IrDA Wireless Connection
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IrDA Wireless Connection






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IrDA Wireless Connection Document Transcript

  • 1. IrDA Wireless Connection User’s Manual Warning Hello! Before using this products, please kindly read carefully the following important notice and usage instruction. Thanks!! 1. Introduction Thank you for purchasing our product of IrDA Wireless Connection. IrDA Wireless Connection is an easy-to-use
  • 2. FIR Infrared adapter, which is to be connected to the USB port of the COMPUTER to add the wireless Infrared feature to the system. Wireless File Transfers for Notebooks, Desktop PCs, Digital Cameras, Cellular Phones and more! ( Win2003 don’t support IrDA Wireless Connection) 2. Product Features • Easily enable IrDA function on the PC through USB port • USB Plug and Play convenience • IrDA data rates from 2.4Kbps to 4Mbps • Obtains power from USB port • Uses standard IrDA transceivers • Full compliance to IrDA 1.3 and USB 1.1 specifications • 4Kbyte FIFO buffer memory • Support Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000 or Windows XP 3. System Requirements • IBM PC or compatible PC with 486DX-100 MHz CPU or higher • Available USB port • CD-ROM drive • At least 128MB of DRAM 4. Installing IrDA Wireless Connection: BIOS Setting Please checks the BIOS Setting before installation, and confirm two points as follows: 1. To check if the USB function in BIOS is running, if not, please open it. 2. To check if infrared function of motherboard in BIOS is running, if yes, please close it. Please install the Driver of IrDA Wireless Connector as following steps: Note: I. When install the infrared software, please don’t connect IrDA Wireless connection with computer, after the installation of infrared software, please connect IrDA Wireless connection with computer to install its Driver, and then restart your computer when accomplished. II. You must install “IRSetup.exe” under the systems of Windows98se、Windows Me、Windows 2000 、Windows XP. 1. Please put the enclosed CD into the CD-ROM, and then double click “IRSetup.exe” (Images 1)
  • 3. (Images 1) 2. Running “IRSetup.exe”, you will see the install interface as follows (Images 2) (Images 2) 3. Click “Install” , it will be installed very soon ; then press “Exit” to close the application. (Images 3) (Images 3) 4. Please connect the IrDA Wireless Connector to computer USB Port, the system will detect it. Please install its Diver according to the system warning. (images 4 , 5)
  • 4. (Images 4) (Images 5) 5. Restart your computer when finished installation. 5. Inspect the effect of installation 1. Double click “My Computer” (Images 6), open “My Computer” Window; you will see the icon of “Infrared Recipient” (Images 7) Note: Only the Windows 98SE show this icon, but the other systems couldn’t. (Images 6) (Images 7)
  • 5. 2. Right click “My Computer” on the desktop and click “ Properties ”(Images 8), it will appear “System Properties” Window, please Choose “Device Manager” (Images 9) (Images 8) 3. Under “Device Manager” (Images 9), you can see “Infrared Devices”---“Infrared Communication Device”, you can see “Network Adapter”---“USB –Infrared Adapter,” It means that you succeeded in the installation of this driver. (Images 9)
  • 6. 6. Remove IrDA Wireless Connection Driver. 1. Please firstly pull out the IrDA Wireless Connection from the computer USB Port. 2. Then , just follow up the route : “ Start ” / “ Settings ” / “ Control Panel ” / “Add/Remove Programs”, and open “Add/ Remove Programs” window ( Images 10 , 11 and 12 ) (Images 10) (Images 11)
  • 7. (Images 12) 3. Please choose “USB –Infrared Adapter” from “Add/Remove”, and then click “Add/Remove” on the right corner , and then start to remove the driver for IrDA Wireless Connection (Images 13 , 14) (Images 13) (Images 14)
  • 8. 4. Click “Reboot Now”, restart computer and finish remove. 7. e.g. ---- Sony Ericsson P800 (Windows 98 se) 7.1 Notice for connecting Mobile phone to IrDA Adapter. Note: If the data communications are between Mobile phone and IrDA Wireless connection, you should download the relative software for your Mobile on line. It can avoid the problem of intermittent status. Please try to solve problems by yourself before refer to the following examples. --- Change a computer, or change a kind of operation system. --- Try to interchange with other mobile phone, which has the IrDA function. --- Delete completely the driver, and re-install. --- Please disable the IrDA Wireless Bridge, and then enable it. --- Slow the communicating rate, and try several kinds of IrDA communicating system. --- Re-start mobile phone or computer. You can choose one or more of solutions mentioned above for trying. Basically you can easily solve the problems after debugging by yourself. Suggested that you should download the latest edition software of the Mobile phone to install the driver before you use our product. 7.2 Please check whether the infrared function has been running before use. 1. Please follow the route:” Start”/”Settings”/”Control Panel”/” Infrared”. Open “Infrared” windows (Images 15 ,16 , 17 ) (Images 15)
  • 9. (Images 16) 2. If the infrared function has not been used in computer, please open it. (Images 17、18) (Images 17)
  • 10. (Images 18) 7.3 Install software and setting (Sony Ericsson P800) 1. Please prepare the Modern driver of Sony Ericsson and PC Suite (Images 19、20 ) Note: If not, you can download it from the Website of Sony Ericsson. (Images 19) (Images 20) 2. Please install the PC Suite of Sony Ericsson P800. (Images 21) (Images 21) 3. Please right click the icon of in the right corner of the System Status Bar , it will appear the function list of right key .(Images 22)
  • 11. (Images 22) 4. The next will appear “Link Properties”, please choose the right Infrared Port , click ”Close” in the left corner to finish the setting of connecting port . ( Images 23、24 ) (Images 24) 7.4 Start using 1. Connecting IrDA Wireless connection to computer USB Port, turn on the infrared function for Mobile phone. 2. Computer can detect Sony Ericsson P800 via IrDA Wireless Connection. System will remind that you found the new Hardware “P800 Infrared Modem” , Please install Driver according to the system warning.(Images 25) (Images 25) 3. When the Infrared of Mobile phone connect with IrDA Wireless connection, connecting status as follows (Images 26)
  • 12. (Images 26) 4. Please double click “My p900” (Images 27 ) , you can see” My P800” when opened ( Images 28 ) (Images 27) (Images 28) 5. Double click “My P800”, you can see two subdirectories under it , one is “Phone Memory”, another is “Memory Stick” (Memory Stick Duo),each of them have themselves “ file(audio、document、image、other、video); In that place, you can copy the image(or ring、files、video and other type file) from the computer (Images 29)