueTooth
      • BlueTooth is 802.15
        • Parrot Easydrive for your car– leave your cell phone in your pocket
        • … but Bluetooth headsets tend to offer similar functionality
        • … mice
        • PDA keyboards
        • Unitek Bluetooth Telephony Base Y-275
          • http://www.geeks.com/details.asp? invtid =y-275&cm_ mmc = geekmail -_- newarrivals _text-_-01_ aug _2005-_- naproduct
    • PAN – UltraWideBand?
      • Not a new technology
      • Jim Geiger wrote on wi-fiplanet.com in 2003: “Initially UWB should deliver bandwidths from about 40Mbps to 600Mbps, and eventually data rates could be up to gigabits-per-second (with higher power). XtremeSpectrum, a UWB chipset maker, is predicting that its initial products will have a range of 30 feet and data rates of around 100 Mbps. Intel has dedicated itself to a loftier goal of 500 Mbps.”
    • PAN – UltraWideBand?
      • May be used for wireless displays – now we’re talking!
      • BlueTooth and UWB SIGS to merge.
      • Infighting between factions may result in limited adoption.
      • UWB also used for “Wireless USB”.
      • UWB could be moot in a few years if the high-speed 802.11n specification currently being worked on turns out to be as popular as other Wi-Fi flavors are today.
    • PAN – UltraWideBand?
      • Video shown over 66 feet with UWB at the Wireless Connectivity World conference in London this spring.
    • PAN - Other
      • RFID
        • Yes – those pesky little merchandize tags with pink metal bands on the tape side that need to be “deactivated” by the cashier.
        • Watch for RFID networks – but maybe not in the short term. An RFID “cube” communicating at 13.5 MHz is available at $85,000 now.
    • PAN – Other
      • NFC – Near Field Communication
        • Securely (!?) use your cell phone or PDA to transfer payment information to a vendor.
    • Call Your Wallet
        • In Japan, NTT DoCoMo says they have 3 million cell phone subscribers using their “Mobile Wallet” service.
        • MasterCard International has tested “contactless payment technology” since 2003.
        • JPMorgan Chase & Co has announced plans for a mass-market rollout of MasterCard and Visa cards with a radio chip in Atlanta – starting this summer.
        • MacDonalds, 7-Eleven and other merchants are installing radio terminals that work with these cards.
    • LAN – wLAN - WiFi
      • WiFi (802.11)
        • KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut will be installing WiFi across the nation.
        • Nextel partnered with Boingo Wireless to get access to more than 7000 hotspots in North America.
        • Phones will be able to switch between WiFi and cellular signals without dropping the call.
    • WiFi
      • WiFi (802.11 variants) typically carry a signal up to 1000 ft line-of-sight or to nearby rooms.
      • A new record was set during "Defcon" recently – about 125 miles using two large dish antennas…
        • They said that they would now use the dishes to listen for BlueTooth… (shiver)
    • WiFi Shootout at DefCon
      • Team "iFiber Redwire" achieves 11 Mbps over 125 miles
    • WiFi News
      • 802.11n – the Next Big WiFi protocol
        • Rivaling factions agreed this week to work toward a single standard
        • 802.11n is expected to take Wi-Fi speeds to 540Mbps
    • MAN – Coming to a Town Near You
      • I had long thought this was a dead horse
        • Big buzz maybe 15 years ago, then (nothing)
        • But never say never
          • WiMAX to the rescue – maybe…
    • MAN – WiMAX or…
      • WiMax (802.16)
        • WiMAX is Wireless Microwave Access. Two standards 802.16-2004 or 802.16a/c/d (fixed) and the forthcoming 802.16e (mobile) are not compatible, but complimentary.
        • 802.16e is expected to become standard in 2006, but pre-standard products are expected.
        • WiMAX will carry in excess of 70 Mbps over 30 miles – but those specs are for the fixed version. I have been unable to find the expected range and speed of the mobile version - 802.16e.
    • WiMAX
      • Visant Strategies say that WiMax may reach $1 Billion by 2008. Other industry analysts say the market will be worth anywhere from $3 billion to $5 billion by 2009.
    • EMail Lowers Your IQ
      • An HP sponsored study at Kings College in London shows that constant emailing and text messaging lowers your IQ with about 10 points …
    • Place Shifting?
      • Take your signals and programming with you
        • Wireless TV – on all your devices - anywhere?
        • The Slingbox allows you to tap into your home TV signal anywhere there’s a high-speed internet connection. Use what you’ve go – a TV, your laptop, PDA – or cell phone. Watch daytime soaps at Atlanta Bread Company during lunch.
        • TiVO to go – on your cell phone
        • Orb is more like a personal peer network – access and play anything on your home PC from anywhere and any device.
    • “ Place Shift” Your Phone
      • Take your VOIP box with you… Anywhere there’s a high-speed internet connection.
      • Take it to a hotspot and bridge your laptop’s wired and wireless networks, and connect your VOIP box to your laptop with a crossover cable.
    • …And in the Air…
      • FCC and FAA are considering lifting their bans on in-flight use of cell phones, maybe as early as 2006.
      • NASA declared that “current generation cell phones are safe for use on airplanes” more than 3 years ago.
      • Qualcomm and American Airlines conducted a test flight in July 2004.
      • In-flight internet is available on some international carriers.
    • …in the Air…
      • Connexion by Boeing uses a satellite based high speed internet access service with downstream speeds of 5 Mbps.
      • The Airbus A380 super-jumbo will offer an optional voice/data system. Use your own cell phone onboard.
    • …in the Air…
      • Verizon Airfone service is just plain too expensive ($3.99/minute voice, $1.99/minute data), but a new Verizon service – Verizon Airfone Service for Verizon Wireless lets customers sign up for $10/month plus $0.10/minute, or $0.69 minute (domestic).
    • …And in the Back of the Taxi
      • Stuck in traffic?
        • Better be in an Interactive Taxi with a wireless touch-screen multimedia computer in the back seat.
        • Watch news, movie trailers, restaurant listings.
        • But can you play Solitaire?
    • "I Always Wanted to…"
      • Watch the last episode of Lost
        • … On my cell phone…
        • … In my car…
        • … While driving home…
        • or NOT.
      • But soon – I may be able to…
    • Camera Phones are soo passe
      • Video on the go is the thing… (I must be getting old – I don't get it…)
        • All the cell phone companies are aggressively addressing this market
        • I think a 13" screen is small, and threw away my 5" TV…
        • But they think I'll watch a sub-2" screen?
        • (We shall see)
    • Video on Your Phone
      • Verizon’s Video Initiatives
        • FiOS - Fiber to households
          • 15 Mbps currently advertised for $49.95/month
          • at least 30 Mbps in the works
        • TV franchise in New Jersey
        • V Cast - Video on Cell Phones (PacketVideo (www.packetvideo.com) provides the video using Windows Media Player technology)
    • Cell Phones, VOIP, and WiFi
      • Put it all together
        • Flat Rate high quality VOIP over WiFi when in range
        • Convert to time restricted cell phone calls when outside WiFi spots
      • And add some WiMAX
        • Now the "sweet spot" is the city…
      • And it doesn't just have to be a phone anymore…
    • VOIP on Cell Phones with WiFi
      • Some phones already support WiFi
      • They are available now – but the providers don’t advertise it.
      • You will need a VOIP provider – your cell phone provider may not give you “free airtime” in WiFi hotspots…?
      • Will your VOIP provider?
    • 3G Cellular
      • 3G Specification speeds:
        • High Mobility: 144 kbps for rural outdoor mobile use. This data rate is available for environments in which the 3G user is traveling more than 120 kilometers per hour in outdoor environments.
        • Full Mobility: 384 kbps for pedestrian users traveling less than 120 kilometers per hour in urban outdoor environments.
        • Limited Mobility: At least 2 Mbps with low mobility (less than 10 kilometers per hour) in stationary indoor and short range outdoor environments.
    • 3G Cellular
      • An overview of current 2G and 3G technologies at:
        • http://www. arcelect .com/2G-3G_Cellular_Wireless. htm
    • 3G Cellular
      • EDGE: 100 to 130 kbps with bursts up to 200 kbps, theoretical peak at 473 kbps
      • 1xRTT: 153 kbps.
      • 1xEV-DO: 400 to 700 kbps, peak at 2,4 Mbps
      • HSPDA: (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) coming soon – maxes out at 3.6 Mbps, but will average between 400 kbps and 700 kbps.
      • 3G is expensive (typically $80/month)
    • Other Phone Apps
      • Music
        • Music Services for cell phones important in Europe and Asia – can the US be far behind?
        • Nokia N91 has a 4Gb internal HD and plays about 12.5 hrs of MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A formats and has a 2 MP camera
    • Other Phone Apps
      • On-Line Gaming expected to become killer app on mobile
        • nVidia has launched their GoForce family of Wireless Media Processors aimed at the portable devices. These processors can be found in the Motorola E1000, V980, and in the Mitsubishi M430i.
      • But the enterprise applications are growing, too.
    • Other Phone Apps
      • Sportscasts
        • A subcategory of Video
        • MLB on XM
        • Mobi-MLB
    • More Phone Stuff
      • Advanced Voice
        • Samsung’s Speech Dictation Cell phone – SGH-p207
        • Nokia 6155 – speaker-independent voice commands
        • NEC 232E HDM – also speaker-independent voice commands and dialing
    • Phones Against the Grain
      • Nokia 5140 – perfect for the beach
        • Splash-proof
        • Sand-proof
        • 640x480 Camera
        • FM Radio
        • Thermometer
        • Flashlight
        • 3.3 ounces.
    • GPS
      • A whole another subject
      • Cell phones with built-in GPS
      • Your location becomes useful information…
        • Show nearby ATM, movie theaters, restaurants, stores, etc.
      • … And a Commodity
        • Now the advertisers can follow you… and you though SpyWare was bad?
    • Other Devices
      • Ever read something interesting but never found it again?
        • Docupen to the rescue
        • The DocuPen R700 is the smallest handheld portable documents scanner in the world!
          • Is it there yet? (I don't know)
          • Eventually there will be a really good implementation available
          • http://www. planon - docupen .com/?an= bim -ring
    • Other Devices
      • The iTech BlueTooth Virtual Keyboard
    • This is Cool
      • And Reviewers say it really works – well!
    • The Continuation…
      • My computer doesn't have to be plugged in to my keyboard. Or monitor. Or the wall.
      • My phone is my phone. Or is it just a phone number that I carry? Maybe all phones in my PAN range are candidate phones?
      • And why do I have to carry all that stuff?
      • Let me use whatever is wherever to work with whatever my PAN is zoomed on…