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DS WiFi-Connection with RT2500 series Manual 1.0
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DS WiFi-Connection with RT2500 series Manual 1.0



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  • 1. DS WiFi-Connection with RT2500 series Manual 1.0 Manual by: Sam Neiland (“AKA” Darkwind_776) (“AKA” Aloiv) Table of Contents: 1) Intro 2) Getting Started 3) Set-Up (PC side)
  • 2. 4) Set-Up (DS side) 5) Q&A’s 6) Closing Intro: Ok, so we all know that Nintendo just launched their Nintendo WiFi Connection service, but when it launched, they told us that we could only connect to the service three ways… I. Through a wireless router II. With the official Nintendo USB Dongle III. A hotspot While I’m sure these methods work well, some of us already have a normal router, and we don’t want to pay for the same thing twice, and the USB dongle is just a glorified and over priced Wireless Adapter that can only be used for the DS. So this brought up the idea of being able to connect through a Wireless PCI card which can cost as low as $15 (US). Low & behold, this method does work! So without further to do, let’s get cracking.
  • 3. Getting Started: Ok, first thing’s first, a list of the stuff you’ll need:  A Wireless PCI card (no USB) with RT2500 or RT2560 chipset (list here)  The Gigabyte SoftAP drivers (find here)  A computer running under Windows XP  A broadband internet connection  A Nintendo DS with WiFi enabled Game Alright so first thing you’ll want to do is install the wireless card into your computer (Follow the instructions that come with the card) then start-up windows. You should get a window that looks like this. Just close it out and move on. What you’ll need to do now is install the Gigabyte SoftAP. Open up the gn-wpkg, go into the Utility Folder, and execute the setup.exe (like in this picture below) and follow the instillation procedure.
  • 4. If everything goes as it should, you should have these little icons at the bottom of the page (the two on the left.) Now onto the (not so) hard part. Set-up (PC side) This part may be a little confusing, so bear with me please. Now, what you want to do first is right-click the icon with the G and red X so you bring up this selection box.
  • 5. Click “Switch to AP Mode” and it should bring up a window like this. Now all you have to do here is enter in a name for the SSID box (any name will do), and hit apply. That’s it for this window at least. Now open up the network connections, by right clicking the icon of the computer with yellow sign, and click “Open Network Connections” (see picture below)
  • 6. You should now be brought up to a window like this For this next part, right click on the icon that says “Local Area Connection” and click “Properties” (note: It might be different for you, but it should basically be the connection for an Ethernet card or modem) It should open up a window. Hit the advanced tab on the top of the window and you’ll be brought to a section that looks like this.
  • 7. Check the box that says “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection” and hit OK. Windows will take a few seconds to configure everything. Once it’s done, take a look at the bottom of the task bar again. If everything worked out as it was supposed to, the icon that looked like a computer with a yellow sign should now look like this! Now we’re done with the PC. Onto the DS! Set-Up (DS side) Now open up the Nintendo WFC settings. You’ll be taken to a screen like this. At the setup screen, tap Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings, then you’ll be taken to this screen.
  • 8. Select one of the Connection slots. And you’ll be taken to this screen Select "Search For An Access Point," and the Nintendo DS should find the connection you just set up that looks like this (the connection should have the same name as the SSID you typed in earlier.) Select it and the DS will test the connection. If the connection passes, you’re set to play online! See? You didn’t have to pay 40 bucks for the USB dongle or a wireless router.
  • 9. Q&A’s No one really asked me these questions, but I’m sure som people will. Q: What is the cheapest Wireless Card on the list? A: That would be the Encore ENLWI-G-RLAM. It’s the one I use as well. I got mine for $15, so look around the web for prices Q: Do I have to have a Giga-Byte Wireless card to use the SoftAP drivers? A: Nope. I was kind of surprised at this though, but I guess all that really matters is if it has the RT2500/2560 chipset. Q: Will this work with dial-up? A: In theory, it should, but I haven’t been able to test it yet. Closing: Well, I hope this has helped some of you. This manual is still being tweaked a few, so there’s most likely going to be some updates along the way. I want to give a big thanks out to Dudu.exe for finding the SoftAP drivers, and everyone else on the DSdev forums. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Legal stuff: Nintendo, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo WiFi connection are copyright of Nintendo, Giga-Byte is copyright of Giga-byte. Ralink is copyright of Ralink. In case I’m missing anything else, please tell me. I don’t want to be sued!