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  • 1. Healthcare Tablet PCs and the New C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant Sales Presentation Feb. 20, 2007
  • 2. Motion Computing Overview – Healthcare Focus Mobility assessment and site planning, clinical walkthroughs, training, and other professional services 150+ software partners specializing in healthcare applications Wireless configuration assistance, WWAN expertise, products with WiFi and Bluetooth Full range of cases, docking/mounting solutions, etc… for healthcare users Five generations of award-winning products featuring leading-edge technologies Multiple Platforms Wireless Connectivity Healthcare Peripherals Software Services
  • 3. Overview of Tablet PCs in Healthcare
    • Tablets have been proven to save time, reduce errors and ensure that the most up-to-date information stays at clinicians’ fingertips throughout all stages of the care delivery process.
    • Results:
      • Increased clinician mobility and accessibility
      • Automation of forms, processes and workflows
      • Greater access to data at the point of care
      • Elimination of duplicate efforts
      • Facilitation of real-time communications
      • Improvements in patient charge capture
  • 4. What Clinicians Want: Lessen Technology Barrier Between Nurse and Patient Easy Access Improve Workflow
  • 5. Healthcare Peripherals Barcode Scanners Battery Charger Wall Mounts Docks & USB or Wireless Keyboard LX Arm Extended Batteries Bump Cases Motion Medical Pak Auto/Plane Adapter Carts and Poles Common to All Applications ReadyDock Charging Unit USB DVD/ CD-RW Drive Wireless Mouse Exam Room/Hospital Mobile Office/Nurse Station
  • 6. 3 Product Lines – 3 Specific Uses
    • Each designed for a specific type of care provider
    • Each designed to improve various, specific workflows
    • Each product line designed to operate in specific and different environments
    • All add unique value in various areas of care delivery
  • 7. Healthcare Product Line Comparison LE1600 Tablet PC LS800 Tablet PC C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant
    • Hospitals
    • Physicians, nurses and ancillary services
    • Ambulatory care
    • settings
    • Physicians and nurses
    • Hospitals
    • Physicians (coat pocket)
    • Specialized nursing apps
    • Dieticians
    • Respiratory Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Hospitals
    • Acute care nurses
    • Hospitalists / intensivists
    • ED / ICU
    • Home Health
  • 8. Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) Background February 2007 Motion Computing launches first Mobile Clinical Assistant Intel designs reference platform to help enhance patient safety and ease provider workloads 2005 to 2006
  • 9. A Complete Product – Hardware, Software & Peripherals Integration of Leading Clinical Apps New Category: Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) Design and Development of First MCA C5 Dock and Peripherals
  • 10. Introducing the Motion C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant Barcode Scanner RFID Reader Digital Camera Enhanced Durability Easy to Disinfect 5 Key Features More Portable More Integrated More Durable More Disinfectable More Secure 5 Key Advantages Right Patient Right Medication Right Time Right Dose Right Route “ 5 Rights” Validation Support C5 C5
  • 11. Key MCA Features, Options and Peripherals
    • Thin, lightweight (about 3.1 lbs. 1 ) slate
    • Convenient handle for transporting or hanging the device nearby
    • 10.4” XGA screen (1024 x 768)
    • Optional View Anywhere ® display
    • 1.2GHz Intel ® Core Solo U1400 processor
    • 512MB DDR2 533MHz SDRAM, upgradeable to 1.5GB
    • Integrated ABG WiFi
    • Integrated Bluetooth
    • 40WHr Lithium-Ion battery
    • Speak Anywhere® audio technology
      • Dual-microphone array
      • Noise suppression software
      • Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
      • Mic-beam adjustment for dictation
    • Enhanced data security and asset tracking
      • Integrated Fingerprint Reader
      • Trusted Platform Module (TPM 1.2)
      • Passive HF RFID tag
      • Optional ComputraceComplete coverage
    • Integration of data-/image-capture features
      • Optional 1D/2D barcode scanner
      • RFID reader
      • 2.0-megapixel camera
    • Enhanced durability
      • Magnesium-alloy internal frame
      • Disinfectant-resistant resin
      • Shock-mounted 1.8” 30GB or 60GB HDD
      • Accelerometer
    • Highly sealed and easy to disinfect
      • Virtually “port-less” design
      • Sealed display
      • Sealed speaker and buttons
      • Liquid-resistant coating over microphones
      • Sealed-off fan assembly
    • Optional C5 Docking Station
      • Tilt adjustment to 3 angles
      • Ethernet port
      • 3 USB ports
      • VGA port
      • Charging bay for spare battery
      • Easily mountable on tables, walls or carts
    • Optional spare digitizer pens and batteries
    Preliminary Specifications. Subject to change. 1 Weight represents approximate system weight measured with a 40WHr battery. Actual system weight may vary depending on component and manufacturing variability.
  • 12. Configuration and Pricing Plan $ 2,199* Optional Barcode Reader + $ 299 Optional View Anywhere ® + $ 99 1GB Memory (512MB + 512MB) + $ 199 1.5GB Memory (512MB + 1GB) + $ 159 60GB HDD MEMORY & HDD OTHER + $ 0 Atheros A/B/G
    • Base also includes:
    • Intel 802.11 A/B/G
    • Bluetooth
    • RFID reader
    • Camera
    + $ 99 Med Pak + $ 139 2-Yr. Warranty + $ 249 3-Yr. Warranty + $ 299 + $ 349 Dock 1.2GHz 512MB 30GB * $2,199 for entry-level, non-configurable Super SKU.
  • 13. Highly Portable, Ergonomic and Intuitive Design
    • Thin and light (about 3 lbs. 1 )
    • Convenient handle
    • “ Low-tech” look with high performance
    • WiFi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity
    • Natural pen or speech input
    • Intuitive buttons and triggers
    • Bright View Anywhere ® screen option
    • Hot-swappable battery (when docked)
    • Optional Docking Station
      • Easy-to-access battery charging bay
      • Flexible mounting options
  • 14. Integration of Multiple Data/Image Capture Technologies
    • Integrated barcode scanner (optional)
      • Quick and simple patient/caregiver identification
      • Automated medication and supply management
    • Integrated RFID reader
      • Quick and simple patient/caregiver identification
      • Tracking controlled substances and costly supplies
    • Integrated camera
      • 2.0 mega-pixel camera for multiple uses, such as:
        • Range-of-motion studies
        • Home health status updates
        • Other general camera uses
    • Natural handwriting interface
      • Convenient data capture while standing or walking
    • Speak Anywhere ® audio technology
      • Convenient dictation and reliable voice tagging
  • 15. Highly Durable and Simple to Disinfect
    • Magnesium-alloy internal frame
      • Designed to deliver structural durability
    • Chemical-resistant resin
      • Quick cleaning and disinfecting
    • Durable elastomer overmolding
      • Easy-to-grip surface and added durability
    • Fully-wipeable, highly-sealed design
      • Minimal ports – less substance accumulation
      • Embedded Gortex over microphone
      • Sealed speaker design
      • Fan sealed off from rest of system
    • Shock-mounted HDD
    • Accelerometer
      • Parks the hard-disk drive if it senses a dropping motion
  • 16. Designed to Enhance Security and Drive Compliance
    • Optional integrated barcode scanner
      • Patient and caregiver identification
      • “ 5 Rights” data capture and validation
      • Reliable charge capture
    • Integrated RFID reader
      • Caregiver authentication
      • Assistance tracking controlled substances
      • Inventory management
    • Fingerprint reader
      • Secure caregiver authentication
    • Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
      • Device-level security for greater data privacy
    • Passive HF RFID tag and optional ComputraceComplete coverage
      • Asset tracking and remote deletion of data
  • 17. Data Capture and Validation for “5 Rights” of Medication Administration Right Patient Right Time Right Medication Right Dose Right Route of Administration 2D Barcode 1D Barcode HF RFID
  • 18. C5 - Front and Right Side View Power Button Fingerprint Reader Camera Button SAS Button Top-Right Corner (Side View) Docking Connector Handle Dual-Mic Array 10.4” XGA TFT LCD Optional View Anywhere ® Display
  • 19. C5 – Barcode and RFID Features Barcode Scanner Lens Location and Scan Direction (Barcode lens is visible) Barcode Trigger RFID Trigger RFID Antenna Location And Read Direction (no RFID lens)
  • 20. C5 - Top Right Corner Bluetooth LED Programmable Button B 802.11 LED Battery status LED 5-Way Navigation Programmable Button A Function Button Dashboard Button To rotate screen: Press Function + Button A
  • 21. C5 - Rear View Variable- Speed Fan (cleanable) Battery Eject Mechanism 2MP Camera Lens Digitizer Pen Barcode Lens Sealed Speaker Battery LEDs Button to Activate Battery LEDs Docking Alignment System AC Power Port
  • 22. C5 - Front View / Left Side AC Power Port 3 USB Ports Ethernet Connector
  • 23. C5 - Front View / Right Side Docking Alignment System System Ejection Button Charging LED VGA Port
  • 24. C5 Dock - Rear View Spare Battery Charging Bay Spare Battery System Ejection Button Tilt Adjustment Button VGA Port
  • 25. Versatile C5 and C5 Docking Station Usage Patterns 38 ° angle supports pen input while standing 25 ° angle supports seated keyboard use 15 ° angle supports small footprint for charging
  • 26. Usage Illustration: Slate Mode
  • 27. Usage Illustration: Wall Mount
  • 28. Usage Illustration: Cart in Patient Room
  • 29. Usage Illustration: Cart Between Patient Rooms
  • 30. Thank You Questions?