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Home Information Management Services
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Home Information Management Services


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  • 1. Home Information Management Services Art Harvey Broadband Networks Research Labs [email_address]
  • 2. Practicality Intrudes
    • Vision:
      • The presence of a home network will enable creation of many new applications and services
        • Such as Home Information Management Services
    • Reality:
      • I encounter difficulty in simply adding devices and software to my home PC and in keeping the PC operating. Imagine life with a home network
  • 3. The Real Topic of this Talk
    • Challenges of making home networks easy to install, use and maintain
    • Industry efforts to address this problem
    • Our approach to these issues
    • Home Information Management Services
      • An application that addresses an emerging need and illustrates how we think Home Networks should behave
  • 4. What is a Home Network?
    • A “Home Network” connects consumer devices in the home to facilitate communications among the devices
    STB Fixed Wireless Wireless Adapter Wireless Home LAN Media Access Gateway Existing Telephone Wiring Internal HPNA Printer Adapter Indoor CM/BTI Voice Adapter Outdoor CM/BTI Fax Voice Adapter No Adapter
  • 5. Some Home Network Application Drivers
    • Technology advances make it practical
      • Small, low cost storage and computation
      • High bandwidth distribution
      • Evolution of MAC/PHY standards for the home
        • Wireless devices
    • Economical device sharing and control
      • Consolidation of display devices, and automation
    • Migration to lower cost IP based services
      • Voice, video and data
    • The Internet
    • Entertainment and multimedia
      • Multi-player gaming, video on demand
    • Services targeted to home consumers
      • Messaging, backup, e-commerce, remote sensing
  • 6. Rosy Predictions
    • The home-networking equipment market is expected to grow from about $600 million this year to more than $5.7 billion by 2004 (Cahners In-Stat Group)
    • More than 12 million U.S. homeowners want to implement home-networking capabilities within the next year (Yankee Group)
    • Cahners In-Stat Group predicts annual sales of 30,000,000 residential gateway units for a total of $5 billion in 2005
    • But…
    • Widespread adoption requires substantial improvements in ease of use, security, and robust operation
  • 7. Challenges
    • Accessible to normal humans
      • No 4-letter words
    • Configuration and management; Inter-working
      • Possibly more than one connection to the Internet
        • Cable modem, xDSL, Fixed wireless, Ethernet over twisted pair (EFM), Fiber to the home (FTTH), Satellite, …
      • Variety of home interconnects
        • CAT5 Ethernet, wireless LAN (802.11x / proprietary), wireless PAN (Bluetooth), phone line (HPNA), power line (X10/CEbus, HomePlug), wired clusters (IEEE 1394, USB…)
        • Changing connectivity
      • Multiple device types and multiple devices of each type
      • Multiple protocol suites
      • Multiple servers of the same type
  • 8. More Challenges
    • Fault diagnosis and maintenance
      • Detect failures and misconfiguration
    • Robust
      • Fault Tolerant
        • Local effects only
      • Self-stabilizing
        • Deterministic
    • Secure
      • Always connected to Internet means new risks
      • Control Access and operations on resources
    • Quality of Service (QoS)
      • Needed for applications that have minimum requirements on throughput, delay or delay variation for acceptable operation
        • Video, gaming
  • 9. Current Solutions May Not Always Apply
    • A Home Network differs from an Enterprise Network
      • Cost sensitivity
        • IP address sharing leads to new problems
      • Scale
        • Many homes with few users in each
        • Many simple, specialized devices per user
      • No IT department
  • 10. Industry Activities
      • General, ad hoc formation of networks
      • Not specific to home
    • Residential Gateway approach
      • Designed by and for access providers (e.g. MSO)
      • CableLabs
        • CableHome
      • DSL Forum
        • Similar to CableHome approach
  • 11. Observations on CableHome
    • Designed from a cable provider viewpoint
      • Aimed at delivering managed services from the MSO network to the home network
      • Example: focuses on protecting MSO rather than home
    • Architecture presumes a cable-modem based residential gateway
      • Won’t help with your home network if you don’t have a CableHome compliant residential gateway
    • Points to existing standards where applicable
      • IP-based
  • 12. CableHome Architecture Home Gateway Cable Home Domain MODEM
    • Services
    • Management & Provisioning
    • Addressing & Forwarding
    • Quality of Service
    • Security
    Access Network Home Network
  • 13. CableHome Services
    • Remote service provisioning by MSO
    • Secure, remote management of gateway by MSO
    • SNMP proxy for managing devices in home
    • DHCP for IP address and parameter configuration
    • ICMP ping
    • UDP/TCP loopback/echo
    • NAT/NAPT
    • Mixed bridging/routing
    • DNS
    • CQoS (extension of PacketCable QoS)
    • Firewall (two-way)
  • 14. Integrated Services Home Networking
    • Systems approach to unify home network and to provide coherence and ease of use
      • Home network management and maintenance
      • Naming and discovery of devices and services
      • Automated configuration
      • Infrastructure
        • Communications
        • Application development (middleware)
      • Security
      • Applications for the home
    • Evolutionary
      • Build on existing standards (e.g. CableHome)
      • Emphasize simplicity of approach
      • Minimize changes to devices
      • Leads to more server-based approach
  • 15. Home Information Management
    • Information is created and collected rapidly at low cost
      • Digital photography, video clips, financial statistics, …
    • Need to protect, share, sort, classify and find data
      • Some data are more valuable than others. Data needs to be:
        • Classified with respect to value and other metrics
        • Protected from unauthorized disclosure
        • Shared with authorized principals
        • Protected against loss
      • Information is stored in a myriad physical devices some of which move. People would like to:
        • Attach devices (that store data) to network
        • Locate and retrieve data from these devices
        • Display data anywhere
  • 16. Photograph Management 1
    • Find pictures on devices attached to home network
      • Automatically find and configure devices as they attach to network
      • Discover pictures on device
    • Index pictures for later retrieval by attributes
      • Analyze content automatically
        • Facial and shape recognition
        • Other attributes
          • Date, location, …
  • 17. Photograph Management 2
    • Policy-based management
      • Protection and access control
        • Share with friends and family
      • Move/back-up
    • Access anywhere
      • Adapt content to display device
      • User annotation via different interfaces
        • Voice or text
      • QoS infrastructure
  • 18. Conceptual Illustration Cheese
    • Connect and configure
    Yes Is this George Washington? Home Network
    • Discover device and find pictures
    • Automatically index
    • User confirms and adds annotations
    Home Server
    • Name: He Slept Here
    • Storage Location: Camera
    • Type: Photo
    • Photo Content Attributes:
    • People: George Washington
    • Place: Our home in DC
    • … .
    • Name: New picture xxxx
    • Storage Location: Camera
    • Type: Photo
    • Photo Content Attributes:
    • People: George Washington
    • Place: Unknown
    • … .